Life in Médoc

Ah, beautiful Médoc!

Having lived in Paris for so many years, my husband and I decided to take the big step and live in the country.  The conditions were perfect – our kids are below 10 years of age, our work is flexible (photography, journalism)  and we can travel anywhere.  So why not?  I admit it was more of my husband’s idea at first.  When he came up with the subject one summer, I thought to myself I could never survive without the beat of the city.  I am a Hong-Kong/Paris girl at heart!

We’ve been living in Médoc, France, for nearly 18 months now.   And it’s taken me some time to adapt.  Getting out of a city is like a detox program.   No one is stressed out here. Stores, banks, post offices – they have long daily lunch breaks.  No one is in a rush.  People you meet talk about the mushrooms they found in the forest, or where the geese are flying to (it’s an indication of how soon summer will come).  It’s nice.

Médoc is perfect in the sense that you have all the best on a platter – amazing châteaux and 1,500 vineyards all over, the ocean and wild white sand beaches 4 km away, wild pine forests filled with wild boars, deers, bécasses birds to name a few.  Our kids have the chance to live in this rich landscape, enjoy a life ‘au naturel’, and our dogs are in heaven.


Market days
Days of wine and oysters
The magic box
Chateau Maucaillou
Aïoli & seafood delight
The butcher chef
Bordeaux – Food shopping part I
The wacky & wonderful world of cèpes
The wacky & wonderful world of cèpes

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      1. bonjour mimi
        tres belles photos…! j adore la France…je suis Greque…
        je veux bien vous dire que le SAINT protecteur de tous les chefs c’ est Saint Efrosynos (fete 11.9 )
        et je espere qui est avec vous dans votre maison formidable.!
        venez en Grece a l ete prochaine…les iles sont super…
        XXX Angelique de Grece.

  2. Hello from a grey and breezy Normandy. I’d like to ask, given your background in food and having met many great chefs, what is your opinion on organic food? is it important to you or not? Are there any organic foods which you believe should be used above others? I ask as a mother to 3 young children who firmly believes home-made is best although eating organically is not always easy due to the higher costs. I’d love to know your views…by the way, I look forward to every new recipe (and the beautiful photographs).

    1. Hello Elizabeth! It’s grey and raining today in Médoc – where has the summer gone? Regarding your question, organic food is important to me, but it’s not always easy to get ‘everything’ organic. I go the the markets twice a week, and I always enjoy going to 2 organic farmers. However, I also buy non-organic ‘in-between’ food at local supermarkets., like carrots, potatoes and a few fruits. So I would say I have a 60/40 ratio of organic/non-organic. For milk, dairy etc, I just but the normal goods! I do think that the label ‘organic’ has been over-exploited for commercial reason, so I am not going to buy ‘organic biscuits’, or chocolate… In my organic priority list, I would say vegetables and fruits are the most important. I find it very important to buy good-quality meat from ‘artisanal’ butchers – always know where your meat is coming from!

      1. Phew – I’m pretty much at the same ratio. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Seems that local and seasonal is the way to go!!

      2. Hi Mimi and Elizabeth, I wanted to give you my two-cents worth on organic. It is more important to eat organic the higher up the food chain you go – the pesticides in food are “amplified” with each rung up the food chain. So I always buy organic milk and meat. I just eat less meat now but that’s ok, since I love vegetables, pastas and grains, while indulging in the occasional steak or burger. And the difference in taste is HUGE. Last week I cooked an organic chicken which I marinated in buttermilk brine. I think the brine was unnecessary because the chicken was sooo tender it just about melted in my mouth. My holiday turkey is legendary, and I always splurge on organic. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, and commercial meat production in the U.S. relies on overcrowding, antibiotics and growth hormones to maximize profit at the expense of our health and food quality, not to mention the inhumane way most animals are treated while being raised for food. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. The best Spanish ham, which my family in Valencia argue is the best ham in the world, is made from pigs with “la pata negra,” Black Iberian pigs who are raised on acorns and are a prized delight.

        Also, I’ve found the same with strawberries. After eating organic strawberries here in California, I simply can’t eat commercial strawberries or strawberries on steroids. My sister came to visit me in California from the east coast and I will never forget the look on her face as she ate an organic strawberry for the first time. It was, she admitted, the best strawberry she’d eaten in her life. And commercial strawberries – at least here in the U.S. – contain up to 53 different pesticides. So there are some things I simply won’t buy if they’re not organic. This is so important when you have young children, especially with soft-skinned fruits.

        There are some things you can pass on and buy non-organic, e.g. onions, avocados and other thick-skinned fruits and veggies. compiles a list of 20 foods to always buy organic because of their high pesticide content Conversely they also made a list of foods that you don’t need to buy organic, given the higher cost.

