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Good ideas – Moveable feasts

When we first found and fell in love with the big house at 1 rue de Loudenne, a building rich with history and many past lives, we wanted to turn parts of it into a restaurant. It was a good idea but we soon came up with something better, more intimate and more enjoyable. How about, a few times a year, having groups of people come to our house, not for one meal but several. Cook with them, get to know them, share our lives, our knowledge of food, photography, wine and France. My blog, that I had started a few years earlier, was keeping me occupied and happy, communicating with readers, sharing recipes and glimpses of my life a very satisfying experience but I always felt the need for an increased reality, talking about a place is one thing, actually being there is another. A chef in a restaurant rarely meets his diners, a waiter does but usually only on a superficial level. Having many meals together in a row, many wines in a row, cooking together, sharing a bountiful table seemed like a good idea, and it turns out it was. We are in our 4th year of hosting workshops and I’m quite frankly loving it. I always had a feeling my readers were wonderful people and now I’ve found out they really are. You’ve come here in great numbers, some of you every year (which must be a compliment) and instead of things getting jaded or ordinary they are getting better. The basic idea remains the same, people come here in the morning, we cook, eat, drink and when we’re done we do it all over again. Of course there are all sorts of distractions, differently emphasized depending on the theme of the workshop, the time of year. Wine always plays a huge part, sometimes photography does too. Exploring the region, foraging, meeting our friends, sometimes cooking at their place, especially if they live on winemaking châteaux.

But this good idea has evolved, taken on a life of its own – it’s almost a concept by now, 1 rue de Loudenne is a real house, a house where you can visit, have champagne, make soufflés, have wine tastings, lunches under the olive trees or drink wonderful Bordeaux wines in front of the fire as the duck breast snarls on the sarment wine branches in the fireplace. But it’s also a virtual place, an idea of how life can be lived, something you can bring back home with you like ( a much better writer than me once called it ) a moveable feast.

I have also found that good ideas can travel, they are not bound to a house, no matter how good the house may be. And good ideas must evolve to stay young and fresh. This year I’m working on a new cookbook once again with Clarkson Potter (the Crown Publishing Group), on a subject that’s very close to our hearts – Italian cooking. We’ve taken most of our holidays, forever, in Italy. We’ve traveled there extensively, spent much time and discovered places, sometimes through our work for Condé Nast Traveler, that we could never have imagined but always knew were there (if that makes sense). The idea is to bring to the reader, not only my take on Italian cooking but that of my Italian friends who have helped me discover the originality and specialness of their respective regions. To do this well (and why would I bother if that wasn’t the plan) we have decided to take up a secondary residence in Torino (Turin), a city we have all fallen in love with. Rue Loudenne will remain our home but this is a new chapter in our lives and as I once said, why not? – while we’re still young. As I said, I believe that good ideas can travel and the idea is to bring the moveable feast that is Rue Loudenne to Italy for some special workshops throughout the year as we’ll be partially based there.

A guest attending once asked me, in the early days, “Is there anything special I need to bring to the workshop?” My answer then was “Just bring an open mind and an empty stomach”.
That is still the answer.

I hope you like what we have planned for next year, I know it seems quite far away now but as always I have received so many requests from people who are more organised than myself to give the dates and I’m glad they do – it’s wonderful to have something to look forward to.

Workshops of 2019

2019 being our fifth year I believe we’ve come up with a good “formula” for the classic workshops, something that works for most people and is enjoyable. 3 days seem to be the magic number of days, we usually start at 10.30 in the morning, cook a lunch together and then take a 2 hour break in the afternoon before reconvening, with a glass or two of champagne in one hand, some kitchen utensil in the other (and sometimes that kitchen utensil is just a cork screw), cook dinner.

The price for a standard workshop is 2.000 euros per person with everything included except accommodation which guests choose themselves – but don’t worry we have plenty of good options for you, wonderful B&B’s, beautiful houses rented out by friends …

Some workshops have additional supplements in terms of cost, often due to the fact we’re traveling, with some or all accommodation included, some restaurant meals or transportation. How much depends on which workshop. The two road trips are also longer workshops and therefore more costly.

