It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I finally announce that I am taking bookings for my cooking workshops here in Médoc. Getting here has been a real journey, a journey many of you have accompanied me on. From starting the blog to making a cookbook – it’s been an enjoyable ride and it seems this adventure is only just beginning. After much deliberation on formats and structure, on thinking what would be the most fun, useful, educational way of doing this I’ve come up with the following. I hope my ideas are compatible with your needs, if not we can always find a solution.

I will be hosting 3 workshops every month, starting March 2015. Let me tell you about the details: All the workshops will be identical, different only in number of days. Every month will have a 2-day, 3-day and a big extravaganza 4-day workshop (9 days in total out of every month – as long as there is demand of course). I am sensitive to the fact that some of you might be traveling from far away lands so taking bookings until December 2015 should give you ample time to plan ahead. Exact dates will be at the bottom of this post. To keep things on a personal and enjoyable level I think limiting the number of each class to 6 participants is a good idea.
There will be no workshops in July, August or September due to a seasonal restaurant we are opening next summer. That, however, offers other opportunities (I’ll get to that later). In December 2015 we’ll only have one 3-day Christmas special class, I guess all of us are a bit busy during the holidays.

For the first year, regrettably, I will not be able to offer accommodation. We are putting all our efforts into the culinary side and are mindful of the old saying that it’s better to do one thing really well than … There is a slight possibility we might be able to offer some rooms at the back-end of the year but that would just be a bonus.

Every morning we’ll gather at my new house in St. Yzans de Médoc, have breakfast together, chat and start cooking. In the morning we’ll prepare a three-course lunch, set a table and have it together (with a little wine of course). Then we’ll start cooking dinner and again have it together in the evening (with more wine). We’ll have more than one kitchen and more than one dining room so hopefully it will always feel fresh and new. For the 2-day workshop we’ll pretty much repeat the first day (+ a little outing) but for the 3 and 4-day ateliers there will be some variety and sweet distractions depending on the season. We’ll go to the market, we’ll visit wine making châteaux and have wine tastings, we might go bicycling in the vineyards and have a picnic or even go fishing. We might strike up a barbecue at a friend’s place, have some Lillet, play some pétanque. But the structure will remain the same, It’s all about preparing lunch and dinner and sharing it together. Let’s call it structured variety.
Additionally my husband will be giving an afternoon class on the best ways to photograph food (in case you are interested – for those who are not we will just use the time to cook some more) and maybe you can even pick up a bit of French, unless you are French in which case you might pick up some English, or Chinese or even Icelandic. Ultimately, though, these workshops are all about becoming a better cook, more knowledgeable about French food and French wine, and having fun along the way.


(I am half French and not particularly comfortable talking about money, but I suppose I have to put it somewhere):

• 2-day workshop is €1.000.
• 3-day workshop is €1.500.
• 4-day workshop is €2.000.

Included are three 3-course meals and great wine every day, transportation for all activities and a ride to and from the airport or train station. All activities during the day will be arranged and paid for by me. I will recommend accommodation near our house and negotiate the best possible prices depending on your needs (they are mostly friends anyway – prices vary between €60-€180 per night). You will be picked up in the morning at your place of choice (within reason of course) and driven home in the evening. For those of you who want a bit more freedom you can always rent a car.

I mentioned earlier that we’ll be opening a seasonal restaurant in the summer and for that we’ll be needing some help. For those of you who are interested in coming here, working in some capacity, depending on your interests and qualifications and the needs of the restaurant please feel free to contact me and we can discuss and plan further. This seasonal restaurant will be a great adventure and we have set ourselves very ambitious goals in terms of quality. As I said everything can be discussed but normally we’ll be needing help for at least a few weeks and those who participate can expect room and board + some remuneration depending on their contribution.

For those of you who are interested in the workshops (or the restaurant) please contact me at [email protected] I will do my best to answer all inquires swiftly and seriously.

Here are the dates:

12–13 (2-day class)
18-21 (4-day class)
26-28 (3-day class)

11-12 (2-day class)
15-18 (4-day class)
23-25 (3-day class)

7-8 (2-day class)
14-16 (3-day class)
27-30 (4-day class)

12-13 (2-day class)
17–20 (4-day class)
25-27 (3-day class)

1-2 (2-day class)
7-10 (4-day class)
22-24 (3-day class)

6-7 (2-day class)
12-14 (3-day class)
25-28 (4-day class)

9-11 (3-day class)

In addition to the dates above there is always the possibility, if you are a group of six, to add a workshop outside this published schedule, something we can custom-make together and fit into the calendar where it suits us all.
So many of you have already expressed interest in some shape or form, I hope this description (and prices) live up to your expectations – looking forward to hearing from you.


