Trattoria Masuelli

“Don’t eat so much” my husband said as I greedily devoured my third mozzarella di bufala bruschetta. “I can’t, it’s too good” I said, part of me slightly angry at his impudent comment, part of me completely agreeing with him, we were after all going to a big dinner at what my husband had promised would be an amazing restaurant. So I resisted my fourth, finished the Barolo and we went looking for a taxi. As I was leaving my table I kept looking at that last bruschetta, the mozzarella so beautiful, glistening with olive oil. I wonder what happened to you my little beauty, I’d like to think the sad-looking lady who had finished her plate but politely declined the bruschetta when I offered it to her, cheekily grabbed it when we were out of sight. In fact I’m sure she did, it was after all irresistible.
I was still hungry in the taxi, upset about the mozzarella, worried that what would come next wouldn’t measure up. As the taxi ride grew longer my patience grew shorter. My husband could sense that. “It’s about two minutes now according to the map” he said. Unfortunately for him the driver spoke good English. “No no, it’s about quarter of an hour … or more, depending on traffic”. The look on Oddur’s face: worried. Our first night in Milano, a weekend escape. Hundreds of amazing restaurants to choose from – and a difficult lady to please. The stakes were as high as they get in our little culinary club of two – the one who chooses the restaurant gets the glory, or the blame. The uncertainty didn’t last long though, as soon as I spotted the restaurant from my window I knew I’d like it, Oddur knew it too. We walked in where rows of empty tables greeted us. It didn’t matter. We know enough about restaurants to understand that we’d be OK. This restaurant could be spectacular, it could be great but it would never be worse than good.
They seated us in a little room with three tables. Four elderly people were sitting at one of them, the men wore suits, they were having Prosecco and antipasti. The ladies had big glasses and bigger hair. Whenever I see people like that at a restaurant I know I’m probably in the right place, these people seemed to have been coming here for years, they seemed to love the food. Hip and trendy eateries can be great fun, new places with inventive cuisine and conceptualised décor can be so good, but 90 years of history is hard to beat. Especially in Milano. We started with incredible lard and the creamiest mashed potatoes, we had home-made yellowtail fish ravioli with fish stock and fresh thyme, and costoletta alla Milanese. The obligatory risotto alla Milanese and mascarpone cream. The big room at the front filled up quietly with a large group of Sicilians and somehow we ended up talking to them all. When they found out I was cooking at the food festival the following Sunday they all stood up and applauded. It was magic, Italian magic.

A short note from my husband:

I agree with everything my wife has just said but have to apologize that there is no photographic record of our visit apart from a few snaps on Instagram. That night I had no camera. Having said that I have no regrets either. Henri Cartier-Bresson once said that taking pictures without a camera is just as good. I couldn’t agree more. That night I took plenty, for myself. Some of them were of food. Some were of the room. Most of them were of my wife.





A good Frenda in Milano

So what were we doing in the Italian capital of fashion? I had been invited by my good friend Angela Frenda, the food editor of Corriere della Sera, to cook at the very fun, very stylish food festival, Cibo a Regola d’Arte. We arrived on a Friday afternoon, lugged our suitcases through the cobbled streets of Milan, sipped coffee in at least 4 different places before we ended up in our hotel. It was Audrey’s first trip abroad and her favorite thing was the carpet in the hotel room and the very curious minibar. The rest of it, for her, was just like home. You already know what we did our first night out but our second meal, discounting a very forgettable hotel breakfast, was at one of our favorite spots, Antica Trattoria della Pesa, a place we always visit for the local standards, Costoletta Milanese, Osso bucco, Risotto Milanese, Vitello tonnato etc. Oddur spilled his wine and blamed Audrey, even faked photographic evidence to support his story (she was sitting on my lap when he dropped his glass). I left him photographing the rooms and rushed off to a hairdresser I had found in a nearby street. I always do my own hair but I thought – when in Milan … I asked for simple but I got glamorous! When I reappeared on the streets of Milan I felt like a contestant in Miss World, albeit 20 years too late. I guess big hair is big in Italy.
That night Angela was celebrating the publication of her cookbook “Racconti di Cuccina”, a wonderful book, filled with deliciousness – if any of you speak Italian don’t even think twice, order it now. The great Sicilian chef, Filippo la Mantia threw her a party that night and while everything tasted great the standout for me was his own take on the Sicilian classic with aubergine caponata … All that glorious food was wonderful but on a personal note the real standout of the evening was the person seated next to me, the great Rosita Missoni. My first ever dress was a Missoni, I was wearing a Missoni dress the night I met my husband and thankfully that night in Milan when I met her I was wearing my favorite Missoni skirt … sometimes the stars align. #myfashionicon





Our second breakfast was far more memorable than the first, following a tip from the girls at “Milano Secrets” @milanosecrets we braved our concierge’s declaration of “impossiblile” (he was talking about the congested streets filled with marathon runners) to get a taxi and head to Pasticceria Marchesi for coffee. Our taxi driver was much more optimistic “cinque minuti” he said. Cinque turned out to be Italian for 40 minutes but the coffee was well worth it. It was exactly the sort of place I love to find in Italian cities, old-fashioned décor and as it turned out, old-fashioned clientèle. We met and fell in love with a bunch of guys, Aldo, Michael, Francesco … who come here every day for morning cocktails! MORNING COCKTAILS!!! The most surprising thing about them was not their charm, not their sense of dressing but the fact that they were fans of my blog Manger. I was humbled.