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable. I find that to be a necessary step to avoid confusion and frivolous bookings. Should, however, something prevent you from attending the workshop you booked (and I know from experience that this can happen) I would be very happy to find other dates that work for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,
Mimi xx

For all bookings and further information please contact: [email protected]

Workshops at my house in Médoc, France

May 15 – 18, 2019 “The French wine Master class”, a roadtrip

Having lived and breathed Bordeaux wines for almost a decade now, having always loved wine, having wine makers as some of our closest friends, having even made our own wine – it’s safe to say that we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way. Wine has truly become a passion for us on so many levels, a nectar full of history, flavor, terroir and tradition. While most of the workshops touch to a larger or lesser degree on the subject of wine we thought, 4 years later, it was time to devote a whole workshop, not just to our beloved Bordeaux but also to the wines of other French wine regions we love. We’ll start in Champagne, meet some of our favorite producers, do tastings and end the day in Paris with a feast at one of our best-loved restaurants. The following day we’ll head down to Burgundy where we’ll continue our education/indulging and spend a night in the region after a typical Lyonnaise bistrot meal. On the third day we’ll head down to Bordeaux (it’s a bit of a drive so be warned), starting in St Émilion and spending the night in Bordeaux city. On the last day we’ll drive up to Médoc, meet our friends who make wine and finally cooking a last feast together at our house, 1 rue de Loudenne in St Yzans.

This is a 4-day workshop which is unusual but we just don’t feel we can do this properly and enjoyably in 3 day. This workshop carries a supplement due to accommodation included, restaurant meals etc.

• for furthers details and cost of participation, please send me an email on [email protected]

June 12-14, 2019 “The Playing restaurant workshop”

This is a workshop I’m particularly excited about. As I mentioned earlier in this post we had an idea, briefly, to turn parts of our house into a restaurant. We did a pop-up the first year we lived here and we’re still in love with the idea of creating the “perfect bistrot”. So while this will partially be a classic workshop it will also be built around the idea of conceiving a restaurant. Before the last day we’ll split the group in two with each party taking care of one meal, one lunch, one dinner. Each group will come up with a menu, wine pairings, table settings, flower arrangements. Which little treats to serve the guests when they arrive, the music, the coffee. And cook of course – with each person playing on his or her strengths. For fun we’ll invite a professional restaurant critic who will declare one team the winner. Sounds like fun, right?

• Cost of participation: 2000 euros per person

June 19 – 21, 2019 “The annual Summer abundance workshop”

Probably the most popular workshop of the last 2 years, so popular in fact that we added a second one in 2018. This is a celebration of summer and seasonal produce, when the season is still young and full of the freshest fruits and vegetables. A traditional workshop in summer clothes, with al fresco lunches and dinners, long communal tables, picnics and barbecues on the beaches and in the vineyards – the color of this workshop is rosé …

• Cost of participation: 2000 euros per person

September 25 – 27, 2019 “The first Fall harvest & wine workshop”

Médoc is a wine region above anything else and while the talk most of the year is of nothing but wine (and perhaps meat, mushrooms and oysters) the harvest is September is the culmination of it all – the region really comes alive, migrant workers flock to Médoc to pick in the day, party in the evenings – there are endless feasts and events, a time for celebration and sometimes also worry. The most Médoc of all periods. This will be a classic workshop, with much cooking and eating at our house but the thread of intrigue will be the wine picking (which we will participate in) the wine partying (which we will also participate in), some early foraging, some late summer celebrating. One of my favorite times of the year when we can still enjoy tomatoes and are already having mushrooms and pumpkins.

• Cost of participation: 2000 euros per person

October 2 – 4, 2019 “The second Fall harvest workshop”

Another classic workshop that’s proven incredibly popular. A similar take on the season as the Summer abundance but with slightly warmer clothes and different colors and flavors. Foraging for mushrooms, a feast in the forest, hanging out with local hunters (for those who dare), serious wine tastings, recipes rich with autumn produce and local game.

• Cost of participation: 2000 euros per person

Workshops in Italy

April 17 – 19, 2019 “Spring in Piemonte”

By then my Italian cookbook will be done and I’ll be full of knowledge, new tricks and inspiration. Piemontese cooking has really taken me by storm and I can’t wait to share all my newfound secrets. We’ll stay in the Langhe – Roero winemaking region (where they make Barolos) and spend our days cooking together, eating together, visiting one or two restaurants to sample the best of the region. We have decided, for the sake of variety and to make everyone happy, that I’ll stay put in the kitchen while others, like my husband Oddur who is a photographer and who loves wine intimately – will take those who want on wine tours and offer photography classes – a sort of cooking relief for those who need it, or spouses and friends who come along for the ride but would rather taste wine than actually cook too much. It’s a something for everyone formula 

