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  1. As usual a beautiful post.I love that you use filet for the stroganoff and cognac- I’ll try that next time instead of red wine.

  2. As much as I enjoyed reading your culinary blog, Mimi, I felt as if I needed to protect the real Russian Borscht recipe, as the one you’ve shared with us today is not authentic. Sorry, but we never use butter to fry the vegetables, nor do we dice beets or use vinegar. Cabbage is the last vegetable that goes into the Borscht followed by the tomato sauce. Adding beans is optional, but I think it makes Borscht taste so much richer.

    1. Dear Olena, Thank you for your comment. I am very respectful of authentic recipes and cultural traditions. I have no doubt that what you are describing is the authentic Russian borscht, this is simply my personal version of borscht, perhaps with a French touch:) Mimix

      1. Perhaps there are different versions of borscht? I have had one without beets, with a little meat, and clear, almost like a consommé. Your version looks delicious, Mimi, and a French twist is always welcome at our table!

      2. I am with Olena on borsch. There is no celery in authentic borsch either. But some people add different vegetable roots, like parsley root. Actually, borsch is a Ukrainian dish. My maternal grandma was a Ukrainian and had a small farm. In spring when the chicken were still chicks, so no bird to slaughter for borsch, she would add fried fresh water fish at the end. That borsch was delicious and I still remember its taste. I’m sure, Mimi your version of borsch is wonderul! I would also like to add that blinu is an authentic Russian food and can be cooked with different kind of flour. They are thin and in shape look (and taste) just like French crapes. Those in the photo are called olad’ie (оладьи).

  3. Keep those wonderful stories, tantalizing recipes and dreamy images coming! I’m enjoying every bit. And the new design is simply beautiful. The little pheasant, the artichoke.. and not to forget the fox terrier in the logo. Very nice.

  4. I love the new look of the site. And your Russian feast is just spectacular. Very authentic and makes me crave for stroganoff and a bowl of borscht.
    Happy holidays for you and your familiy!

  5. Hi Mimi,
    I’m friends with Claire Hoffman who sent me this blog post. It’s lovely. Can you sign me up to receive your wonderful recipes and posts?

    We have a Conan daughter from Claire.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Evan,

      So glad to hear from you! We also have a daughter from Conan (she’s the little black and white puppy in the photos) and her name is Honey Bee. To sign up to ‘Manger’, you have to click on the ‘follow’ icon on the bottom right corner of the window.

      Happy holidays!

  6. Congratulations on the new site design! I love the illustrations. They’re perfect and so whimsical. The heartiness of Russian food is something I crave in the winter months, too. And since we’re suppose to get snow on Wednesday, you’ve inspired me to make beef stroganoff again. I can’t wait! Wishing you and your lovely family a very merry Holiday season!
    Cheers! ~Rebecca

  7. i am a new follower of yours and though my cooking days are in hiatus for now, I truly believe it is not my forte.
    I actually love your blog for the gorgeous photos. I always appreciate to see what your Dogs are up to and love that you have so many .
    I had 2 smooth fox terriers, the breed is so roguish and they do such memorable things. Much love to your pups, I miss my Toby and Moo.

  8. We’re expecting a big snow here in Colorado tomorrow night, and I was just thinking of making beef stroganoff! The meal looks wonderful, and so do the changes on your site!

  9. Hi, Mimi) i’ve recently discovered your site and i really love it. I’m from Ukraine and my dad is Russian therefore i’m very familiar to Russian cuisine. And i cook the same borsch at home (without meat), but Russians cook it with beef and they say that ‘borsch is always better the next day’ – so you do the right thing cooking a bigger bowl))

  10. I am going to try the stroganoff, which sounds simply lovely. But it does seem to me that the reciped doesn’t have enough liquid to “simmer…for 15 minutes.” Perhaps some beef stock added before the simmer?

    1. Dear Jon,

      The stroganoff is a delightful dish, it’s simple and so delicious. If you find the beef to be a bit dry, you can add a bit if water or if you prefer beef stock, then let it simmer. Adding the crème fraîche gives this dish a nice consistency. Bonne soirée! Mimix

  11. Bonjour Mimi, fidèle de votre blog je découvre la nouvelle “haut de page” et ces jolis dessins très délicats. Bravo pour ces recettes que je teste parfois et qui font partie de notre patrimoine. Félicitations au photographe qui par son talent sublime tout cela et met en valeur les produits. A bientôt

  12. Hi Mimi,

    Beautiful entries, as usual. So visually delicious I have to make them, esp. the Sarah Bernhardt’s! And I love seeing the dogs. Have a joyous season.

