On an evening in late January 2014 I called Rica, my editor at Clarkson Potter. I had just (almost) finished my first cookbook – although according to Rica “we still had so much work to do”. The phone call was scheduled so we could go over the next steps, the cover, the title, all the final changes and improvements. But that night something else was on my mind. Not my first cookbook, which was published in October 2014, but my next cookbook, the one I had been obsessing about for a few days and nobody knew about except Oddur and I.

Rica was a little startled. “I think we need to finish this one first” she said, although she loved the idea and gave me encouragement that she’d be interested in the second book. In fact she was so supportive that she turned up when we did the pop-up, marshalled the kitchen and the dining room (that’s her holding the menu at one of the lunches – thanks Rica) There were of course a few minor details to sort out first, like buying the house that would play a key part in the second book. Then renovating it, moving into it …

That night I felt like a kid in early January, just after Christmas. Next Christmas seemed so very far away. So much to do before we’d ever get there. When I look back at all the steps, moments and the fair share of madness that went into making this book I’m surprised we even managed at all. But in those early days it all felt very distant.

We eventually managed to buy the house, renovate most of it, we did a pop-up restaurant, I wrote the book, cooked the recipes, we photographed it all. And as if by miracle the day that I felt would never come is here today.

Today is our big day!





French Country Cooking‘ available for order at:

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Beet Salad with Crème Fraîche

If this salad were a fairytale, and it’s certainly exciting enough to be one, it would go something like this: One day, when all the red vegetables had gotten tired of reading about how healthy and delicious their leafy green colleagues were, they got together and decided to do something about it. “I think, if we all pitch in, we could make a smashing salad,” said the beet. “I agree,” said the red onion. But they decided they needed a little help. So they sent the red cabbage to recruit the pomegranate. He was in: “I feel it is my duty to help you even if I like to work alone.” The pumpkin seeds soon followed suit. A dollop of cream and some capers for contrast and they all headed to the big salad fair where they jumped into a bowl.
To put it simply, I can’t think of the more delicious, beautiful, and healthy salad. I love making it. I love eating it, and afterward I always feel rejuvenated and happy.
One note: Be sure to wear an apron when you seed the pomegranate; those red little guys are very juicy and lively.

2 medium beets, peeled and very thinly sliced
1/2 large head red cabbage cool, cored and very thinly sliced
3 endives or 2 small Treviso Radicchio, leaves separated
1 large red onion, thinly sliced
Seeds from 1 large pomegranate
1/2 cup/ 60 g pumpkin seeds, lightly toasted
Leaves from a few sprigs of fresh flat leaf parsley, finely chopped
1 tablespoon of drained capers
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
Fine sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup/ 120 ml crème fraîche

1. In a medium bowl, combine the beets, cabbage, endives, onion, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, parsley and capers.

2. In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil and lemon juice and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle over the salad and toss everything together.

3. Serve the salad on plates, topping it with the crème fraîche and lemon zest.

127 thoughts on “OUR BIG DAY – THE BOOK IS OUT!

  1. YAY, congratulations!!! My daughter informed me our books should be arriving this week. I can’t wait to try the recipes, you make everything look so very good. The best to you and your beautiful family.

  2. Dear Mimi- yes, a very big day! I just may keep the one that I ordered for my mean little sister. Many congratulations and now you can begin that children’s book beginning with the story of Plantia and the black clad – flying -olive picking – witches/women !

  3. Mine (I mean “my copy of your second book”) ships from the States so I wait until early November. I know the wait will be worth it! I’m truly excited for you, Oddur and “all the lovelies at #1. Taste buds at the ready!