That night it was my turn to dazzle the crowds. Or at worst avoid humiliating myself. I chose something simple and fast, pan-fried scallops. The gods of Italy decided to play a little trick on me and the equipment, which didn’t work, but I think I pulled it off, at least no one complained. Afterwards I enjoyed watching Massimo Bottura, one of the most respected chefs in Italy, make his famed tortellinis. I even got to eat a whole plate. Delicious. One of the great pleasures of that evening was to discover that my cookbook “A Kitchen in France” had already been translated into Italian. It’s called “La Mia Cucina in Campagna” and I love it!

The last scene of this trip takes place at an airport, Oddur and I, overweight as always, trying to rearrange our suitcases and debating what to keep. We had kept our cool in the fashion meccas but totally lost it in all the food stores. Suitcases were filled with everything from various pastas to biscotti, to anchovies (they leaked), to a bottle of red wine with a little bird on it (It’s called I Sodi di San Niccolo – I chose it because of the label and it turned out to be one of the best Italian wines I’ve ever had – so much for not judging a book by it’s cover). We stopped short of eating out of our suitcases to lighten the load but we came close.

Ciao Italia, we’ll be back soon!





When I think of Italian cooking, hundreds of flavors and foods come to mind. And when I try to shorten the list it’s impossible. There are just too many good things I associate with Italy. But if I had to pick, if I had to make a very short list lemons would be on it and zucchini flowers would be on it too. Memories of holidays on the Amalfi coast are filled with lemon trees, lemon-infused fish and delizia al limone. Zucchini flowers have pleased my eyes and pleased my palate more times than I can possibly remember. So beautiful on market tables, so pleasurable on a restaurant table. I’ve fried them in rented villas in Toscana and Marche, enjoyed them on the balconies of impossibly charming hotels in Ravello and Rome. Strangely enough I’ve never really made them at home in France. What happens on tour stays on tour! A couple of Sundays ago we made a feast of it all, picked fresh zucchini flowers from our garden, had Italian wine, and finished with Passito di Pantelleria and biscotti (the ones we didn’t eat at the airport).
Talking of Lemons, a few weeks ago I came up with this recipe for lemon & saffron ice-cream as a part of my monthly contribution to French ELLE. I loved it so much that I have made it for every workshop since and I’ve been dying to share it with all of you. Now that the ice cream is out in ELLE I am finally at liberty to post it her and I am doing so with pleasure.
There are only so many things in life a girl can count on.
This ice cream is one of them!





And finally on a practical note:

This blog, my beloved Manger, has unfortunately been suffering from too many other activities. Is that the beginning of the end someone might ask?
The answer to that is no. I am currently redesigning the blog (a very cautious redesign) so that in the very near future we’ll have an updated version. I am going to keep it very minimal, with big posts like this one at least once a month. But I feel it’s important to post more regularly so we’ll introduce new sections and, from time to time, new contributors who will make sure we have fresh content at least twice a week. I am excited about this and I hope you are too 🙂

Regarding the workshops, we’ve had so much fun since March and though we are technically fully booked throughout the year I have decided to add a few places to the groups as we now have more room and bigger space. We recently had a group of 9 that was so wonderful it has inspired me to be more flexible in numbers. So if any of you are interested to join the fall classes don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]













Zucchini flower fritters stuffed with mozzarella & anchovies
(for 10 flowers approx.)

Approx. 10 zucchini flowers
300 g/ 2 & 1/2 cups plain flour
125 ml/ 1/2 cup of ice-cold beer to make a sticky thick batter – not too liquid, not too thick – it should coat the zucchini flower).
1 ball of mozzarella cheese
10 good-quality anchovies

Sift the flour and salt together in a bowl. Whisk in the beer until combined and allow to rest for at least 10 minutes.
Gently open each zucchini flower and remove the stamen. Wash gently and pat dry with a paper towel.
Stuff each flower with 1 anchovy (or half, depending on the size of the flower) and a piece of mozzarella; dip the flowers in the batter and fry them in hot olive oil. Drain on kitchen paper , season with salt and serve immediately.



So creamy, you’ll be chuffed.

Lemon & saffron ice-cream

(no ice-cream maker needed)

(serves 4-6)

Preparation: 10 minutes
Freezing time 6 to 8 hours

300ml/1 & 1/4 cup whipping cream
250g/2 & 1/2 cups icing sugar
80 ml/ 1/3 cup of fresh lemon juice
Zest of 3 lemons, organic
1/2 teaspoon saffron, diluted in a few drops of hot water

In a bowl, mix the icing sugar, saffron and lemon juice. The mixture should be smooth.
Grate the zest of 3 lemons.
In another bowl whisk the cream with an electric mixer until it thickens. Add the mix icing sugar / lemon / saffron and zest and continue to whip – the cream should be thick and fluffy.
Pour the cream into a freezer-proof container and cool in the freezer for at least 6 to 8 hours.