• for furthers details and cost of participation, please send me an email on [email protected]

July 4-6, 2019 “The Mysteries of Turin”

The most unusual workshop of the year … and the most mysterious. Turin is a legendary city, the only one in the world that lies on both the so-called Black and White triangles. For three days we’ll indulge in good food and wine, while diving into these mysteries, like in a good detective novel (where the detective likes to eat and drink), fascinate ourselves with the legends, the shroud of Turin, the origins of Italian cinema, the legend of Carlo Mollino. Where Julia Child meets Agatha Christie. I’ve got goosebumps writing this …

• for furthers details and cost of participation, please send me an email on [email protected]

October 15-19, 2019 “The Great Italian roadtrip” … a cookbook revisited

Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to visit some special places in Italy and the coming year will see us do even more travel as we put the finishing touches on my Italian cookbook. Come October 2019 we’ll be, not only celebrating the realisation of all that cooking and travel in the form of a book, but also inspired to revisit the settings of our food discoveries and photographing, sharing our favorite destinations with a few good and interested people who love Italy and want to know her better. We’ll start in Rome and work our way up through 5 regions until we’ll end up in Piemonte (of course) where we’ll have a farewell dinner (that we’ll cook together ) in our Turin apartment.

This is a 5-day “extravaganza” workshop

• for furthers details and cost of participation, please send me an email on [email protected]

December 5-7, 2019 “Festive in Piemonte”

The white truffles of Alba are one of the most sought after foods in the world. And for good reason, come October/November and Piemontese chefs & waiters will grate or slice truffles on just about everything they serve you – and it will all be delicious. We’ll escape the crowds but catch the truffles in local restaurants, set up a kitchen where we’ll cook away and explore the early winter country and festive cooking of Piemonte. This will be a workshop comparable to the “Spring in Piemonte” workshop but with vastly different ingredients and weather and some early Christmas influences for a festive atmosphere.

• for furthers details and cost of participation, please send me an email on [email protected]

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    1. Mimi,
      You are extraordinaily talented and I can hardly wait to read your blog each day! Recipes,
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      Congratulations on your new maison….looks absolutely beautiful. I for one would like to
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      birthday present for my daughter (who also follows you) Sept 8th. I would love to surprize
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      And, we’re so looking forward to your cookbook availability in the US
      Thank you, and great good fortune with the birth of your new baby and new home.

      1. If not able to accomadate Mimi, workshop in early September – can you please reply when you will be taking students in Medoc?
        Thank you

        1. Hi Barb,
          No it seems that September is coming to early for us to start the workshops. I would love to get started this fall but at this point I don’t want to make any promises. I am so eager to start but a quite a few things have to get done first. As soon as I have something concrete I will announce dates. And thank you so much for your interest. Mimi x

          1. Totally understandable Mimi that you are unable to accomodate early in September. It was my own wishful thinking as both my daughter and I are
            ,so anxious to meet and study with you and have fun in the Medoc countryside. Eagerly awaiting your cookbook in October so we can start to practice your recipes.
            We will come when you are ready…whenever!
            Hugs to you and all the family.

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    1. Bonjour from Médoc! Thank you so much for your kind words, such a nice way to start a day. I saw the lovely comments from Patricia on the ‘Kitchn'(best blog photography nomination) – please say hi and thank you for the support! Best, Mimix

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    J’ai eu l’énorme chance de decouvrir ton blog par une amie bienveillante qui me l’a indiqué en sachant combien j’aime la bonne cuisine…and she was soooo right to do so!
    Ton blog, tes photos, tes recettes sont vraiment extraordinaires et je te remercie de les partager with the world!!
    Ca ne fait qu’une semaine que je ‘cotoie’ ton blog, mais j’ai deja fait les artichauts alla Giudia plusieurs fois, la sauce tomate au nom imprononcable, le veau saltimbocca (j’ai rajouté du comté, ca fait toujours plaisir!), les pommes de terre au four avec romarin etc, et la tarte ricotta/citron/pignons (je me suis permise de remplacer le miel par du sirop d’erable)…TOUT ABSOLUMENT MORTELLEMENT BON!
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  41. Mimi, I am so excited for you and your family! Your new venture sounds wonderful. Please let me know when you are ready for “students” in your cooking workshop – I would love to enroll. Best of luck and looking forward to personally meeting you.