    1. Big big thanks dear Jude! I am so touched by your kind words. I hope you will enjoy the recipes and stories – it’s all made with love from the Thorisson family! Mimi x

  4. Félicitations! I can’t wait to buy my copy. When is it coming out in French?
    You have inspired me to try and bring out my own recipe book. You are truly an inspiration to many. Bisous 😘

  5. I love your first cookbook and can’t wait till the second one is published in Poland!
    Keep my fingers crossed :*

  6. Querida Mimi, felicidades por tu nuevo libro,tengo muchas ganas de tenerlo, ¿hay alguna posibilidad de que salga en castellano?, sino esperaré a la edición francesa.
    Hace dos semana solicité reserva para uno de tus talleres del año proximo y no he recibido ninguna respuesta, ¿hay algún problema?
    Te admiro Mimi.Con cariño .Rosa

  7. Congrats Mimi! I look forward to getting my hands on your new book.
    Your photos and writing is always a great source of inspiration for all of us. Wishing you continuing success.

  8. Dear Mimi,
    So proud and happy. You are an inspiration.
    On my list for 2017, to meet you personally and your beautiful family.
    Congratulations on your second book, another great success.
    Best wishes and much love.
    Rowaida Flayhan

  9. I got your book this morning and I cannot stop reading it! It is beyond beautiful and I am already thinking which recipe will I try. Congratulations!!! You really are an inspiration. I hope you are enjoying today with a glass of Champagne.

    Viele grüße!

  10. Mimi, et al.
    I have been waiting for this day to come!!! Worth the wait. I LOVED your first cookbook…..and hope to make it to one of your classes/workshops. Congrats!!!

  11. Your story as well as this book its so inspiring.Just got a copy of it.

    Currently living in England, but more and more I am inspired by you to go back in Transilvania to discover its wonders and tasty foods.

  12. The new book has just arrived at my door. It is gorgeous and glorious and inspiring and I can hardly wait to read and to cook and to cook and to read. Thank you! So beautiful….upon opening…..the delightful endpapers set the tone of the delicious and delightful memories to come. Merci!

  13. How fun to have the new book arrive this morning…The mac and cheese is already on tonights menu..Looks beautiful and I feel inspired once again..
    Thanks Mimi, hope you and the whole family are doing well…Katy

  14. I was fortunate enough to be browsing my local bookstore on the weekend to discover they had put the new book out a few days early. It looks every bit as good as the first and we’ll be enjoying the Comté, and ham feuilleté for supper tonight just to make sure. Cheers!

  15. Dear Mimi,
    Your beautiful book arrived at my door a few minutes ago. The only thing to do is to sit down, relax and enjoy it all.
    It’s lovely, and thanks for putting it out.
    Best regards,
    Susan F.

  16. Mimi,

    I am currently reading your book. And your words are like food poetry. If you ever want to do a podcast where you just talk about food, I would love it.

    Wonderful book. I havent cooked anything as yet but there is enough in there to keep my winter kitchen going. Will try and report back.

  17. Arrived home to an Amazon package and was simply thrilled when I opened it. It is truly gorgeous. So looking forward to curling up and savoring each page. Thank you!

  18. Dear Mimi,
    Congratulations with your new book. I have pre-ordered the book and vert excited to receive it. I live in the Netherlands but also have a house/address in France. I tried to look if I could pre-order it directly in France but seemed that I could only do this from the websites shipping from the US that you suggested. I ordered it now from Amazon. When trying to fill in the form for the notebook there is a note that it only ships domestically. Is this correct or can you also send it to either the Netherlands or France? Best, Saskia

  19. Dzień dobry Mimi!
    Wczoraj dostałem od amazona informację o wysłaniu książki i już nie mogę się doczekać 🙂 A wiernie czekam od wiosny, kiedy to dowiedziałem się o Twojej nowej książce.
    Pozdrowienia z Polski dla całej Rodziny i przyjaciół.

  20. Dear Mimi,
    Just after receiving the book, I made the Everyday Pear Cake. It turned out beautifully , and I am not a regular baker.
    Now I imagine taking cakes when visiting friends at Christmastime. It’s delicious and makes me happy to share it. Best regards, Susan F.