        I’m finding that here in California mainstream grocers are carrying more organic so the cost difference is often negligible, e.g. 50 cents more for organic celery than non-organic, especially when you’re buying produce in-season. Hope this was helpful – Mimi, your site is lovely I just discovered it today and can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

        1. Diana,
          Thank you for writing this. You are spot on girl.
          From an organic disciple, and Californian beekeeper.

          I love what you’re doing, and can’t wait to get my hands on your cookbook this Christmas (2014)

          All the very best,
          Jacqueline at SkyAlive Apiary, California

          1. Oops, so sorry.
            I mean Mimi, only just found your blog tonight so please forgive me.
            But I’m hooked 🙂

  3. Hello,

    I found your blog a couple of days a go, and i just have to let you know i’m such a big fan! love to read about your life with your family in the Médoc and totally addicted by these (food) images. So much inspiration!! I hope you don’t mind, but i also used one of your husband images to blog about your blog.


  4. Hello,

    Sorry, sorry! for the spam, but i filled in my previous comment a wrong address:
    it should be:


  5. Your beautiful blog brings back memories of a wonderful extended trip to Bordeaux and Médoc when I was still a student and on a tight budget but it was delightful in every way. – Many years later, I, too, made the move from the big city (NYC) to the country. It took adapting, and still does, but I would not swap the countryside for any city in the world – not only because I can go out and pick my own grape leaves to wrap salmon filets (no quail here, hélas). I also get so much more done here. Yes, country life is serene but it is also much more productive.

  6. I agree with you entirely. Since I have moved here, I feel like an eternal student learning new things everyday. I feel so inspired by the nature that surrounds me. It’s a big life! I just started reading your fabulous blog, and I definitely will be taking your tips on gardening!

  7. Thanks, Mimi. I will also keep an eye on your blog and try the quince tatin when I can get my hand on quince. We don’t have a quince tree, thinking about planting one though, in the meantime we get quinces from a neighbor – another benefit of country life!

  8. I’ve been reading A Cup of Jo for about a year after moving back from NY and your amazing crème caramel recipe brought me here. Guess what, we are “neighbors” ! (I live in Castelnau) Such a small world….

  9. Delighted to find this gorgeous blog! I’ve never been to France but living in Edinburgh, it’s only a short hop away! Until then, this is a beautiful source of inspiration…

  10. ciao mimi!
    so inspired by your beautiful photos and words and absolutely elated that you have a recipe for kouign amann! i first had kouign amann in monterey, california, and have failed to find a recipe that represented what i devoured. i can’t wait to make your version!
    i, too, am fleeing the city soon (new york) for the country life. i can’t wait for the stress to melt away….

  11. Bonjour,
    Habitant Bordeaux, connaissant un peu le médoc, appréciant grandemant la cuisine, je suis ravie de voir de si bones recettes.Votre bolg est très beau, les recettes superbes…dommage qu’elles ne soient pas aussi en français…
    En tout cas très bonne contiuation, je vais suivre votre blog avec interet et gourmadise !!

    1. Bonjour Marie! Merci pour votre message si encourageant. Je suis ravie de vivre dans le Médoc, ainsi que de partager mes recettes familiales. J’ai l’intention d’écrire une version française cette année. Je vous souhaite un bon week-end gourmand! Mimix

  12. Hi Mimi, just stumbled upon your blog thru Vicki Archer. I have been reading your blog posts for over an hour now and I must say that you have a super fabulous blog! I love the breathtaking photographs and the fascinating stories you share with each posts. Also, you have a beautiful family. Btw, you have a strong resemblance with Angelina Jolie. Very “Hollywood-like beauty” but in a more exotic and unique way. I love your blog and will definitely be coming back to read all your posts. Your recipes are on my “list to try” food as well. Bookmarking it right now. Keep up the good works!

    1. Bonjour! Thank you so much for visiting ‘Manger’. I love Vicki Archer’s beautiful site and writing, and I was very flattered by her kind words on the blog. I hope you will get a chance to try a few recipes – some of my favourite lately is the chocolate tart, the parmesan soup and the red cabbage tart. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s day! Mimix

  13. Hello Mimi, I want to say your blog is purely beautiful what a lovely glimpse into your wonderful country life, may I ask your beauty/makeup regime you are such a classic woman . Regards from the UK 🙂

  14. How I wish we could live there in Medoc!! Very refreshing blog, amazing woman! beautiful kids, mouth-watering recipes!! wow! hope to meet you Miss Mimi!!!