  42. Great Blog! I love it
    Please let me know about the cooking ateliers. I would like to organize a group and go!!

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  47. Hello Mimi
    Great to meet you and all the other great people at the fete.We had a fantastic afternoon. I to am from a village with a fishing and agricultural heritage and it great to see both together as one.
    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to explain about the area to my wife and I.
    The meringue and peaches with cream were so good.
    We followed your great recommendations on our journey back to st Emillion.

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    I found a website with an article of yours “Seven Steps to a Perfect Dinner Party, the Mimi Thorisson Way”
    Where can I get the chicken recipe that is featured in the photo?

    I just discovered your blog and I’m really enjoying it. It’s making me way to cook cook cook!

    1. Hi Julie, I believe the recipe you mentioned comes from a story we did with Bon Apettit. Normally the recipe should be on their website. If not just contact me back and I’ll send it to you directly. Mimi x

  49. Please may I be added to your email list.
    I follow you on Facebook, and can’t wait to purchase your upcoming cookbook

  50. bonjour je découvre votre blog aujourd hui et je le trouvre superbe , de magnifiques photos , une région que je connais un peu bordelaise et maintenant sur le bassin d Arcachon j aime moi aussi cuisiner et partager les bons petits plats

    un regret mon niveau d anglais me permet de lire vos textes en travers dommage ni a t il pas possibilité de traduction avec Google ?
    J AI ENVIE DE FAIRE CERTAINES DE VOS RECETTES votre livre sera t il en anglais également ?
    bonne journéé bien remplie avec tous ces enfants et cette grande maison et jardin .
    cordialement isabelle

    1. Bonjour Isabelle, Je suis si touchée par votre message – c’est un plaisir de partager! Mon livre sera traduit en Francais poour 2015 (an Janvier). Dés que j’ai les dates officielles, je les publierai sur le blog. Merci, Mimi x

  51. We are thinking of trip to Medoc september october 2015; will you be offering cooking classes then?
    good time of year to come?
    thinking of doing a few days in Medoc and a few in Aix-a-Provence?

  52. Just got home to find a copy of your cookbook in my mail. What a wonderful surprise! Just made a hot chocolate and will spend the evening reading it. Best way to spend an evening!

  53. De tres bonne recettes mon fils a beaucoup aimé les muffins au potimaron il me les réclame a chaque fois.. merci pour vos recettes…

  54. Domage que votre blog soit en anglais je ne comprends pas l’anglais. .:-( .. je n ai c est pas si on peux le traduire ou pas?? Mais je viens de le découvrir et franchement il y a quelque belle recette que j’aimerais tester. . 😉 ..

    coucou au enfants a très vite..

    1. Merci Sofia – hélas, oui, je sais, je devrais aussi écrire en Français! C’est juste une question de temps… promis! N’hésitez pas à me demander de vous traduire mes recettes! Je suis là pour vous aider! Mimix

  55. Mimi,
    I just returned yesterday, Oct 28th, from Paris with my husband and today opened my Conde Nast magazine. I read your story and looked up your blog only to find your book signing was the day I left Paris! I enjoyed your beautiful photos and stories of what sounds like a dreamy life. I will check out your cookbook. All the best.

  56. Hi Mimi, I hope you’ll consider adding The Salonniere to your Links & Friends page. We’re the only dedicated source of party tips from entertaining experts like India Hicks, Cornelia Guest, Alexa Hampton and you! Yes, we’ve featured you on the site! Take a look, doll. I think you’ll like us. Bisous.

  57. Excellent blog and your cookbook is stunning. Eager to try the recipes. Question: who is the manufacturer of your pretty china and what is the pattern? It is charming. Regards, Anne

  58. Hello Mimi,

    Just found your blog and it is wonderful… I live part time in Macau (been in Asia since moving to HK in 1977) and part in France Dordogne) so this is right up my street!,

    Your book is now on my wish list and I will be spending a lot of time reading your lovely writing and drooling over the recipe.

    So pleased to have found you.


  59. Hello Mimi,

    To begin with, congratulations for the book which is so beautiful, it is really a masterpiece.
    I had preordered mine on, and filled the online form to receive the prints, I still haven’t received any, is it normal ?

