Passion fruit chocolate truffles

by mimithorisson


One would think that after all these recent festivities, I’d had my dose of chocolate. But no. I wanted more. My friend Sheyenne gave me a recipe during the Christmas holidays for passion fruit chocolate truffles. Just the name is inviting enough. When I saw all the passion fruits at the market, I knew I had the perfect recipe up my sleeve. I love the slight sting you get on your palate after one bite. I was amazed at how simple the recipe was, and most of all how much fun I had making the truffles. All the ingredients are so beautiful and luxurious. The lusciousness of the honey, tender flesh of the passion fruit mixed with rich dark chocolate, cream and butter. Just a little something to make you happy. Merci Sheyenne!

Passion fruits truffles

Ingredients: (makes about 18-20 truffles)
2 passion fruits
60 ml/ 1/4 cup cream
230 g/ 8 ounces good quality black chocolate
15 ml/ 1 tbsp honey
30 g/ 2 tbsp butter
Cocoa powder (for dusting – you can also use confectioner’s sugar if you prefer)

1) Break chocolate into small chunks and place in a bowl. Set aside.
2) Place a sieve on top of a saucepan, take the passion fruit pulp and mash it up until all the juice drip into the recipient. Discard the seeds. Add the cream and honey, stir and bring the mixture to a soft boil.
3) Pour mixture on chocolate, stir until smooth. Add butter.
4) Leave to cool and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
5) Shape the chocolate paste into small truffles with the help of a small slotted spoon and roll them in cocoa powder.

Passion fruit pulp