With Angela Frenda, Rosita Missoni and Massimo Bottura.
With Angela Frenda, Rosita Missoni and Massimo Bottura.

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  1. Thank you for another ice cream maker-less recipe. I made the strawberry ice cream yesterday and it was amazing. This also sounds incredible. For next weekend, I suppose!

    1. Bonsoir Christie, I am so happy you enjoyed the strawberry ice-cream recipe – I have a target this summer to make more delicious ice-cream without an ice-cream maker! 🙂 Mimi x

  2. You are such a joy to read! Please don’t leave us, and may I add, what beautiful children you’re produced! And how lucky they are…….

  3. So glad you had a good time in Milan! It’s such a great place for food!
    And so bummed I couldn’t make it to Cibo a Regola d’Arte – I was invited as well. I really hope I won’t miss the chance to see you cook next time!

    1. What do you mean you were invited. Was this a group cooking class in Milan?

      I cannot believe you live such a beautiful live. So, satisfying!

      I am in my law firm working on files and litigation while my entire heart wants to be in France or Italy cooking, laughing and enjoying life. What a happy life.


  4. Omg love your stories! Milan is one of those places that I’ll wish to go but probably never get the chance. :/
    I’m looking forward to see your changes to this little space! Not that it’s not already gorgeous… But knowing you, it’ll be even better than now!
    And that ice cream! Ug lemon and saffron must make for such a great flavor combo!

  5. Thank you Mimi for a real life visit to Milan, complete with spilt wine, morning cocktails, stuffing food into suitcases, and longing for food left behind…..and for the lemon-saffron ice cream recipe just in time for summer’s official start this weekend coming.
    Susan Gabriel
    Gabriel Papers

    1. You are welcome Susan! What a lovely trip it was – such a treat to meet so many wonderful chefs, writers, friends… I just can’t wait to go back. It was extra-special to see my book in Italian, too. Enjoy the recipes. Mimix

  6. Hi Mimi! I have been a great fan of your wonderful blob for quite a while, and I want to thank you for bringing so much inspiration and delight into this food-obsessed mind of mine! As Italian food is my favourite, I enjoyed this post so much and even envied you for tasting so many tasteful Italian dishes!

  7. I have GOOSEBUMPS Mimi……….all over my body!From you three escaping to Milano for the weekend to the room of Italian’s giving you a standing ovation!
    The Missoni story…………OMG!!!!!
    The coffee story………..
    The photos of the spilled VINO!!!!!!!
    The gentlemen who meet for morning COCKTAILS!!!They LOOK SO ITALIAN TOO!Those men always want to hold the baby too which I adored!
    I smile so much and get VERY emotional reading your POSTS……….I do not know when I can get there but Just know YOU and YOUR FAMILY are on MY BUCKET LIST and it will happen…….it might be for AUDREY’s wedding but WE will meet up one day and have a beautiful Prosecco together…….that’s a PROMISE!!!!!

    1. Oh la la Contessa! You are always so wonderful! 🙂 We can’t wait to see you too – don’t forget, you’ll be my driving instructor, right? We’ll catapult right into the vineyards! See you sooooon! Mimi x

      1. This post just filled me with a lot of joy – well, they usually do! But as I was nearing the end and scrolling over and over the photos and phrases I thought, “Oh, I can’t wait to see how La Contessa is going to respond to this!” 🙂 Yes, we will get her back over here one of these days. I think that I am finally ready to learn how to drive…maybe…

        And a note to Oddur: I love that you didn’t have your camera with you on that very special evening. I am also the companion of a photographer and yes, at times it is wonderful to know that I am just there with him, just the two of us (even if he is taking photos in his mind ; )!

        1. Bonjour Heather! Lovely to hear from you, and yes, we all love to hear from la dear Contessa 🙂 One day, one day, we shall be driving with her! And so lovely to hear your thoughts on the camera, it’s nice to take a break sometimes! Bonne semaine, Mimi x

      2. Then I better get to work on that ITALIAN HUSBAND and tell him I need to get TO FRANCE sooner then later……….as YOU will be needing to drive BEFORE AUDREY gets engaged!!!!!

  8. I love many of Oddur’s pics, but my new favorite is the one of you, the baby & the 3 Italian men w/ specs……
    also, who knew Italians drink Ruffino Ducale Riserva Chianti!?
    One of my favorites, no matter what the year, such a nice wine.
    Lovely trip, as always!

    xo Stacey

    1. Bonjour Stacey! How, how lovely it was to get away to Milan. And that wonderful place, Marchesi. Amazing coffee and cakes, and even more amazing crowd! It’s always a pleasure to drinks Italian wines, so different from Medoc… if ever you go to Milan, please do go visit those 2 restaurants – happiness guaranteed! Mimi x

  9. What a lovely post in every way. We will be in Bordeaux in mid=September. Are you still planning to have a petit restaurant open then?

