What goes well with rain?


It’s November again, and predictably the rain has started. These day Médoc is damp and chilly, the frogs are having a ball and I deal with it all by making fires. I love lighting a fire, then I make myself a strong cup of tea and let the flames warm me up as I sit on a little chair as close to the fireplace as safety allows. My husband says that I look Whistler’s mother during those moments, I think it’s his way of saying that I look like a granny. I don’t mind that, I feel that we are all several people, I certainly have a little girl in me still, and an old granny. We all get along fine.



We’ve had some spicy food lately, nice Indian dishes that go very well with rain. So does tea & biscuits, most English food I suppose, it has to. Yesterday morning I went to the market and came home with beautiful veal chops. I had no special plans for them, they just were the most tempting meat at the butcher’s. We also got a bunch of vegetables, a full bag of fresh aïl rose (the most beautiful pink garlic), a bit of cheese. But there was no revelation. I still didn’t know what to cook. My mind kept asking “what goes well with rain?”



For lunch we had a bit of everything, some charcuterie, nice bread, a warm soup. Then the forest beckoned. Officially it was just a little Sunday stroll but we all were wondering if we could find some girolles. This fall we’ve had more girolles than cèpes and we heard it through the grapevine that not too far from us, where there is an ostrich farm, there were plenty of girolles. We parked the car next to the farm, Oddur lifted the kids up so they could take a peak over the fence, where the birds live. Then we found a little road and headed down on foot. I guess there was a time in history when four people could walk down a path in the forest and be themselves but I at least can not be in such a situation without feeling that I am in Oz. I used to be Dorothy but now Louise has claimed that part, with her red boots and all. Mia, with her thick mane must be the lion and Hudson the tin man … which leaves me with the scarecrow. My husband, sneaking around with his dogs and camera, ever-present – never seen, would be the wizard.



As we walked further down the path things got darker, the forest thicker. Everything was so damp and slippery, fallen leaves everywhere, acorns and all sorts of mushrooms. So wild that it made me think of another reference. Maybe we weren’t in Oz, maybe we were simply taking a “walk on the wild side”. Like many others we’ve been listening to a lot of Lou Reed lately. Velvet Underground is high on my list of musical favorites – “it’s some kinda love”. We found no girolles, not one, but on the way home it struck me that a charlotte aux pommes (apple charlotte) would go perfectly well with rain. I have so many apples and couldn’t wait to get started. But what about the veal chops? I realized they would have been smashing with some girolles, I thought of the sauce I would have made, with wine, the juices of the mushrooms, oh what a shame.



Mia kept talking about this place near our house where she had once found girolles. “Maybe we can go there” she said with a hopeful look in her thick French accent. I was already out of the car, but I had a feeling that Oddur would respond to her call to arms. And he drafted the two younger soldiers who had really had enough and just wanted to go in and play. I used the time well, made the apple charlotte (the granniest cake of all), lit a fire. An hour later they came back with a full basket, Mia had been right. You should always listen to children.



When I sat at the dinner table later that evening, the veal chops and girolles so delicious and well suited to the weather, everybody’s face beaming with delight and satisfaction (well apart from Louise and Hudson quarreling about who found more girolles) I thought to myself, even in the rain this was such a … perfect day, I’m glad I spent it this way.


Veal chops with girolles mushrooms

(serves 2)

2 good-quality veal chops
500 g/ 1 pound fresh girolles (chanterelles) mushrooms
1 clove garlic, sliced finely
A few sprigs of parsley, finely chopped
80 ml/ 1/3 cup white wine
2-3 tablespoons duck fat (alternatively you can use olive oil or butter, or both)
2-3 teaspoons butter
Coarse sea-salt & black pepper

Clean the mushrooms and pat dry gently.
Season the veal chops with coarse sea-salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Heat a tablespoon (or two) of duck fat in a large frying pan and sauté the girolles mushrooms on a high heat for a 4-5 minutes. Add the garlic and parsley a few minutes towards the end. Set aside and reserve all the liquid from the mushrooms.
In the same pan, heat one to two tablespoons of duck fat on a medium to high heat and sauté the veal chops on both sides until golden brown, about 3 minutes on each side or until desired cuisson. When the veal is just about ready, pour the reserved mushrooms liquid, reduce for a few seconds, then add the wine and 2 teaspoons of butter. Let the sauce reduce for about a minute, season accordingly. Return the girolles mushrooms to the pan for a few seconds. Serve immediately.


