Sometimes the man … is a woman

On Wednesday March 13th, a beautiful, sunny early spring day in Médoc, Mr. Carter Inskeep and his associate, Hannah Barry, pulled their white BMW into the driveway at Château Ormes de Pez in St Estèphe. Records show that later that afternoon they shared a bottle of the 2000 Ormes de Pez, an excellent year for Bordeaux wines, and later headed out for dinner where they shared another bottle of Ormes de Pez, albeit from a slightly lesser vintage. The same evening Frau Sabine Simmross of Brussels and her associate Ms Kamiye Furuta arrived at the same destination though records fail to show what bottle of wine, if any, they enjoyed that evening. Earlier in the day, the Norvegian photographer and celebrated instagrammer, Ms Marte Marie Forsberg and her mother Yvonne had narrowly missed, due to extensive security measures, their plane to Bordeaux and were forced to find an alternate route which they found via Limoges by air and to Bordeaux by train later that evening. Mr. Tim J. Steer, the ever pleasant musician/gardener/jack of all trades at “Château Mimi” in St Yzans was already at the airport to greet them when news of this unfortunate occurence reached him. Like all good Englishmen he took this news on the chin and records show that upon his return to Chateau Mimi in St Yzans he had a cold, refreshing beer.
The following day at precisely 8.59 AM Mr. Carter Inskeep and Hannah Barry knocked on the door of 1 rue de Loudenne (sometimes lovingly referred to as Château Mimi), having managed to find their way through the army of dogs who were (badly) guarding the rusty gates. They were soon followed by Sabine Simmross and Kamiye Furuta who despite the general tendencies of their respective nations were a few minutes late. Some 15 minutes later Marte Marie Forsberg and her mother joined the group from their temporary residence down the road, sometimes referred to as the “Three Sisters”. The diary of the Château shows that the group had breakfast together and then proceeded to make a walnut cake recently featured on “Manger”, the Château’s blog, under the headline “Mothers & Daugthers”. The group then proceeded to make 3 stuffed cabbage tarts and while they all tasted equally delicious the workshop log indicates that the clear winner in terms of beauty was the one made by the “American team”. This judgement was not necessarily accepted by the Norwegian team although there is no record of a formal protest. The Château logs go on to recount a dozen other recipes cooked and eaten, a generous amount of coffees and teas and what can only be considered as an indecent quantity of wine bottles consumed, at least five of which were Champagne. The records note that everyone had a really good time.
Though there is nothing in the Château’s records that suggests this it is worth mentioning that Mr. Carter Inskeep is a woman in her mid-twenties.

Carter, Marie and I.


Anne & Tim.


Oddur and me.


Hannah and Carter… with all the fox-terrier puppies.


Yvonne and Marie.


Sabine and Kamiye.


Virtual / Reality

As I am writing this two workshops have come and gone. Ten extraordinary women have graced my kitchen, we have spent countless hours cooking and eating together, stories have been told, laughs have been shared … wine has been drunk. Tears have even been shed … on more than one occasion (which is why my husband refers to these proceedings as the “Jerry Maguire workshops”. It is safe to say that my expectations for these workshops (though pretty high) have been far exceeded and I’m happy to report that this seems to be the general consensus amongst the ten ladies. Writing a blog, a book, sharing my life online is a pleasure and a privilege but it can never, ever come close to meeting people in person. I wasn’t familiar with any of the 10 women before they came, except Marte Marie Forsberg, we have corresponded before and are familiar with the curated version of each other’s life on Instagram. She does take beautiful photos (she took the portrait of me and Oddur) and I could feel, through her IG account some of her personality but while she refers lovingly to her mother in her virtual world the relationship they share outside of it seems even closer, her mother even lovelier. I guess what I am saying is that while seeing what a friend is having for breakfast in Buenos Aires can be quite wonderful and interesting, having them at my table, sharing a bottle of Champagne while peeling onions is far better. During these workshops we share long lunches every day and even longer dinners. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to meet people I would never have met, to invite into my home fellow gourmands and lovers of France. During a long dinner Hannah and Carter asked my husband if we had any screening process, if there were background checks. His answer was that our intelligence was so bad that we thought they, or at least one of them was a man. He then added (he retold this to me) that we were fairly confident that we could easily throw out anyone too weird, whether by that he was referring to his own muscles or the considerably larger muscles of Sasha, our Russian “maçon”. My answer would have been that I don’t expect to ever have to throw anyone out, I expect the good rather than the bad, I try to write earnestly, I put my heart and soul into my cooking and I expect my blog to attract mostly like-minded people.
When I announced the workshops I mentioned that the doors would soon be open … and now they are, open wide!