145 thoughts on “SOON THE DOORS WILL OPEN

  1. Oh wow, so soon!! Feels like you just posted the photos of the place when you got it. 🙂 I’m so excited for this. I’m looking forward to the restaurant and we’ll definitely stop by next summer. As for the workshop, they sound absolutely tempting, I must say. I’ll have to think about that! 🙂
    As I love the pictures on your blog and in your cookbook, that session would definitely be a bonus! 🙂

    1. Bonsoir Tina! I know what you mean, it does feel like we just found this house yesterday! We are all very excited about the workshops… we really want to give everyone a great time, spending quality time cooking fantastic meals ans sharing good times! Mimi x

    1. Thank you Mallory, this is all very new to us, so thank you for your kind words and encouragemen. We are so excited about these workshops – I have a feeling they are going to be great fun, with lots of good cooking! Mimi x

  2. Oh, Mimi! If only I could come to one of your classes! I just cooked your Butternut Gratin a few days ago – it has been so delicious! I have to talk to Wolfgang if he can imagine letting me travel for some days… Wishing you all the best for this new adventure! Greetings from far away Germany,

  3. Dear Mimi,
    Tout prend forme!
    What a big step ahead… 2 days atelier is too long for me with 4 kids and a husband in Paris but I’m looking forward to your restaurant. I’ll drive from Pyla sur Mer to St Yzans with pleasure next summer.
    I’m sure you’ll give us a phone number to call for booking!
    Looking forward to seeing you this saturday…
    xx Cécile

  4. Oh Mimi I want to see much more!
    I can not wait 🙂
    You will preserve the walls? They are so beautiful, is like a dream palace.
    Big kiss and hurry up 😉

  5. I’ve been anticipating this post all week! Blurry eyed, I checked your site on my phone upon waking up, and here it is. It did not disappoint, in fact it has made my day! I’ll be emailing today. Mimi, you’re fantastic!

  6. I am so excited for your classes, now all I have to do is figure out how to get there from Phoenix, Arizona. I have been following your adventure’s for awhile. We sell your cookbook in my boutique. Family and friends have made many of your recipes with great success. My youngest daughter has plans to attend the French Culinary School in California in September so maybe we can arrange a class soon. Good Luck and thanks for sharing your talents. Bev

    1. Thank you so much Bev for carrying our cookbook in your store – I am so happy! Now, all you’ll have to do is hop on a plane to Paris, then Bordeaux (or by train) – I’ll be seeing you soon I hope ! 🙂 Mimi x

  7. Congrats on the new space! I am so looking forward to hearing back from you!
    I can’t wait to see posts when the workshops and restaurant are up and running:)


  8. Hello Mimi. I’m so excited! I’m going to look into how to make my way over there from California, and hopefully be ready to see you in March. I will e-mail you when the details are sorted =)

  9. Hello Mimi,

    I have only recently discovered you, your blog, website and your cookbook, which I devoured over the course of two days – – cover to cover! If I wanted to start at the very beginning from your first post, would that be the April 18, 2012 post on
    CHOCOLATE CAKE À LA CRÈME DE MARRON (CHESTNUT CREAM)? If not would you please be so kind as to point me in the right direction?

    I was thrilled to learn of your upcoming workshops and restaurant. I’m saving my pennies for a great and grand splurge!

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you Kimberly! Oh, I love that Chocolate cake à la crème de marron – I just love chestnut cream! I guess that must have been one of my very first posts – how sweet of you to start there. I hope you will enjoy the recipe – one of my faves! Mimi x

  10. Oh how exciting, Mimi!!! I wish you great success!! I have been following your posts since I saw one on Lanaloustyle & I’m a great fan 🙂
    I simply love your pictures & writing.It would be absolute HEAVEN to attend a class. Will have to work hard at that one all the way from Hermanus, South Africa