Apple charlotte

700 g/ 1 & 1/2 pound apples, peeled and cored
80 g/ 1/3 cup butter + 60 g/ 1/4 cup for the brioche bread
6 to 8 slices of brioche bread
5 tablespoons brown sugar
1/2 vanilla pod, split lengthwise
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
3 tablespoons calvados (optional)

Preheat the oven to 180°C/ 350 F.

Peel & core the apples, cut them in quarters. In a large skillet, melt 80 g butter, add the apples, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla beans. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes, until the apples are golden on both sides. Add the calvados and reduce for 2 minutes.
Line a charlotte mold with butter. Cut the crust off the brioche bread. Slice the bread into neat rectangles.
Melt 60 g of the remaining butter and brush each bread slices on both sides. Heat a frying pan on a medium heat and place the buttered bread slices for a few second son each side until golden. Set aside. Line the charlotte mold with the triangles in the base, then with the rectangle slices on the sides. Try to arrange neatly so there is not gap in-between each slices.
Fill the mold with the apples (saves a few slices if you wish to decorate the top later), seal with a few slices of remaining buttered bread slices.
Prepare a bain-marie. Place the charlotte mold in the center of a large and deep oven-proof pan, pour boiling hot water until it reaches halfway up the mold. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes. Leave to set for 10 minutes before unmoulding. Serve with a crème anglaise.

Note: You can decorate the top of the apple charlotte with a few slices of apples.


Crème Anglaise (custard cream)

300 ml/ 1 & 1/4 cup milk
50 g/ 1/4 cup sugar
1/2 vanilla pod, split lengthwise
3 egg yolks

In a saucepan, heat the milk, vanilla beans and sugar until it reaches a soft boil.
In the meantime, whisk 3 egg yolks in a medium-sized bowl. Pour the milk in the egg yolk bowl, whisking continuously to avoid curdling. Pour the mixture back in the saucepan, set the heat to low and whisk until the sauce thickens to a custard cream.


147 thoughts on “What goes well with rain?

      1. Merci beaucoup for sharing your beautiful words and pictures. You make me want to cook and eat! Vous etes tres Jolie aussi! This is my favorite blog and I always look forward to seeing what you will share next. Vous etes un fleur dans le jardin de la vie!

  1. Your blog is one of my favorites. I love the pictures and your recipes make me want to head to the kitchen!

  2. Reading this lovely story is like going back to a simpler time – the photography is evocative as are your words. The innocent glee of your children just adds another layer of wonderful. Merci. Will try your recipes this week, especially the Apple Charlotte as have apples from my trees begging to be used. Susan Gabriel

    1. Thank you Susan – we have been living in Médoc for 3 years now – and I am always so grateful to lead a country life, where we can just get out of the house and enjoy the amazing sights & sounds of the forest, the beach, the vineyards. It really fulfills us!Enjoy the apple charlotte, I amways make an extra portion of crème Anglaise – the kids love it! Mimi x

  3. Oh lovely! I love this time of year. We’ve been up at the cabin recently and found boletus and chanterelles and other wonderful mushrooms. I’m so grateful to have been born and raised in Europe because hardly anyone here in Canada really collects wild mushrooms; although they are very happy to pay upwards of $30/kilo for them!!! I’m glad you are teaching your children and in turn they will teach theirs, like I have done with my children. Do you dry some for later in the year? I love to do that. They dry so easily and then, when you feel like making a lovely risotto in July, there are fabulous mushrooms in the pantry to ad. 🙂 Hope your November is as wonderful as ours is shaping up to be. 🙂 You and the children look lovely in the photos. 🙂

    1. Thank you Veronica! Mushroom picking is one of the main activities here in Médoc (along with wine-making and hunting). We have been luckier with girolles than cèpes this year! I love teaching the kids to observe, learn and know where to look for edible mushrooms – we have a lovely children’s book on mushrooms, filled with facts and even quite a few recipes. It’s all fascinating, and the kids feel so happy to have contributed to the dinner table 🙂 Wishing you a lovely day – always a pleasure to hear from you! Mimi x

  4. Only you Mimi can look like a runway model on a romp into the forest looking for mushrooms!! You are beautiful and the way you paint with words touches my heart. I can almost smell the aromas of your food and feel the cool air on my face. What a lovely way to end a perfect rainy day. Thank you for taking me along. It was wonderful.