  15. Thrilled to have found this gorgeous blog, I am so excited about the recipes and everything else.

  16. Hello Mimi!
    I love, love, love your blog. Your pictures are amazing and I am more than a little envious of you! The dream of my life is to move to France and Mèdoc seems so rustic and beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your life with me, it’s amazing

  17. Mimi,
    Your blog is an absolute gem! You insipred me to visit Médoc region this summer. Going there next week 🙂
    May I repost one of your photos on my FB wall?

  18. Mimi,
    Just happened upon your blog and love it! It’s the calm to a stressful day. Doing research on where to stay when visiting the Bordeaux region, as we will be visiting in the near future.

  19. Bonjour Mimi, Merci a vous pour le grand besoin vacances mentale! Vos superbes photos et inspirante reflexions sont un savoureux traiter.

    Vous souhaiter, a vous et les votres beaucoup de joie,

    AA – Los Angeles

  20. Mimi, just came across your blog while searching for info on the Medoc region. Beautiful blog! Beautiful description of life in Medoc and Bordeaux and surrounding countryside. Visiting from Australia and loving every day.

  21. Hi Mimi,

    First of all, I’m in love with your blog!

    Second of all, just want to let you know that I’m analyzing your blog as one of the best blogs, as I’m learning to make and maintain a blog myself for my thesis studies. Thank you and your husband for sharing all the beautiful pictures, and of course the recipes. I so wish to live in Medoc, have a beautiful house, raise a kid or two, drink wine and make food everyday. It would be my absolute dream!

    And I’m just curious, do you speak Cantonese? I bet you do, since you lived in Hong Kong. Anyway, I think I’m gonna take one of those French for beginner courses soon, so that I could go traveling in France without language problem one day! 🙂

    Cheers and hi from Finland!

    1. Bonjour Eva! Thanks so much for your kind comment! I am so honoured to know you enjoy the blog – I hope ‘Manger’ will inspire you to cook lovely family dishes to share with loved ones and friends 🙂 And yes, I do speak Cantonese, as well as Mandarin – my father thought it was so important to preserve my Chinese culture – as a matter of fact my family sent me to a Chinese school until I was 8 so I would have a Chinese ‘base’education – I am forever grateful! All the best, Mimi x

  22. You have truly inspired me with your blog. I was searching for recipes to cook for a dear friend who is my son’s godmother and now I have some fabulous ideas! I would very much like to visit your beautiful area someday with my children so they can experience the French lifestyle. Do you have recommendations on a town to stay in that children might enjoy? It sounds wonderful. I hope to make plans soon! Thank you for this lovely inspiration – you have made my day!

    1. Bonjour Kara! Thank you for your lovely comment – I am so happy toshare my cilinary diary and recipes with you! I hope you will visit France soon. Médoc is a great place to vivt with kids because you have the sea, land, vineyards – there are a lot of activities. But really, you are spoilt for choice – Paris is a fabulous city for kids, with all the museums (and Disneyland not far, hehe :)!). I love the Gers, Provence, and the key to spend a charming holiday is to find a little maison d’hôtes (they only have 4-5 rooms) and stay there, or rent a gîte where you can have your own kitchen and cook at home. when living in Paris, I would often go to Normandy and Brittany (Deauville and St Malo) – it is so much fun, so pretty and love all the creamy food! Have a great day! Mimi x

  23. Just read about you and your family in October’s issue of BonAppetit…you are living my fantasy. Looking forward to reading your blog each day…

    1. Bonjour Jean – thank you so much for your kind comment – my husband and I were thrilled with the Bon appétit feature – it was lovely to share a dinner party with my friends – we had a lot of good times at that dinner 🙂 Merci Jean and hope you willenjoy the recipes! Best, Mimi x

  24. You are very fortunate to live in that beautiful part of the world…The only time I was in Medoc was when I ran the “Marathon du Medoc”!!! I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the wine tasting…

    I am going to try your pancake recipe…Can cake flour be substituted for the flour ingredient in your recipe?

    1. Thank you so much for saying hi Mary! Wow – you ran the marathon of Médoc! It always looks like big fun! Regarding the pancake recipe, it is really a basic one so you can adapt to your liking – any flour is good. Enjoy! Mimix

  25. Hello Mimi….found your beautiful blog via Vicki Archer’s French Essence, I love all things French having visited your country not so long ago…looking forward to receiving your posts soon!

  26. Hi Mimi,

    It’s such a delight to read your blog. It takes me to where you are and i feel transported to Medoc whenever i read your posts. The photos are also amazing- your husband has such a keen eye for local colour. I will be travelling back to France next month! After 10 years! Unfortunately, i may only be staying in Paris. Im hoping i can still find time to go to Britanny! But i cant wait- France is such a beautiful country. I cant wait for your show too. Do post a link here so those of us who are on the other side of the world can watch it!

    Cheers from the Philippines!