Fresh black truffles and fava beans.




Photo diary of a workshop

The photos you see were all taken during the first workshop and I hoped to have them published before the second one. But time is a tough opponent and got the better of me as he often does. In fact we had no special plans to do a blog post about a workshop, many of the recipes we cooked have already been shared on the blog or in the book, the stuffed cabbage, the pigeon tart, the chocolate meringues, the strawberries in mascarpone and wine. But the chemistry was just so great, the opportunity was there so Oddur went ahead and shot some of it to share on “Manger”. He also had a lot of fun dragging the ladies around the house (some into the dark and cold cellar), making them pose with vegetables, wine and puppies. It felt appropriate that workshops born out of a blog should end up there for all of you to share our first experiences … until, that is, you can come in person!
And to make it all a little tastier for you I am sharing two recipes from our workshops, both very light and simple and easy to make. One of them is the simplest little tart but one that looks a little fancy, like a flower on a plate, perfect for an unexpected guest that shows up in the morning but lingers on for lunch. The other recipe is inspired from my lunch with Alain Ducasse and Kevin, the founder of Instagram (another example of technology bringing people together). At that lunch we had incredible food but somehow the thing I liked best was this little vegetable cocotte with quinoa and truffle shavings.

Bon Appetit!







Endives tartlets

These little wonders look like a bunch of country roses, I love the bitter taste of the endive caramelized with butter and sugar. They work perfectly well with a shallot vinaigrette and the best part… it takes a couple of minutes to prepare!

For 7 to 8 tartlets

4 to 5 endives
230 g/8 ounces puff pastry
Icing/ confectioner’s sugar
1 generous teaspoon of butter per tartlet

For the vinaigrette:
1 small shallot
4-5 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
Salt & pepper

Preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F

Roll out the puff pastry and cut out 6 to 8 circles to fit the tartlet pans.
Cut the tip off the endives.
Sprinkle generously icing sugar on the tartlet pans and place the butter in the center. Sprinkle a bit more sugar.
Slice approx. 2cm/1 inch to 1 and a half-inch of endive and place on top of the butter. Place the puff pastry on top and tuck on the sides of the endives so it is covered entirely.

Bake the tartlets in the preheated oven for 12 to 14 minutes or until golden brown.

Turn the tartlets upside down and serve with a shallot vinaigrette and shaved parmesan.


Vegetable stew with red quinoa and shaved truffles

This recipe is inspired from a wonderful vegetable stew I had a few weeks ago when I was invited to a lovely lunch wit Alain Ducasse. He served this as a starter and shaved a few slices of fresh truffles on top. I was in heaven. This recipe can be improvised and you can use just about any seasonal vegetable.

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 onion, thinly sliced
5 ounces/150 g bacon/poitrine, diced
2 carrots, peeled and diced
1 large parsnip, peeled and diced
1 celery stalk, sliced
1 garlic clove, thinly sliced
100 g peeled & shelled fava beans
8 slices of savoy cabbage, sliced
250 ml/ 1 cup chicken or vegetable stock
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
A handful of red quinoa, rinsed

Peel and cut all the vegetables into small chunks. Cut the bacon into matchsticks. Heat the olive oil in a cocotte and sauté the bacon until golden, add the onion, garlic then the rest of the vegetables for 5 minutes on a medium heat. Add the vegetable or chicken stock, add the quinoa grains and season with salt and pepper. Cover with a lid on a low heat and cook for 10 to 15 minutes, until the vegetables and quinoa grains are tender yet slightly crunchy. Stir in the butter and serve with a few slices on shaved truffles on top (optional).



  1. Aaaaaargh!!!…I’m hopping about with excitement. Good to hear that there have already been tears because there’ll probably be some from me!
    I was just about to turn my work computer off when a notification came on my phone on my email that there was a new post and now, I’m still sitting here at my desk devouring every word and image.
    Oddly though, the post came up in my email before it appeared on the blog. Interesting.
    The first workshop looks to have been a roaring succes and, I’ve seen some of the pictures on IG from the second. Bravo Château Mimi.
    And…it makes it seem even more real because I am staying with the Three Sisters! Think I may have been injected with enough energy from being excited to get on with post of my own this evening.
    Did you see the workshop that Marte Marie Forsberg just announced …? It looks wonderful too. But I think yours will be more than enough to last me the year.