  21. Congratulations, Mimi! Your passion for life in this book beams through the cover. Reading through your, now, two books is something I do when I need sunshine in my day. I live in Virginia USA and find the area and lifestyle I’ve known my whole life breathtakingly beautiful every day, very similar to the life you describe. The way you describe life in Medoc makes me realize how happy I am to be a Virginian! Thanks for spreading such love and helping the world know what’s important in life – love and food! I’m looking forward to my January visit to France with my beau. xoxo Hannah

  22. So happy! My book arrived and everyone in my office crowded around and oohed and aahed and pointed to the recipes they want me to bring in for them! Congratulations, Mimi and family, on another beautiful creation!
    P.S. Can’t wait to get my special notepad!

  23. Mimi, congratulations! The book is gorgeous! I adore the recipes, stories, photographs, even the feel of the pages! I can’t wait to cook from it 🙂 Hope to see you soon at your New York book signing. Take care.

  24. Hi Mimi!
    Congratulations on your new book! I received my copy last week and was so excited. Loved the page on the colourful history of your house :). Can’t wait to try out the recipes. They look delicious!

  25. The book came on Monday and every night I have been reading your recipes and stories as if they were a novel. EVERYTHING looks beautifully delicious and I can’t wait to make something this weekend.

  26. Dear Mimi,
    The copies of your new book arrived at my little kitchen shop Friday. I am happy to say I have sold out and have re-ordered! I knew it would be brilliant based on your first book, let’s just say you have surpassed my high expectations. It’s fabulous! Look for the Old Fashioned Orange Cake to make an appearance at my Christmas Open House. Thank you for giving us this treasure!
    Ginger Cobl

  27. J’attends avec impatience de recevoir ton livre, Mimi. De feuilleter des pages remplies des magnifiques photos de Oddur et tes textes. Et puis, aller au marché le mercredi matin avec mes Loulous et choisir des bons produits pour cuisiner tes recettes que j’adore tant. Quelle fin d’année gourmande nous aurons grâce à toi!

  28. Congratulations, so happy for you and so excited for me, I pre-ordered it way back and today it arrived. This evening by the fire with a good glass of red wine I shall savour every little bit of it. Susan xx

  29. Hi Mimi – I had to tell you…I just started reading your book today and I was so pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I was expecting it to be good but it was far more than I expected! It’s not only a serious, bountiful cookbook but a great story that unfolds. I love a cookbook I can read and this was that. I really enjoyed it and love your writing; the photos are wonderful, too. What an amazing story you shared with us. You must be so incredibly proud, as you should be!!

    1. …tried your salted butter chocolate cake and we all loved it. Looking forward to trying other recipes…I think I’m going to take a deep breathe and try the beignets next! Thank you!

  30. I absolutely Love both your books. The new one just arrived two days ago and I told my family not to disturb me for a few hours as I emerged myself in your world. Loved every minute of. Thankyou for sharing bits of your life and days with the rest of us 🙂

  31. What a treasure this book is! There is a warmth and depth of feeling in the words and photos; I felt connection to the spirit of place and people. Thank you for this marvelous piece of art.

  32. Hi Mimi, I’ve followed your blog for years and loved your last book. I just wanted to say thank you for your most recent cookbook. I don’t have adequate words to describe what a joy it was to read. I hope there is a food memoir somewhere in your future. All the best, David

  33. I’ve just returned after too long an absence, and SW France really is a little corner of paradise. Stunning coastline, mountains, forest, great seafood and produce from the land, bustling, sophisticated towns, beautiful villages, and great surfing. Oh, and very dog friendly – what more could one wish for? Congrats, Mimi, and well done for showcasing this wonderful part of the world.

  34. I just received the book today, a few days early! I made sure I didn’t tuck in until I had finished all the tasks I had to do but then curled up and read it. It’s so lovely. I’ve recently moved the countryside as well (in England) and our small but productive apple tree has just given us a load of apples. Couldn’t resist jumping up immediately and making 2 tarte tatin, one for us to enjoy and one for the neighbour who we’d been promising apples! It was fabulous. Congrats to you and hats off to both you and Plantia for making the best of our humble harvest.