  27. Hi Mimi,

    Reading ur blog makes me want to drink a lot of red wine. It also makes me want to eat fresh and naturally w/ very good quality, fresh and natural ingredients. Though I know this, it isn’t always easy to abide by here in NYC partic when farmer’s markets and stores like Whole Foods are not always w/in my immediate vicinity. Thanks for the wonderful, positive and uplifting blog. It’s very motivating to eat (and live) better.

  28. Well, it’s in English, so let’s go ! I’m writing a piece on the TV guide magazine I work for (Telecable Sat Hebdo) about Les tables de Mimi, a new TV series anchored by… Mimi Thorisson ! Yes ! Beginning Nov.28 11am on Cuisine+, a cable/sat channel run by Canal+. Each episode shows Mimi looking for goods in her region to cook, then she does the recipe in her own kitchen, and finally family or friends eat it in the dining-room or the garden ! Very nice programming, I recommend it to French cable or sat subscribers ! And as I’m also going to live in the vineyard Bordeaux area with wife and daughters, I watch to it with even more interest, 🙂

      1. Hi Mimi, the show is now to be repeated every summer weekend on Canal+ (unscrambled) and I’ve a new piece to write about. Are you avaiable this week for a few words ? By phone or I can even come to your place, I’m not far from. Please answer by e-mail ! Thanks, J.

  29. Hi. Mimi~
    It’s my first time to come here!

    Well, I’m Kathy park from South Korea!
    I hope you know where my county is! 🙂

    btw, I’ve been interested in taking pictures many years and all your pictures are wonderful and absolutely fablous!

    I really want to know if you don’t mind what camera you have!

    Also, I’ve never heard of Medox before coming here but now it’s one of the my favorite counries which I want to travel!

  30. I’m truly mesmerized by your blog from the photos to your recipes, your beauty, your children, your way of living and the inspiration for others to love cooking and food the way you do. Thank you!

    I’m curious as to what a normal day looks like in your household. Could you describe it for your readers? You’ve stated that you visit the market twice weekly but what other habits surround you that you are able to make time to cook each day?

    I hope to visit your area of the world one day as my only exposure to France so far has been Cassis and Paris. Now I’m determined to get lost in the beauty of Medoc.

  31. I just recently came across your blog and felt like I was transported to the most enchanted place! Not going to lie, it’s been such a positive influence I am considering a family trip to France! If you have any places you recommend staying in the country I would greatly appreciate it!!

  32. ahoj mimi, tvoj blog je ÚŽASNÝ !! Chce sa mi plakať z tolkeho šťastia, ktoré z neho vyžaruje. Uprimne Ti zavidim taký pekny život 🙂

    1. Traductions :
      Salut Mimi, ton blog est génial !! J’ai les larmes aux yeux devant le bonheur qui s’en dégage. Je t’envie sincèrement une si belle vie 🙂
      Hi Mimi, your blog is amazing !! This feeling of happiness gives me tears in the eyes. I sincerely envy such a beautiful life you have 🙂
      Hola Mimi, tu blog es fenomenal !! Me saca lagrimas la felicidad que destaca. Te envidio sinceramente esa vida tan maravillosa 🙂
      Hej Mimi, twoj blog jest niesamowity !! Chce mi sie plakac z takiej szczesliwosci, ktorej z niego wychodzi. Upzejmie Cie zazdroszcze takiego pieknego zycia 🙂
      Salvo Mimi, il tuo blog e fantastico !! Mi fa piangere la felicità che ne emana. Sinceramente ti invidio questa meravigliosa vita 🙂

  33. Traductions :
    Salut Mimi, ton blog est génial !! J’ai les larmes aux yeux devant le bonheur qui s’en dégage. Je t’envie sincèrement une si belle vie 🙂
    Hi Mimi, your blog is amazing !! This feeling of happiness gives me tears in the eyes. I sincerely envy such a beautiful life you have 🙂
    Hola Mimi, tu blog es fenomenal !! Me saca lagrimas la felicidad que destaca. Te envidio sinceramente esa vida tan maravillosa 🙂
    Hej Mimi, twoj blog jest niesamowity !! Chce mi sie plakac z takiej szczesliwosci, ktorej z niego wychodzi. Upzejmie Cie zazdroszcze takiego pieknego zycia 🙂
    Salvo Mimi, il tuo blog e fantastico !! Mi fa piangere la felicità che ne emana. Sinceramente ti invidio questa meravigliosa vita 🙂

  34. Hello Mimi,
    I love your blog and appreciate your taste. I am looking for a very luxury, charming, luxury hotel in the Medoc region. Cordeillan Bages is unfortunately full. Do you have any other recommendations?