  5. “I certainly have a little girl in me still, and an old granny. We all get along fine.”
    What a beautiful line! I often feel that way too. I get so much happiness from reading your blog and I can’t wait for the show! Hopefully it’s online. :*)

  6. I know rain can be a spoilsport at times.. but I just love the rains. I find it incredibly romantic.. even when its the torrential monsoons like what we have in India!! what goes with the rain for me?? sometimes.. it could be warm pudding.. sometimes.. its just a warm cup of hot chocolate, a muffin and a good book! simple pleasures…

  7. It’s so much emotion to read your blog! I am with you. Even a rainy day is something special if you can be with your loved ones. Keep writing like this. You are something special.

  8. Oh gosh, these photos are so atmospheric. Lovely recipes, thanks for sharing! Love that you embrace the rain rather than shying from it. xo

  9. If there are mushrooms to be had, they are gone when I get there! We have a friend to whom the reverse seems to happen so, on the rare occasions that he permits, I accompany him. Delicious apple Charlotte recipe.

    1. Your friend is very kind, then! There are certain ladies here in Médoc referred to as the mushroom witches – they know where to go, and when they go, we are talking more than 50 kilos of cèpes, girolles! I would like to accompany them too 🙂 Mimi x

  10. Oh Mimi, you weave words so beautifully and along with the pictures your husband takes, they work together to evoke a beautiful time and place! So inspiring! Good to remind us all in the Northern Hemisphere not to be all doom and gloom as the Winter Solstice approaches. There is beauty in the damp and dark too, especially if you are cooking! Thank you! Loved this piece x

    1. That’s the spirit! I find the forest so magical, as a matter of fact I believe it is enchanted! Everytime I enter the forest, I feel empowered, enriched, inspired, filled with hope and happiness. Must be something to do with the forces of nature 🙂 Merci Mary – I hope you will enoy some quality cooking time! Mimi x

    1. Thank you! I don’t get them double checked at the pharmacy, I have learnt good lessons with time, however, a lot of my friends do have them checked – pharmacians are there to advise you – there are certainly no risks to be taken! Best, Mimi x

  11. I feel as well that there is an older granny in me that fights with my five year old self! I believe the old lady in me wins around this time of year as I don my wooly socks and “Mister Rogers” sweater (as my husband most lovingly refers to my beloved attire!)

  12. I have been reading your blog for some time, and aways enjoy your posts but have never commented. I so love this post, your writing, the meal, the photos, it is so evocative of family and winter, I think my favorite to date!

  13. Lovely post, Mimi. It’s been raining here in Austin this week too, which is so nice. We’ve been in a terrible drought for so long, the rain is refreshing and rejuvenating. I love the rain.

    A perfect, inspiring post! I just saw girolles when I was at the market last. I know what I’m making at some point this week! The whole meal sounds absolutely delicious. Well done, Mia, for being persistent!

    Enjoy the rain and stay warm! Bonne semaine et merci pour l’inspiration!

    1. Thank you Amy! Thanks to Mia we got our baskets filled with girolles! The veal was so tasty – infused with all the earthy goodness of the girolles. I just love good and simple recipes, bringing out the the best of all ingredients. A bientôt! Mimi x

  14. The forest, although dark looks magical! I would love to forage through and pick mushrooms to make for dinner. Your stories are always so inspiring capturing life’s simple moments.

    1. Merci Alison – a little walk, a little inspiration… it leads you to wonderful places! The little girolles look like bits of gold in the dark forest – simply magical! Best, Mimi x

  15. You’re post always made me travel to ancient times 🙂 You’re not just an ordinary journalist, you’re a excelent writer! I can’t wait your cookbook, I have to say that we’ll be my first cookbook writen by some blogger bought. You’re really deserved it, your recipes are different from the other food blogers, original and it’s the most precious thing. And I’m glad you’re sharing it with the rest of the world. I also saw a trailer for ‘La table de Mimi’, and I wanted to ask you, does this show will available somwhere on the internet for us who don’t have Cuisine+ channel? Thanx, and have a nice day ;))