    Thank you in advance for you answer,


  60. Hi Mimi, love your blog, cant wait for the arrival of your amazing book, judging by the fabulous comments you and your family must be over the moon, very exciting,

  61. Hi Mimi- I just recently purchased your book and I am so in love with it. Thank you for bringing back so many memories of my French Basque grandmother who used to love making gateau basque and vol-au-vent. I plan on trying your recipes tonight and will enjoy every little bite.
    I’m an avid reader of your blog. Your cooking makes me want to quit my job and try every single recipe of yours….it all looks so delicious! My husband and I plan to travel to the Basque country in Feb. and have arrangements to stay in Médoc for one night (thanks to you and all the wonderful things you say about it). Do you have any recommendations of hotels and or restaurants to visit? This will be our first time traveling to the Bordeaux region of France so any ‘must see’ spots would be great to know about. Lastly, please let me know if you are planning cooking classes around that time. I would be a dream of mine to take a class from you. Thanks in advance:)

  62. Bonjour Mimi
    Je découvre depuis quelques jours vos recettes (testé aujourd’hui le gâteau pistache chocolat ..un délice!)
    votre blog ,votre région d’adoption, vous respirez le bonheur et donnez la pêche .
    je serais je pense une fidèle de vos recettes ,merci

  63. ciao mimi! j’aime trop vos recettes surtout les desserts, est -il possible de trouver vos livres de recettes? sont -ils commercialises? je regarde vos emissions tv cuisine,quand j’en ai la possibilite, dans l’attente de votre reponse, je vous remercie d’avance,a tres bientot jolie Mimi!

  64. Good evening Mimi,
    I am very much interested in taking your 4 day course this April. Please let me know how I would go about making the necessary reservations? I chose the month of April because it would have been my husband and my 40th wedding anniversary. We always wanted to visit France, but it was not to be. I would like to go there for both of us.
    Thank you so much, Christy

  65. Just saw a clip of your interview on the web for the 1st time.
    Your work remind me of my mother’s generation, something I do not see, and miss, in today’s life around me. And that missing link I believe is the source of many health and society problems.
    I would attend your seminar if there is ever one in the US.
    Thank you

  66. Your Blog is my current lifeline to France and Food. Your new cookbook is awaiting Christmas Day to opem and although I have peeked the book is still wrapped. AND I want to unwrap it NOW! ZUT alors

  67. Hello Mimi,

    Vous voir à la télé est pour moi une parenthèse enchantée… Mais je découvre votre blog et les photos sublimes et je me rends compte qu’avec vous la beauté, le calme et la volupté prends tout son sens ! Merci d’envelopper dans du coton la Parisienne stressée que je suis.

  68. As a college student studying dietetics and journalism your blog reminds me of why I study such important parts of our lives. Thanks so much! Manger is my favorite blog of its kind!

  69. Hello Mimi,

    I stumbled upon your book a few weeks back and since then I have been reading your blog.

    I have to say I love your blog, the recipes are delicate yet simple. It is amazing!

    I bought your book as a christmas present for my boyfriend’s mother who is a fantastic cook. I traveled 3000 miles with your cook book in my luggage and to my surprise as soon as I walk in her kitchen your cook book is on display! Anyways like I said she is an amazing cook and knows a good recipe when she sees one.

    Thanks for everything!


  70. Bonjour — Je suis tombée sur votre émission par hasard, en écoutant Zeste TV (j’habite au Canada) et c’est ainsi que j’ai découvert votre blogue et toutes vos magnifiques recettes/photos..
    Vous êtes devenue une source d’inspiration pour moi, j’ai parcouru votre blogue et je suis sous le charme! J’aimerais bien voir des photos de votre nouvelle demeure! J’adore la France, particulièrement l’Ile de Ré, et Bordeaux est magnifique! Vous me donnez envie d’avoir plusieurs enfants (j’ai 31 ans je devrais commencer au plus tôt…..!!!) Puis-je vous demander comment vous faites pour avoir tous ces projets de livres, émissions, etc avec une trâlée d’enfants? J’aimerais connaître votre secret! Avez-vous une nounou? Bref, je vous souhaite bonne continuation et beaucoup de bonheur avec votre charmante famille. Julie XX

    1. Bonjour Julie! Bien heureuse de vous lire! Merci pour votre gentil message, je suis si touchée. Pour répondre à vos questions, hélas non, je n’ai pas de nounou (oui, c’est assez incroyable!). Par contre, j’ai une belle famille de rêve, qui s’occupe de nos enfants régulièrement. J’ai une baby-sitter quand il le faut… je me dis bien que cette année, avec les ateliers etc, il va falloir chercher de l’aide. Je suis si habituée de m’occuper des enfants, cela va être difficile. Comment gérer tout cela? C’est une question d’habitude. Je suis très disciplinée avec mon emploi du temps, c’est à dire, quand j’ai une tâche à faire, je m’en occupe tout de suite, comme ça, je ne me retrouve pas avec 2 pages de liste à faire. Beaucoup de sommeil, commencer la journée de bonheur, être positive et heureuse… voilà pour moi les astuces ‘super maman’! 🙂 Bonne année! Mimi x

  71. Thank you so much for your new cookbook. I’ve enjoyed reading it very much. So far my only experience in the Bordeaux region has been time spent in Arcachon. But I must say that it was well worth it, even in June, to spend time there. I can’t wait to return to France and perhaps explore your neck of woods.