  35. Je viens de découvrir votre page et votre site internet, vous êtes formidable, j’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites, et votre mode de vie…
    Salutations 🙂

  36. I am completely in love!

    Stumbled over this beautiful little corner of the huge www last night, and thought – well, this is probably just another food blog! But then quickly a photo caught my eye, and another – beautiful photos. It drew me further in, and I started reading. And now I can’t leave.

    This is a perfect merge, of recipies, beautiful photos and stories about life. So much more, than I came for. And the way you tell those stories, aaah.

    So happy to have found you girl.

    Greetings from Norway.

  37. Hello Mimi ! I was born in Lesparre and grew up in Gaillan. I spent 10 yrs in the US and am now living in Italy. I just found out about your blog about my dear Médoc reading the SUD-Ouest newspaper online! I can’t believe it ! thank you for promoting our Médoc.. it will always be my home, the place I go to to recharge the batteries… If you need some good wine to accompany your dishes, let me know… my uncle has his own Château in Bégadan..
    Cheers from San Marino, Italy.

  38. Bonjour Mimi
    je suis une grande fan de ton émission sur Cuisine Tv et de ton blog maintenant, j’aime beaucoup “your lifestyle” et je suis moi même une grande passionnée de la “bonne nourriture” et du “bon vivre”; si tu cherches quelqu’un pour traduire ton blog en français je suis CANDIDATE!! Je parle anglais, j’ai en fait une licence d’Anglais!! et merci pour ce que tu peux m’apporter!
    Take care
    Stéphanie xxx

  39. Hi, love your pictures and recipes and was sent your link from a friend (foodie) in Canada. She mentioned you may have details of gites to rent in the winter time? I cannot find anything on the website though? Thanks

  40. Dear Mimi,
    Love your blog and Instagram posts!
    Inquiring to see when your cooking school will be up and running and also the best city to fly into for Medoc?
    Thank you so much and look so forward to your reply.
    Warm regards,
    Pique’ Marsh

    1. Hi, Bordeaux would be the best city to fly into, the airport is less than an hour away from us. Regarding the workshops I hope I’ll be able to have a class or two before Christmas … and when I say hope I mean HOPE! Mimi x

  41. I just stumbled upon your blog on a sick day at home. Since then, I’ve been reading and looking at the photos. Not only am I following because of the food, but the fashion (yours and your children) and where you live is gorgeous too. I daydream living a similar life (but in Italy which I recently came back from). All the best to you!

  42. ouah !!! Wonderful ! Superbes photos… Belles recettes les accompagnant… Tout l’art de vivre y est ! Bravo … Un peu en français de temps en temps serait le top !!

  43. Greetings from Friendswood, Texas! I love your blog! It takes me away- I can’t wait to try your recipes! I absolutely love the beautiful pictures-

  44. Hello!

    Hi Mimi

    Just been see you and Oddur at the American Library and so enjoyed hearing about your life in Medoc. All very inspiring especially with children and dogs galore! Bought your book and can’t wait to start reading and cooking. See you when the chateau opens for business – the Brits are coming! Natalie

  45. Mimi’s becoming an international cooking star !
    Je viens de faire un petit article sur Les Desserts de Mimi dans Télécâble, et pan, j’apprends que Cuisine+ va bientôt fermer…
    Bet we’ll soon see Mimi on The Food Network or some Discovery channel ! After all, Anthony Bourdain’s family is from les Landes, close to Médoc 🙂

  46. Mimi – I enjoyed the Conde Nast article so much my wife and I are going to change our France travel plans and visit the Medoc region next October 2015 while on our way to the Dordogne Valley. We would like to stay about 45 minutes north of Bordeaux for two nights; do you have any recommendations? Congratulations on your book publication and wonderful blog! Best, Gates

  47. A friend of mine has just pointed me in your direction and I must say I love every part of it. I spent 5 months in a small village in the Languedoc area and left a large part of my heart there when I returned to Canada. Since I am a foodie of the first order, I couldn’t get enough of the markets and the fresh produce, cheese, real eggs, beautiful chickens, etc.
    I think I had more dinner parties during my time in France than I’ve had for years back home. You are truly blessed to enjoy the French country life. Thank you so much for sharing it with us

  48. Bonjour Mimi, I just read the lovely article in Traveler magazine and now have found your blog. The photography is incredible and the recipes look amazing. Are you still planning to host cooking visits, and how soon? I have a group of girlfriends that would love to come for a visit. Sounds incredible.

  49. i was raised in a kitchen where escoffier rules were law to my mother. later, julia child was her inspiration. classic and hearty were the lessons i learned… what a relief , then, to discover you in the middle of my sixth decade ! i borrowed your year in medoc from the library… and have learned that light, stressfree meals with a french flair are possible…thank you.