  35. Darling Mimi! Congratulations!! I am ordering the book today. I own and adore your first one and can’t wait to see what deliciousness this one holds. I also adore the visual beauty of your blog so much. I am working on a book and the time has come to create a blog. How might I design one as lovely as yours? How did you do it?❤️

    1. Hello Cécile! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! We are thrilled with the new book – it was made with love and passion. I guess Oddur and I make a good team 🙂 Enjoy! Mimi x

  36. Hi Mimi,Congratulations..i’m from Sri Lanka a small island full of beauty in Indian Ocean,I really really love your blog,when I’m reading it’s like I’m experiencing it live,,great family,delicious food and awesome nature,,that’s so fabulous.keep up the good work…….

  37. Received the book this morning and have spent the whole day reading in it. It is delightful and the pictures, as always, are beautiful. I’m going to make the “Wise Guy Chicken” this evening, just because it sounds good and I have all the ingredients!” Thanks for all your efforts to bring us this lovely book.

  38. Spent the whole day with the book! It is wonderful and to complete it all I made the chicken breasts with marinara sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan. We just had some multi-colored carrots with butter, salt and pepper with it and it was utterly delightful. Thank you for this wonderful book and the recipes and Oddur for the magnificent pictures.

  39. I am in the midst of my second reading of your book–a slow, reveling kind of read. What a feast for the eyes and the imagination! The recipes sound so delicious that I can’t wait to try them. Thanks to you and Oddur for a wonderful work of art, both the photography and the beautiful food you make.

  40. Mimi:. Congrats on the new book! I’m hoping you do a pop up restaurant next summer so I can come from St. Sorlin de Conac across the Estuary (maybe I’ll swim). Have your last book–your husband’s photos are so beautiful and inspiring, you and your family are so beautiful. Have to get organized and try some of the recipes! I have too many cookbooks (yes, I’m one of those).

  41. Mimi I went out to get your book at a bookstore near my house today. When I pick it up from the shelf the first thing I notice was how heavy it was and it made me smile. A beautiful heavy book! I finally had a bit of spare time to take a peek. Congratulations, it’s beautiful! Looking forward to a good read and to try new recipes. I have sent you a few emails in regards of the December workshop, but never heard back from you.
    Cassandre xx

    1. I have a French friend who taught me the proper way to prepare French Country food. So for the past 40 years I cook mostly French Country. I find that the freshest ingredients are the soul of a dish. Second are pure spices, butter, make the best marinade for meat. Precise measuring and attention to the dish while it is cooking is so important.
      Finally, I believe that you eat first with your eyes. Therefore, presentation is as important as the meal.

  42. Dear Mimi, I just ‘discovered’ you thanks to the Dutch Vogue Living issue. I’m already in love with your blog and the pictures are amazing and very romantic. You can feel the love in every picture. Is your book being translated in Dutch soon? XX

  43. Chère Mimi,
    j’aurais une question par rapport à une de tes recettes d’été: le clafoutis aux cerises.
    Je voulais savoir quelle variété de cerises utilisais- tu dans le Médoc pour faire ce clafoutis?

  44. congratulations on your new book!
    I got it right when it came out as I preordered it quite early. how does it work with the promised notebook you mentioned on your blog?

    the book is great thanks for sharing your recipes with us!


  45. Dear Mimi,
    In Poland I have your book tittle :Apetite for France”. I do not know is the same position like in France, I hope so. I am fascinated by the food that you serve in Medoc. I try to prepare something good. Thank you.

  46. Bonjour Mimi !

    Félicitations pour ce nouveau livre. Savez vous quand sera disponible la version française? J’espère avant Noël !!

    Bonne journée,

  47. Dearest Mimi,
    “Too beautiful for me,” and yet I remain.
    The beet salad sounds as lucious as the the photo.
    Much joy on your new release.
    Look forward to reading, tasting, and seeing the wonderful recipes with same gusto as the first.
    Thank you and your beautiful family for sharing such loveliness and bringing it to my little corner of the world.
    I love seeing the photos of your sweet children in the midst of your passion.
    Keep inspired as you inspire
    All the best,
    gee gee

  48. Hello from Adelaide,
    The new book is simply wonderful. It is beautiful and I have made things already.

    Alas the special note book never arrived with it.