  11. OMG!!Those doors……..go where?Into the living room?I love the color on either side……..thats what you found after peeling the wallpaper.I think my INSTAGRAM friend ANITA will beat me to your classes!She lives in AUSTRALIA.Found out we both follow YOU!She is a chef…….and I do believe she is going to France come SPRING.I may get there come summer…….with HEATHER from ARLES if we can swing it!I am SO HAPPY for YOU and YOUR family!ANd of course, I would love to learn how to SHOOT FOOD from THE MAN!MERRY CHRISTMAS MiMi……….XOXOX

    1. It is such a small world! I just love it! Now I have a feeling we are going to have a special ladies group with you, Heather, Anita, Kaaren… you all seem to have a great connection! How fun would that be? I can just imagine you & Oddur shooting food! And perhaps recreate a dramatic shoot in the vineyards in a ballgown? Why not? Anything goes! 🙂 Hopeing to see you soon! Mimi x ps: I might, just might, come to the West Coast jan or feb… let’s see.

      1. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TO all the above especially BALLGOWNS in the VINEYARDS!!!!!!!
        Let me know as soon as YOU KNOW mimi……….I have tears in my eyes!!!I WILL BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT!You have made MY DAY!

        1. The only day that doesNOT work for me in JANUARY is THURSDAY the 29th!!!!!!!!!
          The FRENCH BASKETEER is coming to my home to do a cooking class!!!!
          So, tell your editors that willNOT work …….any other days in January and February are PERFECT!XOXO

  12. Expectations ho! It has been a delight to watch this all develop. Crossing my fingers for 2016, when my youngest won’t be quite so young. Congratulations!

  13. Dear Mimi,
    First, congratulation for the great success in NYC and thank you for sharing that moments with us!
    From the very first time I discovered your blog, I dreamed of workshop opportunity.
    Then when I saw the first post on Instagram of the balcony, I tell my husband that hopefully you will buy a new house and open a restaurant and the next year we have to come over.
    Two weeks ago, chilling with my daughter in Colette in Paris, we looked at your book (already purchased) and I tell her about that plans.
    Now I have only to thank you for this great opportunity. Everything sounds great.
    Looking for meeting you.
    Warmest regards to you and your beautiful family

    1. Oh merci beaucoup dear Tatyana! I am so touched by your sweet words… true, our little dream has now become reality, seems like only yesterday I was announcing all these workshop and restaurant plans! Can’t wait to meet everyone, it will be such a fund adventure, we can all share together! Mimi x

    2. Oh merci beaucoup dear Tatyana! I am so touched by your sweet words… true, our little dream has now become reality, seems like only yesterday I was announcing all these workshop and restaurant plans! Can’t wait to meet everyone, it will be such a fun adventure, we can all share together! Mimi x

  14. This sounds so wonderful, like stepping through the beauty of the blog and appearing in your kitchen- like Alice in Wonderland…Good luck!

  15. this looks and sounds perfect, mimi, and I’m so excited for you! I’m also pleased that you are offering something different (ie. summer restaurant helpers) for people whom a workshop might not be in the budget, but still want a taste of your lovely Médoc life.

    unfortunately i have no plans to visit Médoc next year, but i look forward to hearing all your adventures in St. Yzans… and this photo of the door is just like a magic portal!

    1. Thanks Myriam! I think it is always important to have something for everyone! Whatever it is, a workshop, helping out in the restaurant, it will be fun and a great experience! Mimi x

    2. Just discovered you today! So excited! I definitely want to attend your class. Hopefully October 2015!
      Plan to cook a couple of your recipes this Xmas season!

  16. Hello My Dear Mimi,
    Such excitement!!!! Everyone is a buzz with your plans for the workshops. Mimi, I’ve just read that the restaurant will be seasonal. Does that mean you’ll close at the end of September? My plans were to come to you around the second week in October. I do hope I’ve read this incorrectly.
    Is see my friend La Contessa may come to you with Heather from Arles and you met my Instagram pal Kaaren when you were in NY. Isn’t this world amazing how we can connect via social media through a love of French food. La Contessa and I have spoken on the phone. She rang me for my birthday and I called her for Thanksgiving.
    I’ll let you go and hope that there will be a Christmas post. If not, I wish You, Oddur and your sweet family every happiness this Christmas and for the coming New Year.
    xx Anita

    xx Anita

    1. Bonsoir Anita! I was just responding to La Contessa about how great and small this world is – it’s wonderful. We’ll have to connect all the dotted lines and get you ladies to come by around the same time… I mean, it will be extreme fun! The restaurant won’t be open in October, but no worries, you can always come by and eat at home! 🙂 You’ll have to come! La Contessa, Heather, Kaaren, you – amazing ladies! Much love Mimi x ps: there will be a Christmas post, and there’s even going to be a little surprise post tomorrow, something very unexpected and very festive – you will love it! Stay tuned! 🙂 Drumroll please… 🙂