  50. Hello Mimi,
    I am bringing a very nice group of Americans on a tour of paris and the Loire Valley. I have your cookbook and love all you do. Do you offer cooking classes? I have a class scheduled for Paris, but am more interested in one taught by you if that is something you do. I do not have my exact numbers yet, but I am thinking 16 people. A very high end, nice group. Merci, Laura

  51. So inspired by this..thank you!! I made the carrot and ginger soup last night. My heart was so full and filled with gratitude. Delicous end to my day.

  52. This is so nice! As the temperature here in Québec is -26, (and the worse part is that most of us enjoy it), your cooking and your blog that I just discovered, is a ray of sunshine!

    I live in a big city and I would love to breath the country air as you do. One thing I have notice in your tv show is the perfect calm and easyness with wich you approach the act of cooking.
    You also said somewhere that it is never work for you. Could you tell me a little more about that wonderfull anddesirable attitude. It is very inspiring. I am francophone, so please excuse my English !!

  53. Just discovered your wonderful blog after reading about it in Vogue. Best of luck for the new house and business! Love your emphasis on local produce and producers. I try to do the same – at work and at home. I am Scottish, live in France (Angers) and make and sell homemade cakes and biscuits. Moving to the Charente soon (also renovating a house) so if you ever pass by please come and eat some scones with me! Your book is on my birthday wish-list!

  54. Love the chou farci recipie, for its beauty! Will try to make a vegan version! Wish me luck!

  55. Bonjour Mimi, I recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading your stories and tried a couple of recipes. I also liked your husband’s annual blog. I live in a city that loves food – New Orleans, and I love giving dinner parties. Hopefully, I will get to visit your school and restaurant one day!

  56. Hello Mimi, 1st I like to tell you that your book, cooking, & everything is SO beautiful, the book is really inspiring & the recipes all seem very delicious.
    Then I like to ask did you ever posted a Rhubarb syrup recipe some where on your blog?. I would like to get my hands on it if possible. Thank you for the beautiful work

  57. Beautiful and inspiring blog! I am taking french as a second language and hope to one day have the opportunity to live in the french countryside. You definitely have a new follower! Merci!

  58. Mimi: My name is Jonathan McManus, congrats on you blog success! We are driving through the area, my wife and our two sons (10&7), this July. Any hidden gems (Towns/Restaurants/Etc.) you would say we should absolutely check out along the trails of the Medoc?
    Many Thanks & Cheers!

  59. Lovely, lovely blog and cookbook. So glad I found the link on One Kings Lane. Wondering about life in Medoc….do you homeschool your children or do they attend a proper schoolhouse in Medoc? We have often considered “moving to the country,” but have been stumped with schooling for our children. Would appreciate hearing of your experience. Thank you for your time!

  60. I just found your blog b/c I saw your show on TV- btw yummy recipes and beautiful blog. I really love your stile, your beautiful family, photos, love love love your house and whole area around it! I can see myself live in a house like that one day! Can’t wait to buy your book and try your delicious recipes!
    Much love & happiness to you and your family and many many dreams which are yet to come true! So never ever stop dreaming! xxx tinka

  61. Bonjour Mimi,

    I am a big fan of your blog and instagram posts. I appreciate people that cherish food, wine, and beauty. We live an hour away from Napa and frequent Napa as much as we can for the love of the food and wine! We’ve been to Burgundy, but haven’t had the chance yet to see Medoc. Thank you for posting about it, we are inspired to see another beautiful part of France! Thank you for the inspiration and letting us live vicariously through your blogs. Please do post any upcoming cooking classes you might have.

  62. Mimi, I recently learned of you and your extroidinary blog/cooking school/pending seasonal restaurant through the article in April Food & Wine magazine. My husband, friend, and I will be traveling to your area on holiday (from the US) beginning Wed, July 8th (we will be staying at the Ormes de Pez chateau in St. Estephe). I wanted to know if your seasonal restaurant is yet opened, and if so, if you would have availability to accommodate us the evening of July 8th or July 9th. Also, where exactly is your restaurant located? How close/far would it be from Ormes de Pez?

    Thanks in advance for your response!

    Melinda Walker

    1. Hi Melinda,

      Lovely to hear you will be staying at Ormes de Pez – I love it there! Unfortunately we will not be open around those dates, so sorry! However, Gilles at Ormes de Pez is an excellent cook so I am sure you will be spoilt! Happy summer. Mimi x

  63. Just bought your cookbook after visiting France (we stayed a week in Dinan in the Northwest and Paris for a weekend, in love with both the country and the city). I am a momma to four children and am so inspired by your love of food and family and French cooking. I can’t wait to make your recipes and will likely feature them and your book on my food blog,
    Lovely pictures by your husband!