  72. Mimi,
    Love your blog and reading about your cooking, life and family. Made the broccoli soup a few weeks ago and my three children (ages 7, 9 and 11) enjoyed it very much. We live near San Francisco and the French lifestyle seems as relaxed as it is fast-paced here in the Bay Area these days. . .

    Just made the chestnut cake and am worried I added too much water to the chestnut puree which was very dry- should it be liquid when you pour it into the mold?


    1. Hi Cara, Happy new year! Happy to hear you enjoyed the broccoli soup – my kids love it too. Regarding the chestnut cake, the ‘batter’ should be thick; nearly like a paste. Enjoy! Mimi x

    1. Bonjour,

      Je souhaiterais connaître la date de parution de votre livre en français.
      De plus j’aimerais savoir si vous envisagez de faire votre Blog en bilingue, à savoir français et anglais.


  73. Mimi,

    Your blog is fantastic. Makes me wish I could cook and eat 24/7. Some of your dishes call for duck fat. What would you use as a substitute? Bacon fat would be to smoky…no?

    Thanks for your posts…

  74. I recently signed up to your blog Mimi and am enjoying the posts and recipes very much, as well as the beautiful photography that accompanies your posts. I believe your husband is behind the camera, and I was wondering if you could tell me what brand/model camera he is using?? Thanks, Sheryl

  75. Hi Mimi:)) I found you and your beautiful blog by looking at the french cookbook section at Barnes and Noble in Honolulu, HI. I truly admire your work and look forward to cooking your food and reading your stories. Thank you for your hard work and for the beauty you share with the world. XO

  76. Je découvre votre magnifique blog et je suis enchantée.Bonne continuation et à très bientôt.Barbara

  77. bon jour, mrs mimi ~_*
    i would like to plan a trip out and make meat balls! (smiling) next summer me and my husband Duane would love to be in your kitchen, i found you in my F&W mag. Aprils issue, and have been reading all about your cooking,… we’d love to come. i would like to find a 4 star charming B&B if at all possible. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHY… see you soon, i

  78. I subscribed to Elle France online but your recipes are not in the online version. Can you please tell me how I can get your monthly Elle magazine recipes? Thank you, Judith

  79. Hello Mimi,
    You’re so full of love and life it inspires me. I will be in Paris two weeks from today and would love a list of your recommendations 🙂 I can’t seem to find anything on your site as to where to search for them.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  80. Bonjour Mimi!

    Je suis française et je vis en Californie.
    J’adore cuisiner et viens de découvrir votre livre. Il est superbe! Mon seul regret… Il y a beaucoup d’ingrédients que je ne trouve pas ici. Je suis de Lyon et j’étais ravie de voir la recette du saucisson brioché . Dommage que je ne puisse pas le faire ici!
    C’est ainsi… 🙂

  81. Hello Mimi
    Do you offer cooking classes, if so, where and how do i sign up, thanks Taryn

  82. Hi Mimi

    I love your book, blog and all the stunning photos!!

    We will be in the Medoc area soon and I was wondering whether your pop up restaurant had become a reality that I might be so lucky to enjoy?


  83. Chère Mimi,
    A quand la traduction de votre livre en français qu’il puisse participer à mon prix de livre de cuisine écrit par de femmes.
    Jacotte petite fille de la Mère Brazier

    1. Oh Bonjour Jacotte, je suis si heureuse de vous retrouver ici! Mon livre ‘A la table de Mimi'(traduit de ‘A Kitchen in France’) sort le 16 Septembre chez Hachette Pratique. J’aimerais tant vous rencontrer et participer à votre prix de livre. Je vous embrasse, Mimi x

  84. Love A Kitchen in France. I’ve now made several of the recipes and all have been fantastic!! Made the L’Ami Jean Parmesan soup. It was incredible!! Thanks.

