Days of wine and oysters

Médoc is not only famous for its fine wines but also for some of the best oysters in the world. There are about 350 oyster farmers on the Arcachon Basin producing 10,000 tonnes of oysters a year. The basin has an enclosed bay with an ideal temperature for oyster farming. Oysters are sold everywhere, from markets to any street corner, and during the autumn season, stalls are setting up ‘en force’, getting ready for the winter, where oysters are the main attraction for the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s eve. In summer, the markets open little stalls where you can sit and have plates of oysters, served with a small glass of crisp and fresh white wine. Yesterday, I couldn’t resist buying ‘take-away’ oysters and have them at home for starters. I always serve them with lemons and a red wine vinegar/chopped shallots sauce.

We love going to Cap-Ferret on summer week-ends – it is about an hour’s drive from where we live. Cap-Ferret is renowned for its understated chic, beautiful white sand beaches, amazing pine forests, sand dunes and little oysters cabanons (sheds built on piles with rounded tiles). It is an idyllic place, like a venetian lagoon, where you get a taste of French paradise.

10 thoughts on “Days of wine and oysters

  1. Those oysters are beautiful. Funny to say, I’ve never been to Médoc. My mother’s family was in Hérault. I’ve spent plenty of time in that area, and in Nice and Paris, but I think that I’ve never seen Médoc. Nice to discover it here!

  2. Bonjour Maia! My mother is from Hérault too (we have a lot of family in Sète)! What a small world! Médoc is special because you have vineyards, the ocean, nature reserves and pine forests… a mixture of nature’s best offerings! Now you can add Médoc to your to-do list! 🙂

  3. your website is beautiful and the photos inspiring. i found the link through perrin paris on my facebook page i had just begun to read, when i had to grab my sketchbook to make a drawing of your (husband’s) photograph of oysters. i look forward to reading all about medoc. thank you.

  4. I love your blog. I lived in Arcachon in the year 2000 for a summer at a Chateau on the water. I think of it fondly and enjoy reading about your time in this region.

  5. Oh, Cap Ferret is paradise indeed. I’ve spent about 12 summer holidays there now and the place still thrills me. I love taking walks along the Mimbeau, swim there in the early morning when the tide is high. I love the beaches and especially the bare foot lifestyle. Eating at the bassin, lunch at Bernadette’s, the list goes on and on. Only 9 more months and I’ll be there once again.

    What a beautiful blog you have!

  6. Dear Mimi,
    How great that you enjoy country life!
    Please keep us posted, about your daly life, I really enjoy your wisdom and your style of writing! Iren from New Jersey!
    Love your style, please surprise us with more!

  7. I love your photos Mimi…I hope to one day be as good as you! I’ll keep trying but will look to lovely blogs like yours for inspiration. Pip

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