    1. Chère Susie, We were just talking about you over lunch! We are so excited to see you here… Corrine from the ‘Three Sisters’ said you sounded like a bundle of laughs. These last 3 workshops were amazing, I loved meeting fantastic souls from all over the world. Now we are getting ready for you…there a zillion bottles of wine waiting for you, and I think we might make some ‘merveileux’ meringues together, sounds good, non? 🙂 Mimi x

      1. Haha…Oh dear, Mimi…, now I’m scared!

        I was just saying to someone yesterday that I’m not sure I’ll be able to cope with all the wine drinking (I’ve been practising of late though – just to be safe!).

        The day of your birthday I actually woke up dreaming* about the workshop, obviously with this post fresh in my head, and maybe I was getting some birthday vibes through the ether because..

        *Was actually a mild nightmare involving a party at yours the night before my workshop was due to start, so I don’t know why I was there but hey, anything can happen in a dream, right. There was a whole load of champagne and red wine, a photography workshop across the road – though not from Oddur because he was staying at the party – and me worrying that there wouldn’t be a workshop the following day because the party was shaping up to be rather wild.

        I’m sorry that I’ve not built in extra time, I’ve got a good feeling about the ‘Three Sisters’, I’ll just have to use them as my base when I come back in summer for the restaurant.

        I’m up for meringues any, and every, way they come! Preferably not crushed from being swung around in their container though.

        Didn’t do the endive tartlets yet – they’re on the menu for this weekend.

  2. Sublime, Just sublime. The Japanese magnolias on the table. The endive tartlets. I could go on and on. This post is even more of a treasure than usual. Merci BEAUCOUP, Mimi.

    1. Merci dear Casey – these workshops have been amazing, it’s been a pleasure meeting everyone in person… from the blog to St Yzans, it feels unreal to be together! This is such a rewarding season, there are blossoms everywhere, I had to make pretty rosebud endive tartlets to match the mood! Bon dimanche, Mimi x

  3. And also, the endive tartlets look and sound divine. Could be my supper for tonight except that I just put my puff pastry in the freezer last night. Maybe I’ll save them for the weekend when there will be more than just me around to eat them! Yum.

  4. Well, that was a most fantastic result Mimi. Congratulations on the first workshops. I bet you were a bit nervous, and now the first is over and it will only be better and bigger and lovelier. And you are absolutely right; I love seeing photos on the blog. Please write as many post as you like! The more the happier I’ll be. 😀

    1. Bonjour Veronica! Oh, these workshops have been amazing. I admit I was nervous for the very first one, but the second I met our lovely guests, I knew we were going to have a lovely time! It’s been a privilege to meet everyone. Hope all is well with you! Happy spring. Mimi x

  5. Dear Mimi,

    What a surprise! You found the time to write a post and share new recipes with the cooking workshops going on… Short nights I guess and always this generosity to share what you love with others.
    These photos are beautiful and I would join you if I could… I will manage!
    And your Chateau Mimi is just the loveliest name for your “demeure”!
    Thanks for sharing and yes, quel chemin parcouru depuis le bac de Royan! pour notre plaisir à tous!
    I will be in Arcachon the 3rd week of april; You might be busy with the workshop but if you find time, I can drive to Saint Yzans or you to Arcachon!
    Merci xx Cécile

    1. Bonjour Cécile. It was a must to share this very first workshop, and oh boy it was fun! I guess the photos speak for themselves… I was cracking up most of the time.:) We’ve had already three workshops, one of our guests fell in love with St Yzans and is buying a house! Incredible! I hope to see you during Easter break. Mimix

      1. Wow! Incroyable… Saint Yzans is going to live a second life thanks to you!
        And yes tell me when, if I can come say a quick hello during the Easters holidays. I just don’t want to disturb you… bises Cécile

  6. This was a joy to read – nothing better than sharing good food made with love and seasonal produce … and one or three bottles of wine!
    Oh someday I hope to be at one of your workshops. Congratulations!