  85. Just purchased “A KItchen in France ” and I just love it. Very nice to read, photography so nice and recipes even better.

  86. You are oh-so talented, Mimi… I look forward to reading your blog whenever there is a new post. Manger is a definite highlight!

  87. Bonjour

    Je n’arrive pas à trouver votre blog en français, où je pourrais lire et préparer vos délicieuses recettes… Even if i do speak english all my friends don’t speak at all your language, and so, it’s really difficult for them to cook your receipes… can you help me please.

  88. Hi Mimi, we are working on the next HK trade show in the médoc next week and would have loved to meet with you and grab a quick lunch or dinner if you were available.
    How can we organize it? Thanks a lot and great page by the way. Rebecca

  89. Was looking for a recipe for Baba au rum and I chose yours. Just made it and it is divine. I used to eat it a lot when I was a little girl.
    It is so lucky to have found your website; perused it and I love everything about it; so simple and classy; just what I like.
    Félicitations !

  90. Bonjour Mimi,
    C’est parti! A la table de Mimi fait partie de la sélection du Prix Eugénie Brazier de cette année. La délibération du jury sera le 3 décembre 2015. On croise les doigts. J’espère que si le livre gagne vous viendrez recevoir votre prix à Lyon.
    Jacotte Brazier

  91. Thank you for your beautiful blog which I’ve visited for almost two years now. I’ve spent time in Paris and Lyon, and Manger’s Medoc’s online version is a comparable destination. I wish you continued success with your book, the restaurant, and workshops…

  92. Hi,
    Congratulation for your blog!
    As an editor too, I suggest a partership between our blogs.
    What do you think about this idea?

    Best regards,
    Lucile Gelebart.

  93. Bonjour du Quebec!

    Votre livre est une reelle inspiration Mimi et vos emissions sur Zeste une source intarissable de plaisirs (et de plus, j’apprends).
    Ainsi je vous remercie en toute gaiete et espere pouvoir echanger par le biais de ce blog. Salutations sinceres!

  94. Love your blog and would like to come to one of your workshop so we can talk about in my website which is coming out next year!

    I feel like cooking when I read your beautiful blog MERCI !

    Can you send me your contact phone please

    Happy Holidays and look forward in meeting you !

  95. Hello, just stumbled across your blog & it’s already a very firm favourite! Beautiful photography, food, children .. all make for very happy reading. I do have a question though, that I hope you will share the answer with me – how DO you keep so slim, after all those babies and good food?! Is it good genes .. or lots of walking in the French countryside.. I would love to know how you do it! Merci … xx

  96. Chère Mimi,

    Je vous ai découvert l’année dernière avec beaucoup d’attention. Une franco-chinoise vivant dans le médoc, faisant un blog de cuisine avec des photos très bien léchées, en bordelais fou de cuisine, j’ai adoré !

    J’ai suivi votre évolution avec plaisir, votre émission sur Canal, votre livre.

    Je viens de lire un article vous concernant dans le magazine “M”. Alors oui, vous devez agacer des envieux, des jaloux, des aigris parce que vous représentez ce que tant de personnes recherchent, cuisiner pour sa belle et grande famille dans une jolie maison de campagne avec un glamour certain, une aisance affichée.
    Vous semblez avoir une vie parfaite, c’est cela qui agace les grincheux !
    Si ces derniers ne savent pas prendre du recul en reconnaissant qu’il est plus agréable de vous suivre avec des clichés précis, retravaillés, un esthétique environnant pointilleux alors peu importe… Laissons ces jaloux, envieux que vous puissiez gagner de l’argent en vous amusant.
    Les gens bienveillants vous apportent leur soutien en vous suivant de plus en plus nombreux preuve que le travail soigné que vous réalisez nous touche davantage.

    Passez de bonnes fêtes et continuez à nous faire plaisir !

    1. Bonjour! Que je suis heureuse de lire votre message! Je suis très touchée par votre franchise et votre gentillesse. L’important, c’est de rendre les gens autour de nous heureux, ma famille, mes amis, les lecteurs qui me suivent, à travers la cuisine, l’écriture et la photographie de mon mari. Merci pour votre soutien! je vous souhaite de bonnes fêtes! Mimi x

  97. Bonjour Mimi,
    Perusing your lovely site has recalled memories of my own childhood (with my Grandmother, Mimi), and reminded me how incredibly blessed I am to have the connections and chaos of family that your prose describes. What a beautiful blog and wonderful pholosphy. It mirrors my own and we are drawn to those like us I suppose.