    1. Thank you Katarina for such a kind comment – I have to say I am very flattered! I love simple cooking, where the ingredients are of the best quality, all simple and good. What I love is to be able to inspire others to cook, to achieve the same pleasure I get from cooking, sharing, enjoying and loving those around me. Glad you saw the trailer on my FB page – I hope you liked it! The TV show is coming out on Cuisine +/ Canal+ on the 28th November this month, then perhaps it might be available online on the Cuisine+ page? I will have to double check on that and will of course let you know! This TV side of things is all very new to me 🙂 A bientôt! Best, Mimi x

  16. I love the thought of the little girl and the granny getting along just fine…I think that’s me too, I will forever think of my self that way now…. xo

    You have so many wonderful talents and I adore how you tell such beautiful stories…I almost feel like I’m right there with you by the fire, sharing apple charlotte.

    1. We all have an inner child and an inner granny… I actually see a lot of my late grandmother in me, and it often makes me smile – there’s something so comforting about that thought – it’s family, history, roots. She couldn’t stop talking about all the stories in her life, and even spoke to herself when she was very old – she had a very good sense of humour 🙂 So touched you enjoy the stories – let’s share an apple charlotte one day! 🙂 Mimi x

  17. So excited to see your latest blog pop into my inbox. Found you recently by accident and have devoured all of your past posts. It is so hot here in Australia at present and being inspired to cook can be challenging but reading about food and particularly your posts and the beautiful photographs is always to be enjoyed. Thank you so much.

  18. Dear Mimi, your beautiful photos and amazing tour made me feel as if I was there. love your adventures with the family.
    You look so beautiful, I love your Missoni scarf and the hat, so elegant.
    The menu looks and sounds delicious, the Apple Charlotte with the Crème Anglaise, just perfect. xoxo

  19. I noticed a nice cep in one of the photos. When are you going to have some cep recipes. We have chanterelles and briefly morels in South Carolina but we have to bring in ceps (porcini) Only 8 months until my family returns to the Medoc. Your posts always make me want to return.

  20. I have just heard BORDEUX is the color in Paris now and there you are in your Granny hat and scarf!TRES CHIC GRANNY!
    Love, Love, Love your description of walking in Oz.How beautiful.
    The meal seems simply perfect for a cold wet day….NO SURPRISE to me you figured it out in time for dinner!

    1. You always bring a smile to my face – thanks for being so entertaining 🙂 Bordeaux, beige pink, taupe, black, nude – these are all my favourite colours. I am going to hop over to Carla’s page to see your shots! Mimi x

  21. Absolutely stunning. Mushrooms spell out FALL for me, the French countryside is my heaven, and you Mimi are beautiful. Anita

  22. Both U & Your Gorgeous Family Are Such A Divine Inspiration To Me… I Come From A Very Famed Food Family In Australia But I Now Live In Mumbai, India With My Husband & I Must Say That When I Read Your Posts I Am Swept Away & Truley Captivated By Your Words,That Visually I See Your Stories About Your Life & I Imagine… I Too Grew Up On A Farm Full Of Animals & Vineyards & Nothing Made Me So Fulfilled To Be Grounded To The Earth & Nature, Feeling That Profound Bliss That Life Offers Away From The Rat Race… Bless U & Your Creativity… It’s A Joy X Chloe xXx

  23. Mimi: I am a fairly new reader and a first-time commenter. I LOVE your blog. You have made a rainy day elegant, magical, and evocative. The photographs are stunning; your children are adorable; and the entire scene and experience that your words evoke is transformative. I am a francophile gargantuan, and vicariously experiencing the Medoc through your tales and recipes and photographs is SUCH a joy!

  24. I am new to your blog and just am loving the pictures and how you discribe everything in such detail. Haven’t been to your part of the world yet….but it’s definitely on the bucket list now. Thank you and please keep those beautiful posts coming!

    1. Thank you Cindy – I do hope you will visit this part of the world – the nature, the sea, the vineyards, and the charms of nearby Bordeaux won’t let you down 🙂 Best, Mimi x

  25. Love of family,nature and simply delicious food. Love your Blog and wishes for much continued success. Thank you Mimi!