  10. Morning from downunder Australia this is my first comment to your blog after a long period of subscription I wait each month for its arrival as I know it will be full of amazing photographs lovely snippets about all kinds of delectable bits and is a great substitute when we are not in Europe I wander with you to the many places you go and the enjoyment helps the planning of our next European adventure this year we are combining food with rugby starting with a 10 day stay in the Bordeaux Dordogne region.
    I love your blog and your book is a constant companion on my bedside table, many times read and I cannot wait to see and read your new version. Thanks for the “enjoyability” Margot

    1. Oh thank you dear Margot – I am so touched! How lovely to hear you are planning this great trip – sounds heavenly. Let me know if you want any hotel/restaurant etc; tips. Mimi x

  11. What a beautiful blog about your trip to Milan, meeting your favourite designer and am always looking forward to your next blog and cannot wait to see what you’re doing to do with it. And no blaming Audrey for spilled wine!!! lol ox

    1. My sister and I love your blog! It makes us so happy here in western Pennsylvania to experience France and Italy through your beautiful pictures and words. God bless you and your family!

  12. Ooph, that comment made by Oddur, about taking pictures without a camera (and most of them of you) — so nice. You are lucky to have each other, I am sure.

    As always I enjoy your posts. Never feel guilty about posting too little, as I feel you are a person who always chooses quality over quantity… with that being said, I am excited about these new changes to your blog, albeit a little nervous that someone will be contributing that’s not you or your husband! 😮 but I trust your tastes, haha, so I shouldn’t be too scared.

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you for your sweet comment. Oddur and I always feel guilty for not posting more often, this morning we both agreed we should post our next story by Sunday/Monday (yes, we prepared a goodie post! Lots of exciting food!). No worries regarding contributors… It will be fun. 🙂 A bientôt, Mimi x

  13. Your posts, however long the time between them, are always worth the wait! Eloquent writing, gorgeous photos…a feast for the eyes (and tummy)!

    1. Thank you dear Kathy! Our blog is our passion, it’s the greatest pleasure to share through food, words and photos. We’ve got a special post coming up next, so stay tuned! Mimi x

  14. Oh, did I need some Mimi today! Thank you, as always, for sharing a bit of your life with us. Laughed out loud when I realized the three natty, bespectacled gentlemen in the photo with you and Audrey were in fact the AM cocktail-drinkers!

    1. Ah, the contrast of morning life in Milan! What a bunch of chic & adorable gentlemen, drinking their cocktails and charming us with their stories. Glad you enjoyed the pics! Mimi x

  15. Your baby is such a little munchkin, she’s adorable, so cute and special-looking, love her adorable, graceful face.

    Lemons must be just one of the many connections i have with Italy, a country i’ve loved and felt a connection to since longer than i can remember. As an aside, best coffee i ever had was in the Milan train station.

    1. Thank you Anita! Audrey is very sweet, and very gourmande! Her favorite food? Risotto alla Milanese – every spoon is followed by a NAM! Italy is my favorite holiday destination, I have to admit! The food, the passion, the people, the art (and fashion)… it’s all there. Mimi x

  16. I always enjoyed zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta and sometimes crab meat but haven’t seen a version with mozzarella and anchovies until now! Can’t wait to try it!

  17. What a couple you are! Such a composer as a photographer – and such a talented model and actress! I enjoy your publications like I enjoy good food 🙂

  18. Milano.. One of my favourite cities. I have my sister visiting next week who loves her ice cream so guess what I will be making. !! Of course I may have to taste it before she arrives…which means I will probably have to make a new Love your stories.. Until next time

  19. So nice post Mimi !
    Quand on va au restaurant avec mon mari, c’est un peu la même histoire. La personne qui choisi le resto prends beaucoup des risques ! ça peut être la gloire (comme tu bien dit) ou la défaite ! En plus, quand on est dans une ville magnifique italienne avec des restos partout, c’est double risque !
    J’aimé bien les mots d’Oddur, prendre des photos sans appareil, c’est juste magique et beau !
    Audrey a bien grandie et elle est tellement mignonne !
    L’autre jour je me suis allée me baladé chez Mollat, j’ai vu ton livre mais on anglais! C’est pour quand la version française? La bas, mon dit qu’on septembre…
    Sage décision de n’est pas abandonner le blog totalement !!
    Tu as la chance d’avoir rencontre Rosita Missoni, moi aussi je l’adore !
    Très belles photos et succulents recettes. J’adore les fleurs de courgette ! Bon fin de semaine !

  20. I have checked every day to see whether a new post has been added. And this morning, there it was, in all its glory: thank you for brightening my Tuesday!

    1. Oh my, it was such a pleasure to see you in Milan (I only wish we could spend more time together)! Perhaps I’ll see you before your trip to Médoc, we might be back sooner than you think! 🙂 I am so excited to see you here – loved your pics in Lake Como, I want to go too! A bientôt, Mimi x

  21. Thank you Yasmina! So happy to hear you tried the ice-cream – it’s a hit here! As for Allegra, she’s the sweetest assistant I could ever find, so warm, genuine and lovely. Have a lovely week! Mimi x

  22. Bonjour Eva – quel plaisir de vous revoir ici! Et oui, ces dernières semaines ont été si folles, entre les ateliers, visites et voyages… mais le blog reste ma première passion! Milan fut sublime, j’ai trop hâte d’y retourner. Heureuse d’entendre mon livre est chez Mollat! La version française sort le 16 Septembre chez Hachette! Vive la version française! Bisous, Mimi x

  23. Dear Mimi,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful posts. Not being the typical blogger “once-a-day” ones makes them much more awaited and interesting, specially because it’s sooo clear you put all your heart in them. I look forward to seeing Manger’s revamp.