  13. Hello! I found your site about a month ago and I am just so in love with everything you do. In fact, it makes me sick because I want to live your life so bad. It is a bit of a problem because I end up being angry, only because I am so jealous. In any case, keep up the gorgeous pictures and the awesome food. I have yet to try a recipe but it looks like this might be the one!

  14. The new crest is charming! I finally made the paris-brest ( though I used Tumbador caramel in place of the praline) It was lovely and garnered many compliments. Thank you, for sharing your stylish yet comfy recipes.My family is looking forward to the Sarah Bernhardt cakes on New year’s Day. Happy Holidays!

  15. I love your blog and love the sweet changes you have recently made to it, especially adding the profile of one of your little dogs in the logo!

  16. Dear Mimi
    Wonderful layout – I’m verry impressed about your specific kind of pics and your way of description. Very, very lovely and it always makes me dreaming of Medoc.
    Wish you joel noel and I am happy to be able to read your blog.


  17. Your blog is beautiful and the updates appear to have addressed a problem that I was having. Your lovely photos were showing as elgonated for me, and now they look great.

  18. thank you for the lovely recipes. i can just imagine the perfect weather to go with borscht. i also love the drinking glasses that you use!

  19. I don’t know which I like better, your words or the pictures–I love reading your blog and the dogs are adorable! :0) The new design is very pretty. Question: I never have cognac around, so would marsala work? I love beef stroganoff and am anxious to try your recipe. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  20. Mimi, I love your blog & discovered it through Roseline at this is glamorous. This recipe looks delicious! I’m wondering if you could tell me the maker/ brand of the plates in this post? I’m guessing they are vintage.. Thanks & keep the lovely posts coming!!

  21. Hi Mimi:

    When you posted your blini and borscht recipes back in 2012, a friend and I immediately placed them on our “must make” list. This finally happened on Oscars night, and needless to say we very much enjoyed both. They made the evening that much more special, and we hope that you will keep posting such wonderful recipes.

  22. Bon jour, Mimi,

    I’ve had this recipe in mind to make for some time and finally made it last Sunday for guests after church. Everyone really enjoyed it, including my children ages seven and four. (One guest especially noticed and loved the cognac.)

    I had some roasts I needed to use, so on Saturday I browned and roasted the meat separately for a few hours in a Dutch oven, reserving the browning juices in the bottom of the pot. I also made the stroganoff sauce the day before minus the cream. I was a little concerned at the amount of paprika, it smelled too strong at first, but it was a perfect amount – it tasted wonderful! I added the juices from the roasted meat and topped the meat and sauce on pasta. It was tres bon!

    The next day when the meat was gone, we used the remaining sauce on top of turkey tartine sandwich of sorts.

    Thank you for your recipe! I would love to make a foie gras terrine next (for Christmas) and for during the week, the steak and mushroom Guinness pie.

    Marla H.
    From cold and frosty Minnesota

  23. Hello Mimi
    I happened across your blog just today while looking for truffle recipes 🙂
    I see you are from Hong Kong – how wonderful! I, too, was born and bred there however am a lot older than you! I left HK in December 1974 and have not been back apart from 2 weeks in 1980.
    I was blown away by your comment of Queen’s Cafe here! My parents were White Russians who lived in China, especially Shanghai, after the Revolution and who came to HK in 1937.
    They used to have a New Year’s Day party every year and Mischa, who was the head honcho at Queen’s Cafe, used to make all the Russian dishes for the buffet!
    My mother also used to go to get our kulich every Easter from Mischa, as did I when my parents’ left!
    So … I just wanted to let you know that there is someone else who remembers that wonderful restaurant 😀
    Love your recipes and I wish you great success with your cookbook!
    Kindest regards

    1. You warm my heart – thank you for sharing these beautiful memories. I just wish I had more photos of that place. It was so special. My favorite meals there: the borcht, the russian potato salad. My father loved buying the salad and chicken wings for a take-away, do you remember the deli next door? They also had the best bread buns as well as nougat. What wonderful memories! Mimi x 🙂

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