    1. Or perhaps 6 bottles! 🙂 Oh, we did have an amazing time – lots of good food, laughter, we all shared our stories as Oddur served the best wines… I hope to see you one day! Mimi x

  7. Greetings from the coast of Maine. I found your cookbook in our local bookstore and bought it before yet another blizzard was about to hit. While people were busy gathering supplies like firewood, extra batteries, etc. I was gathering my own supplies, a big wedge of parmigiano reggiano, cream, butter, endives, fresh Maine diver scallops and of course wine to get us through the storm. Your book, blog and husband’s thoughtful photos inspire me to slow down and be fully aware of what is around me; to gather and celebrate family and friends; to fully engage in my community, to live seasonally and with all that nature throws. While of course visiting Medoc would be lovely, what I take away from your stories is that everyone can experience the simple gifts of living in Medoc, whether you live in the city or on the coast of Maine. With gratitude, thank you for sharing.

    Kelly Gordon
    Cape Elizabeth, Maine

    1. Bonjour Kelly. I am delighted to hear you bought a copy of my cookbook, thank you! I am very touched by your kind words, and hope you enjoyed lovely dishes during the cold blizzard. Hopefully by now spring has sprung! It is a pleasure to share. All best, Mimi x

  8. Wonderful, wonderful blog post. Sounds like a great occasion!! I would have loved to have been there, especially since I am a man and would be with all these beautiful wormen!

  9. Where can I find information about your upcoming workshops? It looks fabulous!
    Thank you for sharing,

  10. Mimi !! I’ve been looking for your next post to come and hoping it would be about the workshops. Oh my goodness, it all looks wonderful and sounds like just what I had hoped for. I’m counting the days until May. I’m going to love this. I already do ! xxx

    1. So glad you likedit! It was a bundle of fun, we had an unforgettable time together. We’ve had two more workshops since then, it’s been so special! I am loving this. Can’t wait to see you very soon! Mimi x

  11. Such a joy to read your blogs. How you do it all astounds me. Congratulations on the success of the first workshops what a bonus for the participants to have Oddur take such stunning shots of them. Thank you Mimi for being such a delight.

    1. Thank you dear Maggie! It was such a delightful first workshop experience… since then we’ve had two others and our guests were so lovely! Can’t wait to share more! Mimi x

  12. Bonjour Mimi! Can I come back and do it all over again!!!?!! haha Words cannot express how amazing the workshop is and I know all of the future workshops will be just as fun! I learned so much and am making the tartlets tonight for dinner! Kevin is so excited! He really wants me to make the duck shepherds pie…but that will have to be another night! 🙂 I’m just absolutely thrilled to have had this experience and cannot wait to come back to Medoc for cooking and a nice visit…and maybe purchase a home to join the sect! 😉 haha xo, Dana

    1. Hi Dana! So good to hear from you. I am thrilled to hear you are cooking all the goodies we prepared. Meeting you, Kevin (oh, sunset!), Shari & Jo was unforgettable… we miss you! Mimi x

  13. Glorious words and photos! I hope to join you one day. Although I think I would be teary all day long, overwhelmed by the beauty of that produce.

  14. Just reading and seeing these past two workshops pass by, has encouraged me even more to come and visit you in France!!! I cannot wait for the day to come when I shall cook and photograph (as I am a photographer and passionate about food:) with you Mimi! It may be a little too early for me as I am just 20 and I don’t drink wine yet, but i have promised myself that one day my mother and I will come together to your chateau.There is nothing better to be around people who appreciate food in the same respect as you do 🙂 It is always a pleasure to read your posts- I grab my computer and right away begin to read your blog the minute I receive the notification. Au revoir from Canada 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Thank you for such a sweet message Mimi! We had such a wonderful time, I hope you (and your mother) will come for a visit someday soon. It will be a pleasure to share our passions! Mimi x

  15. Now, this is definitely a nice idea for my 50th birthday next year. Do you have a calendar for your workshops? I want to start saving..I would prefer to be in your kitchen wearing an apron than in a pink party dress to celebrate my golden year.

  16. Mimi I love your blog, and it helps me a lot with my little family. I hope you do not mind, but I mentioned you in a post of my blog, because I just love your recipes. You are more than welcome to come and visit my post and feel free to make a little critic of my results. Best wishes for you and your family.

  17. Mimi, congratulations on the start of your workshops! I’ve been seeing the photos on Instagram, and it looks like it was a great time (for both sessions) Now to read about it here, oh it sounds so wonderful! I admit, I’m a bit jealous of the lovely ladies that have already taken the workshop 😉 I’m not sure sure how far in advance you will be scheduling the workshops, but I would love to take one this time next year! I’m planning a spring 2016 France trip!