  49. I just love everything. Your cooking, your blog, your book.
    I would love to know if I can purchase the leather apron . If you can make that available for sale.
    Thank you for all the amazing things you had been doing.

  50. I’m home with a snow day here in Canada, the buses are cancelled out in the country. I’m hoping to cook something sweet out of your cookbook with my boys. And hoping to see a new blog post soon, or maybe they will all nap today and I can read through your past posts 🙂

  51. Hello Mimi,

    Beautiful frontpage of you on the Dutch edition of Vogue Living. I love the interview and of course the beautiful photography of your husband.


  52. please post something new. we in america need something beautiful to read and look at right now. thank you dear mimi for creating light in the darkness.

  53. Just bought your book as a Christmas gift for someone else, started reading it and ended up buying two. Went back to reading MY copy of it, and didn’t stop until I got to the end. It’s so beautiful I don’t even have the words to tell you, and it’s brilliant how you’ve woven your own story around the food like that. It has now become my slowly-to-be-realized mission in life to recreate all those dishes… cassoulet first: I already make a mean duck confit version, so of course, I have to test your recipe against mine… it should be “fun” trying to get some of those ingredients here in LA!

  54. I had your new book on my holiday gift list and I got it! I love the history behind your forever home. So excited that the tradition of a strong family of cooks is continuing. Thank you, Mimi! ~Amor Milagre

  55. Hello Mimi,

    Will that Book be published in German, too? I am looking forward to it…

    Merry Christmas from Berlin,

  56. Happy New Year! My husband gave me your latest cookbook as a Christmas present. Truth be told, I shamelessly badgered him nearly every week and sent links to the Amazon page. It is beautiful, a joy to read and look at the photos. Many recipes from the first cookbook are in regular rotation in our house and I can already tell there will be more favorites in this cookbook.
    Bravo, Mimi!

  57. You made me laugh and you made me cry with this post…I know it sounds cliche. Wishing you all the best in 2017. Now I simply have to make it to one of your workshops…

  58. Mimi ! I love you ! And I want you to know that I’ve already ordered your amazing book !!! I’m so happy that! This book… in my Polish kitchen = it is all I need! Kisses for You and Your family! Pozdrawiam!

  59. I first read about this book in a magazine…don’t remember which one, but promptly reserved my copy at the library to check out and then forgot all about it. I got it about a month ago and, after making 2 of the recipes in the book and 2 from the ones on this blog, my husband said, “I don’t care how much it costs! Get that book!’ Every recipe has been a huge hit with him and everyone else I’ve cooked for. I made the Poulet Chasseur tonight with a gruyere, potato and red cabbage gratin. We sopped up all the sauce with homemade spelt bread. My next adventure will be the scallops with cauliflower puree. I hope you still do the restaurant because I would love to come to Medoc to visit and just watch you cook…I’ll make the bread!

  60. First, congratulations on your addition to the family. All your children are quite beautiful!

    Second, this book is so wonderful! As you know, I’ve made several of your recipes. I’m going to making 2 more for a fundraiser my friend is hosting for another friend who has cancer. I chose Pork Tenderloin with Prunes and Red Wine Sauce (because the prunes intrigued me and I love red wine and it sounds devine) and Black Peppered Filets Mignons with Cognac (for the same reason you put it on your menu). I’m going to make bread with my wild yeast to go with it all too. (I found a recipe that’s made with gruyere cheese and black pepper. Can’t wait to try that!) So, if I ever come to Europe to spend some time in Italy, I’d love to pop over to Medoc to help you peel potatoes, watch you cook, meet your family and bake you some bread!

    Have a wonderful day Mimi and I look forward to seeing your what your new venture is going to be!

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