  24. Mimi, once more you write beautiful stories along with amazing images that just makes us want to be right next to you.
    I’m just one tiny of your million fans but for what is worth I’m really happy that you intend to keep ‘feeding’ Manger.
    Today I talk a bit of you at my own ‘place’ and the amazing present my husband gave me for my bDay 🙂
    Thank you Mimi for making me happy.

  25. Hello Mimi, what a happy and summery post! I love your story about picking a restaurant in Milano. it is exactly the same when my husband and I have an evening or week end off. The choice of the restaurant matters so much! and tell Oddur that with or without his camera, his pictures are always beautiful and lively! And the story of the wine glass… I really thought it was Audrey as it has happened so much in my family! Actually I count the meals when we don’t spill one glass (of water!). Thank you for the recipes, can’t wait to try them. And the bruschetta, mon péché mignon!!
    Vive le début de l’été; Je te contacte debut juillet pour voir si on peut se voir dans le Sud Ouest. Bises Cécile

    1. Bonjour Cécile. Lovely to hear from you. I usually feel like a hawk at the table, watching over all the glasses! We have broken so many 🙂 It’s my 6th sense at the table. We had a super time in Milan, now I want to go back for more, dreaming about the food I didn’t get to eat, the galleries I wanted to see… always more, more and more! And yes, vive l’été… À très vite, Mimi x

  26. Welcome back Mimi, I was worried we’d lost you Milan! Fabulous photos and storyline as usual. You and Oddur know how to have fun together. Tour de France starts soon – Australia’s multicultural channel (SBS) has 4 hours of ‘France” each night, but we still NEED blog installments. Best wishes, jude.

  27. Poor Audrey getting blamed for the spilling of wine!! It’s supposed to be lucky, so here’s to the lucky girl, she’s so adorable, by the way!!! I love italian cuisine, it’s where I honestly grab most of my inspiration – the flavours, the cooking methods, the pairings, the ingredients… wish I could afford to go to Italy!

  28. Bonjour Mimi!
    Everytime we leave Italy, we have in bags ~5kg pastas, over a dozen bottles of wine, spices and few soaps 😉 It’s fantastic to open later a bottle of magic chianti classico or barolo and cook tartuffi pasta with tartuffi cheese (or my favourite pici with aglio, olio e peperoncino)!

    And lemons… Did you try limoncello? It’s fantastic on lazy summer evening. I make it myself. Everytime is fantastic!

    Greetings from Poland!

    1. Bonjour Paul! You sound just like us Paul – a heavy-duty traveller! One of my friends told me it was worth sending parcels home filled with goodies, I think I will also take that option next time! As for limoncello, I love it, reminds me of our holidays on the Amalfi coast! Divine! Mimi x

      1. We take one or two additional bags for goodies each time we have holidays. So when we back we look like just move from somewhere 😉

  29. The girls reading YOUR book..that must feel so special!
    Your blog is absolutely more than perfect right now..:)
    Such gorgeous phtographs..a new book every time you publish a post.
    Little Elle is growing so fast!

    1. Hello Monique! Thank you for such a lovely message – the girls are so happy to discover the book is different languages – so far they’re seen in in Italian, Chinese and very soon in French! Happy summer! Mimi x

  30. Such a delightful post! I love the picture of you, with Audrey on your hip, so demurely and stylishly sipping your espresso in the crowded cafe. Marget’s note prompted me to write … not only are my daughter and I huge fans of your site, cookbook, children, stories, recipes, photos and yes I must admit, the dogs, we also are planning a trip to the Bordeaux region this summer complete with some time canoeing and camping along the Dordogne – we are not campers! It shall be an adventure. My question to you in this rather lengthy post is, how far away are you from that region? We are Canadian so not daunted by distance ;). Also is your bistrot by any chance up and running? We would love an excuse to say hello.

    1. Bonsoir Lois! Lovely to hear from you. Dordogne is approx. 2 hours or so by car from here, so you are not too far away! Our little bistrot will be open end July towards beginning of August. Do send me a little email if you ever visit the Medoc region – you’ll just have to have lunch at 1 Rue de Loudenne! Mimi x

  31. Lovely. Now that my momentary escape from spreadsheets in Pittsburgh to beauty in Milan is over, back to reality.
    What is the dress you are wearing with Angela Frenda? The ecru and black, love it.

  32. Absolutely brilliant Mimi, I’m glad you had some leisure time away from home, sounds/looks like a very fulfilling visit to Italy…and watching Massimo in action, wow. I was so inspired by his little film Il Ritorno….just beautiful. I’m interested in a fall class, will email! Imen xx

    1. Hey Imen! Lovely to hear from you! It was a perfect getaway – I just wish I had more time! Oh well, I’ll just have to look forward to my next visit. This trip was extra special due to ‘La Mia Cucina in Campagna’ – funny how it is to see my book in other languages! 🙂 Massimo was fantastic, so energetic and fun. It would be fab to see you here in the fall! Mimi x 🙂

  33. You take my breath away with each post! You, your family, your blog & your book – I absolutely adore it all. Thank you so much for your inspiration & for sharing!