  26. Your blog is so inspirational! Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world, we need it! Looking forward to the cookbook! Xoxo

    1. Merci Mandy – there’s so much to explore in this region, and Fall is perhaps the most exciting time of all seasons! Can’t wait to share the cookbook with you! Best, Mimix

  27. I absolutely love the photography, recipes and clothes featured on your blog! Truly stunning. Your scarf is beautiful too, perfect for rainy days – where is it from? I will definitely try and find one like it (my favourite colours!) Thank you!

    1. Merci Isabella! So happy to hear you enjoyed the post 🙂 The scarf dates from a few years back, it’s from Missoni (I have a particular fondness for Missoni – the colors, the prints!). Best, Mimix

  28. Beautiful post, Mimi. Your words and your husband’s photos perfectly capture the sense of mystery, enchantment and anticipation of foraging in the forest! We had our own ‘perfect day’ recently, with kids and a borrowed retriever (such a good boy!) in tow, and were lucky enough to fill our baskets with chanterelles before the snow comes.

      1. Well, your post made me smile as my husband wanted to make blanquette de veau. But seeing as our lovely Norwegian hosts had moose on the menu, we put a few of the mushrooms into the green pepper ‘wild’ sauce to accompany the meat, and simply sauteed some in butter as an accompaniment. We still had enough left over for a pasta meal, as well as drying a few batches in the oven. It’s great to go foraging with kids – they are fiendishly efficient at spotting the goods!

  29. Hi mimi, I have only just joined your blog, but I am glad that I have found it. It was mentioned in the latest delicious magazine (the australian version). Looking forward to your future posts. Elly

  30. Bonjour ma chere Mimi,
    Just love the look of your forest now….all dark and drizzly. Such a contrast from here today…blue skies and the bush smelling of eucalyptus. I always want to cook what your cooking for your season, when I should be thinking of salads and B.B.Q’s today. The simplicity of your menu is stunning and I hope all in the Medoc are reading this too and out gathering some girolles…..just not in your forest 🙂 Bisous xx Anita

  31. Dear Mimi,
    Every little story you write is so touching and every recipe sounds even more delicious. Photography is speechless.
    Reading this post I found myself wishing for some rain (even though here is very nice weather).
    Last weekend I’ve prepared some lamb from your post and Chocolate cake à la crème de marron. My son said: The most delicious things you prepare is from your french internet friend. It was so funny. Greeting to your wonderful family

  32. Hello Mimi!
    That so nice post! I love your walk picking mushrooms under a rain so cheerful.
    (I just saw the trailer for Cuisine + “La table de Mimi” and I found lovely, you look so funny … Congratulations!!, I expect to see the full program via internet). A hug from Barcelona for you and your family.

  33. Looks like a lovely afternoon. Always afraid to go mushroom hunting in case I pick the wrong ones. Is it true pharmacies in France can help you identify mushrooms?

  34. Mimi, love this post. So touching. I share the feelings other readers already expressed regarding this post: -)

  35. Dear Mimi,
    Do you usually prepare your meals by finding the ingredients first and letting them speak to you or do you plan more of your meals? I am trying to find a balance between preparing meals on busy nights and using seasonal ingredients like you to see “what goes well with the rain” 🙂

    1. Hi Amanda!
      When I am at the market, I can’t help but to be inspired by all th eseasonal products, and there, I get inspired! However, on busy weekdays, I either get a craving, or want to make my family happy – so I can plan ahead. Mimi x

  36. Beautiful and Inspiring! Not only does your blog inspire me to make delicious food for my family, but also to pack up my little ones during this rainy season and set off on an adventure! Many thanks!

  37. Ah Mimi, you’ve done Lou proud. He is one of our favourites and we too have been playing him all week. Coney Island Baby is high on my list but I do love Satellite of Love. Steve wants Perfect Day played at his funeral along “I’m just a gift to the women of this world.” haha. I could feel the damp, those soft leaves beneath your feet and the crackle of the fire in this one. A lovely post.

  38. Besides reading every post on your blog and loving the recipes and photographs, what a surprise that our first daughters share a name! My daughter also speaks English with a strong Italian accent and there is nothing our family enjoys more than walking in the forest (except eating perhaps?)… only we have to leave the big city to get there!