    1. Bonjour Alyssa! These workshops have been amazing – it such a special treat to open our doors and meet such wonderful people! I haven’t started the 2016 calendar yet, but I have had many requests, so I’ll start soon. Merci! Mimi x

  18. In the endive tarts recipe is icing sugar the same as confectioners sugar in the US? Or granulated/table sugar?

  19. Dear Mimi, you sound like you are having the most wonderful time. I wish I could do a workshop. I am a long time reader of your blog and I will be in France in August this year, visiting from Australia. I would love to eat at your restaurant if you will be open and am wondering if you could recommend places to stay in Yzen. I sent you an email a while ago if all this sounds slightly familiar.

    1. Hi Judy, Oh I do hope you will come and visit! Regarding the hotels, we have several charming B&B’s: La Hourqueyre, Château Real, Château de Loudenne, Le Moulin, all these are in St Yzans. I also love Ormes de Pez in St Estèphe, it’s about 12 minutes from here and it’s stunning! Big hugs, Mimi x

  20. Fantastic !! Congratulations much fun and enjoyment when making workshops. It is a great joy to know that my predecessors have enjoyed both Château Mimi, because I hope someday also be present. Thank you very much for sharing the arrival of the first guests this extremely funny, this menu sounds very tasty and light, love it !! Thanks for thinking of your blog readers and spend your rest time to narrate all these events and regarlarnos these wonderful recipes. A hug for you all.

  21. J’aime beaucoup le concept que vous avez crée !! C’est beaucoup plus qu’un simple cour de cuisine ! C’est du partage!
    Très belles photos. La photo de vous deux est exceptionnel !
    J’en suis sûre que les participants ont eu une très belle expérience culinaire et humaine 🙂 happy week !

  22. Ah, to be a guest at Château Mimi….thanks for letting me dream a little this morning. I love that your husband dragged your guests around the house with such wonderful props for such beautiful photos!

  23. I am so glad these images made it to the blog, MImi!! I love seeing virtually what goes on in these gatherings of amazingly talented people, as I cannot afford to attend one myself. It feels like a treat, like being invited to peek into what must have been a height of creative minds coming together, of generosity taking place, and it makes us feel, the ones outside, as ife we are being offered some of that creative burst, some of that generosity. SO thank you so much for sharing!!

  24. After sitting down and reading this, taking notes for the recipes..I am in dreamy heaven.!!!! All your recipes are heaven on a plate..!! Now back to business. Now, where did I put my Apron again….

  25. What a smashing, smashing success Mimi! Esoteric. So delighted for you…I love your exposition in this piece too, really draws the reader into the fold….and makes us long to join in!
    I must say that feel so fortunate to be working with Marie next month in Ireland, each time we speak on the phone she just exudes such positive energy and seems like such a lovely, genuine soul– just as you’ve depicted here, too. Of course, I asked Marie how amazing it was to spend time with you and Oddur and the group in France and she said it was just one of those absolute dream experiences that she will never, ever forget. I wish you the best with the rest of your ateliers this year Mimi.
    And, remember, always have fun =) Imen x

    1. Dearest Imen – how I wish I could come for a visit – no doubt you & Marie are going to have a sensational workshop together! Marie was a darling, full of giggles and the best part? Meeting her beloved mother Yvonne of course! She is the sweetest mom ever.Thanks for all your sweet wishes – and yes, it’s all about fun, fun, fun! Hope to see you soon! All the best for next month’s retreat! Mimix

  26. I do forget how small the internet world is sometimes! I’ve been bowled over by Marte Marie Forsberg’s photos for a while now. Having both your husband’s beautiful photos and hers in the same post is fantastic! The atelier looks like so much fun and a great get-away! It’s a lovely thing to see someone enjoy their work so much!