  34. I look forward to reading your blog; I check daily to see what you might have shared with us. I love the pictures and stories of French country living, its my opportunity to live vicariously through your words. Thanks for sharing

  35. I am just delighted to see another post, I have missed them! Just returning from a two week sojourn to Sicily and the Aeolian islands, I am craving anything Italian. By the way, have you been to Sicly? It is a food lovers paradise, just heaven. Cannot wait to see the redesign! xx

  36. Comme cela fait plaisir et du bien de vous lire à nouveau! non seulement vous nous apprenez de merveilleuses choses mais en plus vous nous rapportez des souvenirs de vos voyages qui nous permettent de rêver.Je fais aussi mon Limoncello, c est une parcelle d Italie dans un petit verre glacé à savourer. continuez je vous en pris à nous enchanter

  37. That costoletta alla Milanese is one honkingly big piece o’veal!!! I love that dish and recently ordered it for pre-theatre (Fun Home) dinner in NYC. Very underwhelmed – underseasoned /undersalted /maybe old oil? I think it was simply & sadly not enough salt. At least I didn’t get ill. Tell me how glorious your cutlet was, please!

  38. Hello Mimi!!!
    I’ve never been to Milan but I’ve just felt I was there with you!!!! Those gorgeous photos!!! As usual our seasons are not aligned and zucchini flowers are a distant memory of what was a beautiful Summer here but one thing I can explore is your ice-cream recipe as we have buckets of lemons from the trees at Vue…….just need to dash out for saffron. Mimi, if you have a minute (your time is precious) click on the web page and go to photos and media. We are mentioned in a magazine in a section called Gippsland on a Plate. Great news that your workshops have been extended. Do you think you could cope with me and La Contessa in one…..hahaha??? Looking forward to October and will email you closer to the time. xx Anita

  39. Chere Mimi,
    So pleased to get some news from you. I was getting concerned. Audrey is growing up so quickly and looks tres mignonne. We move to Dordogne in 10 days, I am so excited. Once all settled in, I can’t wait to come out and visit the Medoc.

  40. Thank you for a post, as always. I enjoy reading about your adventures and seeing a new part of the world for me. The colors, the food, and the culture.

  41. Bonjour Mimi! I just LOVE when there’s a new post from you & Oddur…& I quite like that it’s not too frequent. It’s like getting a special surprise gift filled with beauty! I do look forward to the new things you all have in store as well!

    I’m so happy that you all had such a great time in Italy! Italy is such an amazing place to escape to…and the food, I can totally relate to wanting to eat absolutely everything!!! 🙂 Congratulations on the continued success of your book! I can only imagine your excitement to see your words in different languages! xo, Dana

  42. Hi Mimi, I can’t wait to try the new lemon ice-cream recipe but one question, by whipping cream do you mean crème fraîche entière or the runnier crème fluide which is available in France? And no concentrated condensed milk? The kids will be disappointed here 🙂

  43. Mimi this was a delightful read(all your stories are a delight!). I would love to try my hand at the zucchini flower fritters plus that lemon icecream looks effortlessly wonderful!

  44. Hola Mimi from Costa Brava! I enjoy immensely reading your blog – the whole “package” with awesome photos is so complete and fulfills several levels of pleasure … Therefore your announcement about revamping the page makes me terribly curious, but at the same time I’m a little afraid. You see, I receive newsletters from a couple of food lovers/cooks, and sometimes there is such a profusion from each of them, that I nearly say “again?”. But then again, I know that I can have confidence on your sensibilities… By the way, just bought zucchini flowers!

  45. Bonjour Mimi, je suis française et je préfère vous écrire dans ma langue maternelle. Je trouve votre blog très réussi, des moments magiques qu’on imagine emprunts de grâce, avec vous, on est toujours dans un univers poétique, contemplatif et savoureux… Je suis artiste et je retrouve souvent dans ce que vous donnez à voir une petite part de ma vision du monde, de la vie.. Merci mille fois pour vos émissions et pour votre générosité.

  46. Dear Mimi, finally the new post is here! I have been waiting since the last post. Your trip to Italy is lovely! The ice cream recipe sounds good for the warm weather here in Singapore. Can’t wait to try it! Looking forward to your next post ~

  47. Thank you from the bottom of my little heart for your column. It makes my day just that much brighter to see a post from you. It’s like taking a mini vacation from my home to yours.

  48. This morning, on the way to the office there was a farmer selling zucchini flowers, so after reading your post last night… I bought a full bag of it!
    I baked them in the oven stuffed with mozzarella and chorizo and I tried as well, fried with a tempura batter… Delicious. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  49. Hi Mimi! I don’t think I can say anything that hasn’t already been said so I’ll just say it again. I love your blog, how you write, your husband’s photographs, your stories and how I can “visit” your corner of the world from my corner of the world on a computer screen. I can’t wait to see the redesign!

    Also! May I ask what bag you are wearing in the photo where you are drinking your coffee?