  64. The mere description of your life in Medoc is enough to make me want to pack my bags and go see it for myself, but I don’t have to–there are photos. And so many of them!

    It’s like a glimpse of a fairy tale life, something you’d only see in children’s books that are not really children’s books, but little eye openers packed with small revelations of the true meaning of family and home.

    A giant thank you from Spain!


  65. Bonjours Mimi,

    when my family told me, they would like to visit France and the Atlantic Coast, I knew we have to stay in the Medoc, because I knew your beautiful blog and love it for all the inspiration!

    And now we are in this wonderful area and wonder, whether you started your seasonal little restaurant, which we would love to visit..

    Merci & Gute Nacht,


  66. Wow, what a wonderfully enchanted life you lead. I adore France and spent a year living and working in Besancon. I fell in love with the town and though my home is England, France is always in my heart. Beautiful recipes and a beautiful blog.

  67. Good morning Mimi, I discovered you on french TV and I was so surprised to see that you were living in Médoc! I grew up in Médoc, in Saint Laurent and Pauillac, my parents are still there. Thanks for all these lovely pictures from Medoc! And thanks for all your great recipe, I am a wine and food lover too and your blog is just amazing.
    Maybe see you in Medoc

    Jenny xx

  68. Bonjour Mimi,
    I am so happy to have found your blog! Found your recipe for Italian pear cake. yum. I’m hooked You are living my “dream Life” in the Medoc!!! What a joy to follow you. I take a wine class and want to have a vineyard one day. Traveled to Paris in September and now I’m obsessed with all things French. Thank you for your wonderful blog

  69. Hi Mimi. Here I am in Northern California still planning my wedding and also contemplating a workshop with you. I am in love with all your recipes, but mostly cakes and desserts Today I tried the pistachio chocolate cake. I was a big hit! Thank you for being such an inspiration to us.

  70. Stumbled upon your lovely cookbook today in Calgary, Canada and not only am I feeling inspired to prepare beautiful seasonal family meals, but I’m also feeling more brave and sure about my husband and mine’s decision to pack up our 3 young kids and head to France for a year (once this school year is complete). It makes no sense, it is something my heart longs to do, and I am lucky that my 4 luvs are willing to do what it takes to make it happen for me/us. Thanks for the comforting advise that following our dreams and changing our lives as we wish is a worthwhile endevour.

  71. Bonjour Mimi, Je suis Aldara je vous ai contacte l’annee derniere pour aller a votre chambre d’hote car on habite a Paris et on descend en Espagne en voiture a noel et on adore passer deux jours au Medoc. L’annee derniere vous n’aviez pas encore ouvert et on est alle a Ormes de Pez , votre votre recommendation :)!Cependant cette annee on aimerai bien aller a la votre si c’est possible, les jours 18 et 19 decembre 2015. Ou peut-on vous contacter? On est deux. Merci!!:)

  72. Hello Mimi,
    l just opened the november’s “my Little box” and you were in it! I’m so happy to discover your beautiful blog! I can’t wait to try your recipes!

  73. Bonjour Mimi; Je découvre votre univers, votre cuisine, par la lecture de votre livre “la table de Mimi”; j’aime beaucoup car le lien m’a sauté aux yeux; je fabrique de petits livrets de photos-cuisine que j’intitule “les histoires de cuisine de Noëlle” et lire votre livre me laissait penser que c’était aussi “les histoires de cuisine de Mimi”; celles qui s’inscrivent dans notre vie quotidienne. De plus le Médoc, je m’y rends parfois à Lesparre en Médoc où j’achète de l’excellente viande chez le boucher Manenti. Sa côte de veau à tomber !!!
    Merci pour votre gentillesse, votre sens de la cuisine du bonheur à partager. Bien cordialement. Noëlle

  74. Hello Mimi, I can see you as a strong woman and a brave mother. You decide not just for your sake but for the welfare of your children. You’re an inspiration to me and to all mother out there. You have courage to stand in all ways. An d I know that Medoc will be the perfect place for you, with your husband and your children. Lastly, I so love your blogs and mostly the tips that you are sharing. Keep it up Mimi.

  75. Bonjour Mimi,

    Je suis Aldara, je vous ai écrit l’année dernière pour aller dans votre chambre d’hôte et finalement vous m’avais recommandé Hormes de Pez . Ce week end en on retourne car on descend en Espagne depuis Paris pour Noël.

    On adorerai si pouvait aller diner ou manger chez vous ou si vous avez un work shop y participer. De même si vous pouvais nous donner des tips(restos, marchés, puces, vos préfères!:) on vous le remmercierai beaucoup.