  39. What goes well with rain…
    A burgundy red brim hat, a forest of greens, and the imagination of a child.

    “She opened a little door, and “she” walked boldly through and found herself in a wonderful place…” a place in the world called Medoc. Keep nourishing yourself with such loveliness, so that others may continue to dream, and yes of course COOK.

    “Hongos Al Ajillo”, a favorite flavorful mexican dish, I shall try the french version.
    Thank you once again for sharing a slice and layers of beauty.

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  41. Here in the north our mushroom season has come to a close, but fortunately I had captured some photos and we have preserved some for those cold winter days. As I was out on a walk in the cool sunshine with the children, I was brainstorming about my next post and was thinking back to the mushrooms. It just happened to be coincidence that when I went to your post that you had a charming post on the chanterelle….finding mushrooms is similar to a treasure hunt, isn’t it?

  42. Hi Mimi, I absolutely love your blog. I recently moved to Italy with my boyfriend who is Italian. I am from the united states. I have really discovered my passion for cooking this past year and living here in Tuscany has definitely fueled the fire. I love reading your blogs and your pictures tell a beautiful story that makes it seem like you are also there. You have been a huge inspiration to me as I have recently started my own blog. You are my favorite blogger for many reasons and I just adore reading and trying your recipes. My boyfriend and I also went into the forest to find mushrooms a couple times this month as well. About three weeks ago I made a gnocchi with porcini and sausage cream sauce and I didn’t know what to make for dessert. Sure enough I found a recipe on your blog that looked perfect! I tried your Italian pear cake recipe. Everyone loved it! Thank you for sharing your recipes, life adventures and beautiful photography. If you make a cookbook I will absolutely purchase it, as my boyfriend knows this is my favorite food blog.


    1. Bonjour Brittny,
      So sorry to respond late! I am very touched by your sweet comment – it must be so wonderful to llive in Tuscany, my family and I do love that part of Italy! Lucky lucky you! Glad you enjoyed the pear cake recipe, I recently made aother pear recipe with almonds and salted butter caramel – it was very enjoyable 🙂 My cookbook will be out next fall 2014 – we are all so excited! Bon week-end! Mimi x

    1. Hello there! Hope all is well with you! Regarding the TV show, I have posted a few teasers on my facebook page (Manger by Mimi Thorisson) and will try my best to post more of the show. It’s coming out Nov 28th. Bon dimanche! Mimi x

  43. I’m new to Manger and your words and pictures are just so lovely and soothing to my soul! Thankyou! My friend Shelly here in NW WA State brought me an enormous bag of chantrelles a couple weeks back and I sauted them with garlic and rosemary. First we had a wild mushroom and goat cheese pizza, then in a frittata the next morning and then as a filling for enchaladas a few nights later………..what an extraordinary treat.

  44. Hi Mimi,
    I love your blog. I am writing to ask your permission to paint you and then post on my blog (not a popular one) that image. I would like to do a small 6″ x 6″ painting (I call my series “Faces”) of you in your beautiful magenta hat.
    Thanks. You may write directly to my email if you have the time.
    With much appreciation and respect for you, your family and blog.

      1. Thank you very much! It has been awhile for me to check this blog post because we were visiting out of state for Thanksgiving, but I am very happy to have your permission to do the painting!
        Very happy holidays to you and your family.

  45. Dear Mimi,
    it was again a great pleasure to read and to see your fine pictures … I’m a great fan of your blogsite.

    Wish you a very good week, greetings by Heidrun from Bavaria

  46. Made your Pumpkin, Jerusalem artichoke and potato mash for dinner today to go with salmon. It was wonderful! Can’t wait to make veal chops with girolles….Thank you! Love your blog!!!!

    1. Thank you Kim! I have 2 cooking shows (aired in Europe) called ‘La table de Mimi’ – it’s all about my cooking life in France, at home, a little reflection on the blog. We filmed 2 seasons now (12 episodes). It is aired on Cuisine+ here in France. I just recently finished filming a new show called ‘Les desserts de Mimi’ (Mimi’s desserts) to be aired this autumn. Here’s the link: http://www.cuisine-plus.tv/cid64408/mimi-thorisson.html
      Cheers, Mimi x

  47. I love your blogs, but seem unable to get past last November. Surely you’ve written many since then?

    You have a beautiful family. My family has spent summer in the Dordogne. France (anywhere) is very special.

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