  50. Hi Mimi
    I read with interest that you are tentatively changing your blog to include contributors. May I humbly suggest that as well as food you might like to consider featuring ceramic designers and other artisans who make food look even more beautiful. Dare I say “Death to the white plate.” Ciao e grazie

  51. Mimi, thank you once again for letting us all travel vicariously with you. Morning cocktails with friends, a fabulous idea. Your cookbook in Italian, what fun. Fleurs de courgette, I will definitely try that recipe. I have some growing in my garden right now.

  52. Hello Mimi. Thank you for taking us on a food tour of Milan. I love those old school restaurants and cafes that have been doing things the same way forever. Would love to visit Milan myself one day.

  53. Dear Mimi,
    My name is Aleksandra and I adore your blog and instagram. You are embodiment of femininity for me. And I wish,someday I will be good wife and loving mother as you are. Your hasband makes great photoes, can I asks what camera does he use?
    Thank you so much for sharing your lefstyle.

  54. Hi Mimi,
    It sounds and looks like a beautiful and inspring trip to Milan.
    The photography, the food, your recipes, looks amazing.
    I can’t wait for the redesign of your blog, another great success.
    Best wishes and much Love xo

    PS I was hoping to see you in spring in London when are you planning for a trip xo

  55. Nunca con anterioridad habia hecho helado, pero este helado de limón ya había llamado mi atención desde que vi la foto en instagram. Mi marido ha dicho, que es el mejor helado que ha comido nunca, realmente és delicioso . Mimi ,cuando abrirá sus puertas su restaurante?, Que tengo que hacer para poder reservar? Con cariño,Rosa .

  56. Hi mimi, I recently bought your book and came across your blog. I love the book and your blog! Tried your chilled pea soup and tomato tart, both were yummy! Thanks for sharing your recipes and life!

  57. Dear Mimi, So wonderful to read your post. You write with so much enthusiasm, and leave the reader to create the picture based on his imagination. Just amazing! Milan sounds spectacular, I am so happy you had an amazing time, and sitting next to a Missoni!!! Can’t beat that! You must visit Sicily, absolutely incredible people, food, and nature.
    I am so very excited to for my workshop in October!!!! Can’t wait!

  58. With so much fame and glam it’s good to hear you still love your readers:-) A little goes a long way! Looking forward to see what you come up with next on the blog, my favorite of all your productions!

  59. Loving the photo’s and looking forward to the blog change’s – best pic “basket on the head”! Can’t wait for the next one! Special request House pictures x

  60. The picture you paint, both with words and photographs is delightful. When I read it, I feel like I am in Milan. When I was a teenager, I spent a summer in Trieste, and reading your post brings me right back to our forays into Venice and Florence. I love how in Europe food is so much a part of the culture. When I was in college, I lived with a family in Tours, France. Lunches were the biggest meals of the day – always several courses – entree, salad and cheese or fruit. Wine always, of course. I love the slow way of living, where meals are savored. Thank you for documenting such a lovely way of life!

    1. Thanks so much Kristin! It’s a pleasure to share. I love how you say “wine, always” – it’s a way of living here. I just can’t imagine eating food without wine. Have a lovely week (& summer!). Mimi x

  61. May I tell you how gorgeous you are ! I read this myth about chic french women and I am beginning to think its all true.

    And beautiful writing. I am also someone who thinks about food day and night. And perhaps in my sleep as well. So much I can relate to.

    Have you tried Indian food ?

    – Archana.

  62. Mimi, I have just made your lemon ice cream with saffron and it was divine. I will be making it all summer and I think I’ll try variations ( with berries ?). Love, love your blog. Are you still intending to open a seasonal restaurant at your new home ?

  63. Chère Mimi,
    I am absolutely in awe of your magnificent vegetable garden. Did you start it from scratch? How big is it?
    I might be needing your advice once I move, on Sunday, and try and start one in my house in Dordogne.
    Bisous, Nadia

  64. Dear Mimi:
    Your posts are fantastic! I love seeing your home and family photos.
    I will be looking forward to your next adventure that you share with us!

  65. Mimi, it is so good to hear from you. As always your words take me away to a world far away…what a magnificent summer so far. I cannot wait for to see what you have up your sleeve for Manger!

    May the world be sweet and bright where you are are. Take care.


  66. Hi Mimi! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. I am so happy you are not going to stop blogging since your posts are always something to look forward to.

  67. Loved your ice cream recipe, and it made me wonder if you know my book, ‘The Land Where Lemons Grow’? A few more citrus recipes for you in there…

  68. I’m so happy about ice cream recipes without ice cream maker. Thanks!
    Love your blog and i am looking forward to the new version.

  69. Hi Mimi,

    The lemon & Saffron ice cream sounded lovely so I tried to make it this evening. I followed your recipe to the letter. Everything was going perfectly until I folded the whipping cream into the sugar/lemon/saffron mix. I continued to whip as you directed and instead of thickening the more I whipped the more the ingredients separated. Did you ever find this? Would it be better to just fold the whipping cream into the mix rather than continue to whip? Lemon juice and dairy products are a volatile mix after all!
    This is probably a very basic issue in cooking but bear with me as I try to fathom out what happened!