  27. Hello, i am very interested in your culinary workshops in Medoc, I am form the Okanagan wine region in Canada, love food, dogs, farm life and your blog. It so surpasses the average online periodicals, a real feast for the eyes, I copy and save all the recipes and your writing is delightful How does one get invited to attend a workshop, I would love to include it on my next visit to /France and meet you,Thanks Taryn

  28. Thank you for sharing your cooking class. Really enjoyed seeing everyone. Can’t wait to visit Chateau Mimi someday soon! Xx

  29. The classes sound ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! But then Mimi I knew they would… Again thank you for a Lovely post…Please know how much ENJOYMENT your blog brings to your readers…I would love to have the link to sign up for a class! ❤️

  30. what a glorious story you tell – the first part sounds just like an Agatha Christie novel. Congratulations on your workshops, your book and thank you for sharing your wonderful life through social media, blogs, cookbooks and now workshops. What you do is inspirational Mimi (and thanks to Oddur for his role including the pictures that make me almost feel like I was there at a workshop)

    1. Merci Paola – it is always a pleasure to share. It was all funs and lots of delicious cooking (and wine!) – what a memorable first group we had! Thanks for all your kind words & encouragement. Mimi x

  31. Congratulations, Mimi! The workshops look wonderful. If I had been there I would not have left without one of those puppies, lol!

  32. Querida Mimi, que delicia poder asistir a uno de sus talleres, me haria tan feliz, poder asistir….se les ve tan contentas y felices. Me gustaria saber cuando puedo reservar mesa en el restaurante, nuestra intención és viajar por la zona a finales de julio ,y para celebrar nuestro aniversario de boda, comer en su casa seria el mejor regalo. Os deseo todo lo mejor. Con cariño,Rosa.

    1. Querida Rosa,
      Tan feliz de compartir estos momentos de nuestros workshops con usted. Te dejaré saber tan pronto como el restaurante abre. Sería para mí un placer conocerte en persona y hacer su estancia inolvidable! Mejor, Mimi x

      1. If only I would have been there, I would have kindly asked for the same thing… they are incredibly sweet!
        Your guest from Seattle took away lots of wonderful rememberances… and also a puppy. Well, she was indeed, a lucky one.

        All the very best, Luana.

  33. Such an incredible vibe you can see through the pictures!
    Food looks amazing and seems like it was a great experience.
    Congrats Mimi, I hope one day I will make it to France from Chile to one of your workshops. I am a huge fan of yours! 🙂
    All the best!
    Anita x

  34. Oh mimi you write so wonderfully about the workshop. One day I will return to France and I hope it’s to meet you and learn your fabulous recipes. xo

  35. Dear Mimi,
    Happy birthday wishing you a blessed and successful year in all aspects.
    Congratulations on your first workshop, everything looks amazing the photos and delcious recipes. They are so lucky to cook with you in your beautiful kitchen.
    Best wishes xx

  36. It all sounds so wonderful and looks so beautiful. I will live vicariously through your blog posts and pictures. I love your cookbook I just received my copy and have read it cover to cover; such an enjoyment.

  37. Bonjour Mimi, merci pour de nous faire partager ces moments ou le temps semble s’arrêter… Je n’ai malheureusement pas pu venir vous voir a votre dédicace a New York, mais je dévore littéralement votre livre ^^.

  38. Hello Mimi,
    It is always a pleasure to view your latest food activity with family and friends. The puppies are as precious as ever. My best to you, Oddur and family.

  39. Bonjour, Mimi- It makes me so happy to see so many happy cooks in one place (especially such a beautiful one in FRANCE no less). I am hoping that at some point in the future the stars align and I can get myself to one of your workshops (or perhaps to help out in your restaurant!). I hope you realize how much joy and inspiration you bring to us all.
    I devoured your cookbook, I must tell you! My favorite had to be the gougeres- we made them on New Year’s Eve and promptly ate the entire thing!

    Recently I have been put on a gluten and dairy-free diet, however, so I’ve had to resist. I must tell you, though, your recipes continue to inspire me- to eat seasonally and respect each ingredient. While I have to live without some of my favorites for now, I am making the best of it in part because of you, so merci, merci, merci!

  40. What happened to the recipe for the cabbage tart? Part of your post seems to have disappeared.

  41. I am so happy you decided to publish a blog on your first workshop! Such a beautiful, interesting post. Please keep us updated on the wonderful people and experiences that come through your château door.

  42. was so excited and surprised when I saw you yesterday during my stay in Paris on TV.
    Didn’t know that you are already
    a big * in France.

  43. Hi Mimi, Just made the endive tartlets for my French family and they loved them, they are so pretty! merci beaucoup!

  44. In keeping with my flare for embracing the “Slow Life” to the max. I’m obviously very late to the party, but I’ve just discovered your blog! It’s so lovely, as are you, your family, your home and the dogs and the food and the floor and…. well, it’s all gorgeous and better late than never 🙂
    Happy Summer wishes to you and yours from Santa Barbara, CA.

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