    Merci beaucoup d’avance

    Aldara 🙂

  76. Bonjour Mimi,

    Expatriée depuis près de 20 ans a Miami, j’ai decouvert votre livre l’automne passe. Miami et le Medoc! Deux mondes a part. Ma lecture me fait rêver, me fait voyager en France par la pensée et me fait oublier a quel point Paris a changer et n’est plus vraiment le Paris que j’ai quitté il y a 20 ans.
    J’ai parcouru votre blog et aimerais en apprendre plus, non seulement a propos de vos recettes, mais également sur vos maisons et leurs decorations. Ou avez-vous démarrer? Avez-vous demenager? J’ai tellement de questions. J’espère avoir de vos nouvelles très bientôt.

    Many thanks!

  77. Hello from Canada! I learned about you through Croatian tv program a month ago… You are so cool & inspiring & beautiful. Your recipes work and are delicious! Your family seems perfect, from your husband to your children and pets. Love where & how you live. You are living my dream. Where I come from, there is no organic. We don’t use pesticides…, we just GROW food. Organic is the old way. What they call organic now is foreign to me.
    Love, love & more love to you!!!
    Thanks for being so wonderful & true!

    God bless! Vive la France & Island, of course!!!


  78. Bonjour Mimi,

    Quel bonheur votre beau blogue où je retrouve la cuisine de mon enfance. Je vis aujourd’hui au Québec mais je suis né dans le Médoc, dans le petit village de Macau (on y fait et y sommes reconnus pour nos excellents artichauts), proche de Margaux. Je suis aussi un grand passionné de la cuisine (je l’appelle mon “yoga” à moi) et vos publications sont un enchantements pour moi! Revoir mon beau pays, mes beaux médocains et pouvoir sentir et gouter, à travers vos recettes, ma belle enfance! Wow! Un bien beau cadeau!

    Merci et continuez votre si beau travail! Il me tarde encore plus de retourner en vacances (cet automne) dans mon si beau pays! J’y cuisinerai à votre santé (agneau sur sarments…j’en rêve la nuit) xx

  79. Complimenti Mimi’,
    Io non sono ancora pronta per andare a vivere in campagna(abito a Roma),ma dove stai te deve essere un paradiso!

  80. Bonjour Mimi , je suis Maxime , je vis en Charente maritime , je vous ai découvert sur feu cuisine Tv et j’adorais vos émissions et vos recettes savamment préparées dans votre cadre idyllique ,, j’ai deux questions , passez vous sur d’autres chaîne Tv ? Et aussi , je me souviens que vous faisiez souvent vos courses sur un petit marché vraiment adorable du médoc , puis je en connaître le nom ? ,, merci d’avance , et je vous souhaite les meilleures choses possible pour cette nouvelle année , bien à vous .

  81. Hi Mimi, I am working on planning my wedding but I find myself equally as excited to plan my honeymoon! I was wondering when you are offering class this year as I would love to plan our honeymoon around it and attend! Bisou! Grace

  82. Just went through your blog!! Hooked beyond!!!! Im in South Africa and just came back from a holiday in Italy….. I cannot wait to go to France next year!!!
    Love your thought, cooking and dogs and everything …..

  83. Hi Mimi,
    I’m a housekeeper for VIP in England, he gave me your book and asked me to cook him some dishes out of it.
    I must admit that I was slightly predjudiced against French cooking after a bad experience on my only French holiday in the mid nineties.
    I have always loved food and being English I enjoy cooking (and eating) food from all over the world. Until fairly recently I lived in Italy for almost 7 years and I love the food cultura over there. I was pleasantly surprised when returning to England that food has improved enormously in recent years(especially if you know where to go).
    I’m sitting here reading your book looking for inspiration and I was inspired from the first page, I want to rush off and cook everything. I love your attitude towards food, very similar to mine, non pretentious. You have managed to remove any prejudices that may have still lingered(although really I’m not predjudiced at all just ignorant:-)
    I’m going to definitely attempt some recipes in the coming weeks…..I hope I can do them justice.
    I think I will attempt the Millefoglie di quaglie first, but I wanted to know if you think it would work with partridge?
    I read in the book that you run cookery courses at your home/restaurant, but I can’t find detail on your website. Could you send me some please?
    Au revoir

    1. Hello Roy. Happy new year! Thanks so much for your kind words. I completely understand, French food can be quite a handful at times, but with the right approach it’s the most wonderful food! The mille-feuille is one of my favourite dishes, and I love to use Jura wine (it’s called vin jaune du Jura) instead of red wine. Any bird will do for this recipe. And any wine too. I must admit I use much more butter than I say, so don’t be shy! 🙂 The guinea fowl raviolis are great too. And in my first book, there’s a blanquette de veau recipe which on top of my list for winter comfort food. For desserts, you must bake the walnut cake (and add an extra dash of rum for me!). Wishing you a bon appétit! Mimi x

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