  17. Cher Mimi, I’m so excited and happy for you that you are going to open your kitchen and start your restaurant and cooking school. Definitely on the list of places to visit for me! xo

  18. Hi Mimi,
    Very excited and happy on your accomplishment and your workshops. Wow sounds amazing and interesting.
    Love it. I read the workshop program with my princess Nour and she loved it and she said it reminded her of the movie “one thousand food journey”
    Best of luck in all aspects xx

  19. Hi Mimi,
    Very excited and happy on your accomplishment and your workshops. Wow sounds amazing and interesting Love it. I read the workshop program with my princess Nour and she loved it and she said it reminded her of the movie “one thousand food journey”
    Best of luck in all aspects xx

  20. Oh, this sounds so incredible, it’s been so wonderful to follow your journey up to this point! I really hope to visit your restaurant soon and perhaps even do one of your courses 🙂 best of luck with it all xx Becka

  21. Aaargh!! I CANNOT decide! I’d SO love to be at the first one (and actually those dates work) but, I really really want to do the session with Oddur. And then, surely the summer would be a fantastic time to be there but the rainy, dreary Autumn would pose more of a photographic challenge (and would be more akin to what I have to work with here in London much of the time) and so, that would be more helpful to me. And, what about the Christmas special!? Oh why oh why does my budget not stretch to several trips. I’ll have to look over the blog and through your book and decide which season’s cooking most appeals – and then hope that you haven’t sold out.
    And of course, you know that I’m definitely trying to formulate a way that I can be available for more than two weeks over the summer and work out what skills I could offer.
    Ah, it’s just too blinkin exciting, and just, wonderfully wonderfully exciting (excuse the repetition of words there).
    Best wishes

    1. Susie! Hello from Paris! Back here for a book signing event at WHSmith (and a little bit of Christmas shopping?).Thank you so much for your interest in coming – all seasons are good, spring is always exciting because of the produce (artichokes, asparagus…), but summer is kind of a paradise too 🙂 It’s up to you! Much love, Mimi x

  22. Hi Mimi, which bookshops in Paris stock your cookbook? Perhaps Fnac or any independent libraries? I’m wanting to purchase a few for several family members and friends (and of course myself)! Merci in advance!

    1. Hi Sophie, I think several bookstores carry my book, I know Colette does and as it happens I am doing a book signing at WH Smith on rue Rivoli this Saturday at 4 o’clock so maybe I’ll see you then? All best, Mimi x

  23. Congrats, Mimi!

    My husband and I live in Singapore and we have been following your beautifully curated blog. We ordered your cookbook and it has just arrived. We will be in France in June and would like to attend your 3-day class. Have sent you an email. So exciting!

    Lisa & Bart

  24. Oh what a wonderful vacation I will have to plan around a visit for your fun workshop or certainly to the restaurant!
    I will start planning 🙂

  25. I can hardly believe this but I just told my husband, Matt, about your workshops. He loves to surprise me so I can never ask for a specific birthday or Christmas present. But I thought I must give it a try this time. To my amazement, Matt told me he actually wrote to your email address weeks ago asking about cooking classes with you – he already had the idea for my birthday present. Wow!!! I’ll send an email to the Manger Workshop and see if we can book dates that would work for our schedule. Hey, this is exciting !!

  26. OH MiMi, yes I have traveled far with you as many others, I am so filled with excitement for your doors to open soon…high celings and all, I am thrilled ! XO Joyeux Noël

  27. how lovely! i’m thrilled for you and jealous of the many whom will fill your classes!! i’ll be opening your cookbook this Yule & can’t wait to drool over the pages 🙂 and while i won’t be able to make it over to France anytime this year, there will always be a next! best wishes & happy holidays!

  28. Wow, these sound glorious! I’ve purchased two of your books, one for my daughter residing in London (she will open her’s Christmas day). We both dream of taking cooking classes in France, yours is now at the top of the list!
    Best of luck!