    1. Hi Amanda,
      So lovely to hear from you. Regarding the ice-cream, perhaps you should try pouring the sugar/lemon mix into the cream while whipping (instead of folding the cream into the lemon mix)? Perhaps your cream is not rich enough, are you using heavy cream? Also, make sure your cream is very cold, now that it’s summer it’s harder to whip cream in the heat. Good luck! Happy summer, Mimi x

      1. Dear Mimi,

        Thank you so much for getting back to me. I’ll follow your suggestions. Yes, I’d wondered about the fat content (and heat!) too. I’m in Canada and the whipping cream here has a lower fat content I think compared to Europe. We’re also in the middle of a heatwave, so that’s probably not helping! Looking forward to trying it again.

        Take care,


  70. Mimi,
    What a beautiful blog, and the photographs- stunning!
    I am not much of a cook myself, but looking at the pictures I feel like running to the kitchen to try one of your recipes. .
    Greetings from Connecticut.

  71. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it instantly. I like this post so much, feel like you take us with you on the trip. The pictures are so nice. I’m going to give the recipe a try. Thanks.

    Mima || Tokyo Blogger

  72. Dear Mimi,
    I love your blog and bought your cookbook.
    I am an avid cook and dont tend to buy books based on blogs (am more of a Diana Henry, Elizabeth David, Ottolenghi type of cook) but your blog, recipes and life as a ‘maman cook’ in the Medoc really appealed. I haven’t been disappointed in the book and I really hope that the blog doesn’t change too much. Although friends may offer interesting insights, what I really visit Manger for is a snapshot into this life and inspiration for family meals and feasts for friends and family – please don’t change too much!


  73. Bonjour Mimi,
    I’m a big fan of your way of describing an event and your cooking off course. It was so nice to read your memories of Milano.
    Next month I’m going to visit Milan.
    I thank you if you could recommend me some good places to find authentic Italien food.
    Because its my first visit to Italy and I want to enjoy it as much as possible.


  74. Salut Mimi,

    I made your lemon ice cream this weekend. It was absolutely delicious and amazingly rich and smooth without it having been churned! a little sweet for me, however, so next time I think I will use less sugar. Is your strawberry ice cream as sweet? xxx g

  75. Really beautiful post Mimi. Guess who just brought home saffron & a boat load of organic lemons? Ice cream for us!

  76. Bravo Mimi pour votre émission sur Canal. C’est exactement comme ça que j’apprécie la cuisine, avec du matériel de base, sans chichi, sans l’électronique et les ustensiles hyper sophistiqués des chefs. Et en plus vos recettes sont gourmandes. Et les images sont très belles. Un grand merci. Amitiés de Fine

  77. Hi! I was wondering what the name of that first restaurant was? We are going to Milan in two weeks and I’d love to go – sounds absolutely wonderful!

  78. Dear Mimi, what a beautiful story on Milan…like very post the text is so inspiring, the pictures beautiful. All your children are so charming! We carried your book at our store here in Sag Harbor, NY, called MONC XIII and it was a great success! Hopefully you all come to the Hamptons and visit us one day!
    All the Best,

  79. Its July 18,my wife’s birthday,looking forward to next update to your blog.Hope all is well.Cheers to the good wife.

  80. Bonjour Mimi, nous avons fait un clafoutis aux cerises en suivant ta recette du livre hier. C’etait la premiere fois que nous faisions un gateau ensemble avec mon mari! Il deteste faire des gateaux en general et moi je ne suis pas tres bonne en cuisine. Ce gateau fut absolument fantastique et nous allons donc continuer a suivre tes recettes et cuisiner ensemble! Merci!!!

  81. Hi Mimi-
    I’m loving your blog and have, just today, made strawberry ice cream from your recipe. It’s freezing as I type. I can hardly wait to dig in.
    I’m thinking of making the lemon ice cream next. As I’m on a budget I’m wondering if omitting the saffron will be a bad choice. What do you think?

  82. Wow…look at the size of those zucchini flowers…amazing! My favorite picture is the one of the speckled, white-haired men gawking at Aubrey! Happy Travels!

  83. Coincidentally I just had guests from Milano here this weekend in Rhode Island! Now I know some places to try when we visit in October. We love coffee (and no one does it as well as the Italians – wish we had those quickie coffee bars here in the states, never mind Starbucks…).

    I love your cookbook as well as your blog, not just for the lovely recipes, photos, and exquisite writing, but for the affirmation that good food and wine, cooking and enjoying, is what we are here for. I hope to talk my cousin Wendy into taking a class or visiting the restaurant when it opens. She is a fantastic baker, and a dead ringer for you (I should send you a photo).
    Thank you for the mini vacation I take every time I read this blog. It’s like being back in France without air travel!

    P.S. I broke in my tartlet pans from E. Dehillerin with your onion tart. Delicious!!

  84. Okay, I’m now officially in love with your Blog. Your Photography is beyond everything, they are purely amazing – congrats!!

  85. Gorgeous post! and gorgeous Massimo Bottura:) Obviously, I am a Bottura believer & admirer 🙂

    PS I was searching a french white wine you mentioned in some previous post… I could not find it 🙁 I must be pleased with the usual Tenuta Ca’ Bolani Aquilis Sauvignon.

    Wish you all a great summer! and all the very best.


  86. Your young children will be great men and women. They are being very well educated, with love to the farm and for that growing on it.
    Congratulations … for everything

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