An omelette for all seasons

A beautifully cooked omelette is one of life’s greatest pleasures. As simple as an omelette may sound, it is not always easy to achieve the perfect ‘cuisson‘ (cooking). It must be light, fluffy and velvety soft, just as you would imagine it being served on a silver tray in your dream hotel.

One of our house guests earlier this month, Mathieu (see previous post), is a master at cooking omelettes. We would literally queue up at the kitchen table every morning kindly placing our orders – omelette nature for Thorir, omelette with herbs for Isabelle, omelette with cheese for my husband. My favourite one was the tarragon and Saint-Nectaire cheese omelette. The ingredients just happened to be ready and available on the kitchen counter, so Mathieu made an improvised mix. It tasted like a truffled omelette, only nuttier and more aromatic due to the exquisite Saint-Nectaire cheese. Pure delight.

It is always a pleasure to have guests, but even better when they are marvelous omelette cooking guest hosts.

3 free-range eggs
10 g butter
A small handful of chopped fresh tarragon
A few slices of Saint-Nectaire cheese (finely sliced and crust removed – you can use any of your favourite cheese)
Salt and black pepper to season

Crack three eggs in a bowl and whisk eggs until slightly frothy, about 3-4 minutes. Heat the butter in a frying pan over a medium heat. When the butter starts sizzling, pour the eggs in the pan. Using a spatula, move the eggs in a circular motion for a few seconds and allow eggs to cook on a low heat. Sprinkle salt, pepper, chopped tarragon and sliced Saint-Nectaire cheese. When the cheese starts to melt, take the pan off the heat and gently roll the omelette on both sides. Flip over, return to heat and cook for 5 seconds until slightly golden. Serve immediately on a plate.

Omelettes are best served with a green salad.

18 thoughts on “An omelette for all seasons

  1. As it is Sunday, there is a pretty darn good chance that one of us will be whipping up omelettes today. It has become something of a competition between my honey and me to see who can whip up the fluffiest, most perfecto one. At last go, he tried adding a “secret ingredient” and it was insane. If I can pry it out of him, I’ll let you know. And thanks for this combo, I will definitely be trying it out soon…
    Bon Dimanche! Your family looks quite fetching in your salade toques–it could be a new trend. 🙂

    1. Good morning to you! Perhaps you can ‘outdo’ your husband this morning with this omelette? Any good cheese will do… Just not emmenthal as I think it makes an omelette slightly dull:) did you know la mere Poulard was named best omelette cook ever? She was from Mont st Michel. My friend Mathieu says the secret is in the whisking till frothy part, and never over cooking the omelette. It’s an on/off heat thing! Bonne journée et bon dimanche! Mimix

  2. I am ever so curious as to what types/brands of pots, pans, knives you
    utilise to create your wonderful dishes. I have recently invested in a French De Buyer beeswax skillet for my omlettes, but am a big fan of cast iron. Also, any knives or cleavers you recommend? I need to invest in a few items for the kitchen and am also a European, North American, Chinese cook so require a bit of everything in terms of equipment. Could this be an blogg entry one day, your kitchen and your tools of the trade?! Any expertise would be hugely appreciated! Best from Stockholm, Sophie (former colleague and now new friends with IFJ ^_^/)

    1. Hi Sophie! So nice to hear from you I have heard so much about you from IFJ! I am a big fan of Staub ‘cocottes’ in cast iron. I ‘have invested’ in them several years ago and they have never let me down. I can’t cook without them! I have 5 of them in all sizes and it’s perfect for my cooking (I love the black matte ones). As for knives, I mostly use the Haiku brand from Japan. I am also a big fan of Italian brands, such as Fama for knives and accessories. I know what I am asking Santa Claus this Christmas! Stylish copper pots and pans from Mauviel – they are so beautiful and will make me feel like julia Child! I will definitely do a post one of these days on my tools of the trade! Thanks for inspiring me Sophie! Have a lovely day. Mimix

  3. Thanks for sharing the secret! Love how my omelette is now fluffy and much better than before. I really enjoy the addition of tarragon too. Thanks again!

  4. Dear Mimi,
    Since I found your beautiful website I have made and collecting lots of wonderful memories with my kids through my cooking from your amazing recipes

    Thank you so much, you inspire me

    Good luck for everything and my best regards to you and your beautiful family

    Love from Australia


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