    1. How exciting for you, Mimi! I would love to stop by at your restaurant next summer on our way down to the SW, perhaps visit a few chateaux too, mmm…Tempting!

  29. Dear Mimi,
    Congratulations again on the beautiful book(been cooking already, who new a simple tomatoe salad can be soo delish in the winter?!) , on your new home and the classes! As I write, I am tring to arrange with my husband our summer schedule to participate , can not wait! Happy holidays!

  30. Hi Mimi

    I am interested in getting information regarding your Classes. I am coming from the USA which airport would I fly to? I I am interested in the June 25-27 session. thank you

  31. Mimi j adore vos émissions Tv et votre personnalité. Lorsque le Ritz était ouvert je prenais des cours 1 après-midi de 4h . Le prix était de 150 euros., cours dégustation et petits plats a rapporter a la maison Je trouve quand même très chères vos propositions !! Bonne chance a vous

    1. Bonjour Rapatout! Je comprends vos pensées, mais je vais vous expliquer mon raisonnement. Certes, les cours/ateliers de cuisine au Ritz sont tout à fait agréables, vous avez un instructeur chef qui vous enseigne la cuisine, et en plus vous pouvez déguster sur place (et même emporter à la maison). Mais cela reste quand même dans un cadre professionel, au prix de 150 euros pour 4 heures. De mon côté, je passe de 10 à 12 heures avec mes clients, nous cuisinons des repas (entrées, plats et desserts), voire même des festins, dans une ambiance rustique, familiale, donnant goût à l’art de vivre, à la culture Française. Je propose les plus beaux vins du Médoc, je propose tous les transports, je fais visiter les beaux coins de ma région… C’est plus que des ateliers de cuisine, c’est une belle expérience dans le Médoc. La cuisine, l’art de vivre et le vin! Je vous souhaite de bonnes fêtes!:) Mimi x

      1. Je comprends tout a fait !! Je vous souhaite de très bonnes fêtes avec votre si jolie famille et je continue a vous regarder avec plaisir sur cuisine tv et a concocter vos délicieuses recettes

  32. Hello Mimi,

    I am so excited!!! It was great to meet you in NYC. I will look into booking for a workshop next spring. I hope there is still room. Congratulations!

    Take care,
    Sweet Joy

  33. Bonjour Mimi! I am interested in helping out with the restaurant. I do have professional cooking experience, I was a cook back in the day. I have been a stay at home mom for the last 10 years, but ready to take on a new challenge. J’ai quatre enfants. Mais ils sont tous a l’ecole maintenant. Je parle Franglais. Je suis en train d’apprendre la langue, but I’m also interested in learning to speak more fluently. I look forward to hearing from you!

  34. Hi Mimi. I tried to comment earlier, but it seems I’m repeating myself! Anyway, good luck with the ateliers, and would looove to stop by at your restaurant next year, as well as visit some châteaux for a little wine tasting! xx

  35. Wowowww that is so exciting Mimi!!! Well done for all of it! I absolutely love the concept! I wish I could come one day, wether for the workshop or for the restaurant !!!! But for now it seems like a long way from Mauritius… so I guess I’ll have to buy your book on Amazon & watch Cuisine + 😉 Good luck for all Xxx

  36. Your classes sound divine! If it is possible, I willl try to plan for one. Sending your schedule to my sister and best friend. I must ask, is that a room in your house at the top of this blog? Is the entire space being painted white or will some of that beautiful beige wall treatment be allowed to remain? Best Wishes, Jeanne

  37. Je suis ravie pour ta nouvelle étape! ça doit être tellement excitant pour toute la famille. Je trouve très intéressant et très complet le workshop. Malheureusement, je ne pourrais pas participer, un peu chère pour moi. Peut-être j’irais au restaurant cet été ! En tout cas, je te souhaite beaucoup des belles choses ! Et une chose est sûre, j’achèterai le livre de sa sortie en français !! Je te souhaite de très belles fêtes 😉 xo

  38. I just wanted to say many many congratulations, Mimi! This post made my heart feel so glad, and I wish you every success with this project… and all others yet to come!

    I think your plan for opening up your beautiful home and teaching people from all over the world sounds absolutely wonderful. I would be one of the first people to sign up if I could leave my dogs for that long to make the trip. Instead I will be looking forward to reading all about your first class in March!

    Best of luck and most of all, enjoy!!! With heartfelt wishes from Mexico

  39. Hello Mimi,

    Enfin le rêve se réalise, bien au-delà de vos espérances et le conte de fées se concrétise avec bonheur ! C’est une récompense bien méritée et il me tarde vraiment de pouvoir participer à l’un de tes ateliers. Déménagement et emménagement doivent être une sacrée besogne et je vous souhaite d’excellentes fêtes de fin d’année dans votre nouveau palais. Gros bisous à toute la tribu et à très bientôt.

  40. Hi Mimi,
    How thrilling it must be for you and your family! I hope one day my husband and I will make it to visit beautiful Medoc from Washington DC. I’ve been soaking up the writings and photos on your blog for the past year or so but it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago when I got brave enough to try out a recipe and ended up making two of your soups in one week!-parmesan soup and the chicken bouilion. Thank you for being an inspiration and I’m so excited for you to continue to share your love for cooking and company with the world. Bonne chance! -Eunice

  41. So exciting! This is something I’d love to do except that I’m a vegetarian so I don’t think it’s something I can do.. but you will have so many wonderful memories along with everyone who joins you.

  42. Mimi,
    You make my heart sing with your bright, beautiful, adventurous lifestyle! I won’t be able to sign up for your weekend cooking events, but I will continue to enjoy your next incredible journey!

  43. Bonjour Mimi. My name is Lara and I’m interested in finding out more about your restaurant and what kind of help you are looking for. I’m a journalist here in Canada, but cooking is also my passion. I plan on being in France in August and have working French and decent culinary skills (I’ve been told!). Any info you can pass along would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

  44. Hello Mimi , good afternoon
    I would like to do an consultation, you had commented that translate your cookbook in spanish as a gift for my mother the Day of the Magi (January 6) in Recipe Waffles (p. 287) does not put the number of servings (I think it will be for 6-8). I would appreciate, if possible, tell me this data. Thanks and a hug.

  45. Coucou Mimi!

    This is amazing! I feel like it’s only been a while since I started following you, and you are on TV, you have a book out and you are hosting workshops! How incredibly exciting this all is!

    Unfortunately the workshops will not be in our budget for this year, but I will live vicariously through the beautiful photos that Oddur will no doubt take 😀 And hopefully we make our way to your beautiful table d’hôtes to share a beautiful meal in your région this summer 🙂

    Sending you love and warm thoughts this festive season, have the most beautiful Christmas surrounded by your family, we will do the same. Ahhhh don’t you just love Christmas?! Bisous x Jasmine

  46. Bonjour Mimi, j’ai découvert votre blog par un heureux hasard et tout me ravie. Les photos sont magnifiques, votre vie très inspirante les recettes sont à se pourlecher les babines. Bravo pour votre réussite et je vous souhaite tout le bohneur possible. J’attends votre livre en français avec impatience. Christiane.

  47. Bonjour Mimi

    Je voulais savoir si les cours seront exclusivement en Anglais ?
    Je suis Bordelaise qui habite a l’etranger et j’aime beaucoup votre blog ! C’est agreable de voir de si belles photos et de la belle cuisine de chez nous. Les medocains doivent etre content de vous avoir !!!
    On viendra vous voir un jour.

  48. Congratulations!! This is a great project and I wish I lived closer to be able to participate. But at least, I will keep enjoying your recipes through the beautiful photos of your blog. Bonne chance et merci d’avance pour vos futurs posts!

  49. Hi Bebe, thank you so much for your interest. I’ve gotten so many wonderful letters and requests regarding the workshops and restaurant in the last few days – I created a special email for this [email protected], please send me a mail and we can discuss further 🙂 Mimi x

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  51. Hi Mimi – I found your blog about a month ago after reading the Conde Nast article, and as someone who lives in the city and now commutes on weekends to to our farm outside the city, and as someone who LOVES to cook, I find your blog to be really inspiring 🙂

    The workshops sounds fantastic, will hopefully try to make one of them!

  52. Hi Mimi,

    I’m vegetarian but I’ve been following your blog for ages. Is there any chance for a vegetarian course? 🙂 Anyway, I wouldn’t mind to attend a meat course just to meet you and cook together in your beautiful kitchen(s).

    I will play lottery to have a chance to travel and attend your workshop 🙂 (I’m a stay at home mom right now with my 20 months old son and I don’t earn too much…).

  53. I just received my print and its beautiful!! I got the one of the pears on the cutting board. Thank you so much—what a very thoughtful thing for you to do! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I look forward to another year of your wonderful blog. Thank you for all you do!!

  54. Hi Mimi, we met in Calgary as our mutual friend Antonija introduced us and i have to say, I love your book, got it for Xmas (I asked for it) and congratulations! I see life is good to you and my passion is of similar nature to yours …so I can live your French life via your blog a bit and try to write my cook book actually in Calgary…Kind of Kitchen in Canadian West by Cosmopolitan East Cook (me). Happy New Year and lots of success with your blog and your cooking courses. hugs Z

    1. Happy new year Zaneta! So happy you got the book, thanks for all your kind words! And wishing you a very fruitful 2015 – so happy to hear you are also writing a cookbook! Mimi x

  55. Hi Mimi, I am so excited about the possibility to attend your classes, but I am a vegetarian– do you plan to have some vegetarian workshops too?

  56. Hi Mimi,
    Congratulations on all your endevours! I have been following your blog for sometime and love it! so exited when I see all the exposure on some of my favorite travel magazines (cover)! my fav Christmas gift your book!This summer I will be traveling from NY with my husband and children(2kids) the first week of August to your area in Medoc-completely inspired by you of course! Unfortunately it seems your not scheduling classes for that time 🙁 If anything is available please let me know. Will your restaurant be open? and would greatly appreciate if you could recommend any week house rentals? any friends that may be renting?would greatly appreciate. Wishing you all the Best in the New Year!

  57. I’M DEVASTATED that there are no classes in September–my husband and I will be taking a bike trip in the Loire in mid-September and then were planning to take the TGV to Bordeaux and take one of the workshops. I’ll have to defer to Spring 2016. THe workshops sound sublime.
    and sublime is the word for your Galette Perougienne which I fixed for dinner tonight. I’m raving about it on Facebook–what a TREASURE of a recipe.

  58. Mimi,

    I am just in love with everything that you are doing with your love for food. I am curious as to when you would be needing people to come help with setting up the restaurant. Merci!

  59. Salut Mimi,

    I am enchanted by your cuisine, savor faire, pictures, and family. Your fox terriers remind me of our Jack Russells. They are so photogenic and lively.

    My wife, Lynn, and I love your cookbook and I have tried one of your recipes for the Onion Tart and it’s parfait. Just delightful.

    I am quite taken with the idea of a cooking holiday. But when I try to figure out your schedule I am confused as I can’t tell which dates are filled and which are open.

    Last year we went on a pleasant Viking River Cruise of Bordeaux and were close to you in the Medoc region. I got a chance to visit a Truffle farm in Dordogne and enjoyed that immensely. I imagine you cook with Truffles occasionally.

    I love the way your husband has photographed all the different members of your family including the dogs for your cookbook. It makes it fun and is so special for you to share the intimacy of your family.

    Would appreciate a brief reply regarding workshop availability. Merci beaucoup.


  60. would love to come out next summer to cook… i sent several emails to no response aboout details of where to stay… i hope to be there come next may and i would to ask when is the best month during the summer when its 80 degrees! warm regards, julie

  61. Hi Mimi,

    My wife feel great interests on your courses,and wanna book the session on June 25-27th, could it still be booked for 2 person? If ok,pls inform me how to pay, thanks and waiting for the reply.

    Andrew Huang

  62. Hi Mimi, I have sent you an email earlier this week.

    Is the Dec workshop still available? My wife and I will be visiting France for our honeymoon. We hope to include this workshop as part of our itinerary.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



  63. Mimi’s Workshop is one of those experiences you want to tell everyone about, but desperately try not to for fear of never being able to get an opening for a return visit! But, seeing as how she and her family overdelivered on every promise made, I want to help them achieve greater success than they have imagined. And, while “being half-French and (she is) uncomfortable talking about money”, I’m American and don’t have a problem broadcasting…this is a bargain! Get it while it lasts! Thank you, Mimi and Oddur, for sharing your talents, family, lifestyle and home with us. You’ve given us a great gift!

    1. Dear Rob, It was such a pleasure meeting you and your delightful family – Oddur and I enjoyed every second of this workshop, I hope we will meet again! Thank you for the loveliest message. Mimi x

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