    I came across a reference to you on Primal Palate, and could not be more pleased to be introduced to your blog! As my family and I embark on creating a Yoga/Paleo/Nature retreat, I am being blessed with meeting new ideas and people through their Internet connections and otherwise, and what a splendid feast!

    As a manager at Barnes and Noble, I shortlisted your book in for myself, and to promote here (as I have done with Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution and the Gather cookbook). If you are ever in New Orleans, please let me know and possibly we could have a signing here at the two NOLA stores.

    Best wishes with all of your endeavors!



  98. Dear Mimi, I enjoy your blog immensely. Your blog says it all from family to amazing recipes and of course you’re precious dogs. Thank You

  99. Hello Mimi,
    I love everything about you and your work. I love your cooking, fashion, design, photos, lifestyle, values. I am constantly swooning over your images. I received your book for my birthday and was wondering if you can recommend easier recipes for me to start with? I am new to cooking and would appreciate any tips for beginners to help me get started. Thank you so much! xo

  100. I love following MANGER. I love your 1st cookbook. So beautiful. I encourage you to continue your blog. I am amazed that you balance so many children, a husband & house, plus your blog and books. Impressionnant!!!!!
    Meilleurs vœux!

  101. Bonjour Mimi
    Fan de cuisine, je vous ai découvert via la chaine Cuisine+ et ensuite sur Canal+.
    Tout d’abord un grand merci de partager toutes vos magnifiques et délicieuses recettes, simples, chaleureuses. Une vraie cuisine familiale pleine d’amour et de passion.
    J’ai vécu longtemps sur le bassin d’Arcachon et aujourd’hui dans le Berry, une belle région comme le Médoc.
    Je viens de découvrir votre blog et malheureusement en anglais (j’ai un peu de mal, mais bon).
    Encore merci pour tout ce partage.

  102. Bonjour, grace a votre livre, je crois que je vais commencer a aimer cuisiner ! Just une question cependant, quel type de casseroles et poeles utilisez-vous ? Bonne journee !

  103. Dear Mimi,

    First allow me to introduce myself, my name is Christine and I am the owner of a new company Innovee Home. While conducting some marketing research my staff has brought to my attention your blog while looking for sites that offer special discounted offers. I wanted to contact you as the owner of a company that sells high quality kitchen and bar products on as we are currently running some promotions that are offering our products with up to 50% reduction.

    We would like to ask if you would consider including our products in your postings for discounted items for your readers or if there is another way that we can work together that would be beneficial to both of us. We would certainly welcome your your readers as new customers of Innovee Home. Below is the link to our website for you to review the products that we are currently offering:

    I look forward to your reply and to working together.

    Kind regards,
    Christine Shiloni
    Innovee Home, LLC

  104. Mimi, We are wrapping up 3 days in lovely Medoc, inspired by your CondeNast article in 2014. We enjoyed your recommendations, our lodging, the cafes and restaurants. Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out!
    Merci beaucoup for introducing this delightful corner of France to us!!

  105. Bonjour,
    Just a short note that you on No. 1 on my list of things to read and SEE, when I’m feeling blue, which does not mean that I visit you when I’m feeling swell. Thank you for sharing and for the amazing pics. We’re halfway there with you.

  106. Bonjour Mimi !
    Je viens de découvrir ton blog grâce à Canal+ et j’ai trouvé tes articles passionnant toujours à l’affût des bonnes petites recettes avec un ton très chic ! Moi aussi je tiens un blog si ça intéresse :
    Belle journée.

  107. Bonjour Mimi,

    Il m’est souvent difficile de lire vos pages car les traductions automatiques ne sont pas au top et mon anglais n’en parlons pas… catastrophique!
    J’aime beaucoup ce que vous faite et vous félicite pour votre premier livre que j’ai adoré.
    Pouvez-vous m’indiquer si votre deuxième livre va être traduit en français?
    Je suis impatiente de vous lire.

  108. These Workshops sound absolutely divine. I hope to do something similar one day in Provence- when I have a big enough house! Keep sharing those stunning photos.

  109. Hi Mimi,
    just wanted to let you know that I love what you do, your recipes, your family, way of life… You have been such an inspiration. Keep up the good work.
    Your book is on my coffee table. I’d love to cook with you!
    Hope you visit Toronto and soon.
    God bless you and your family,

    with much love,

  110. To come to one of your workshops is a dream of mine. I’m a married woman with 4 kids and I live in Los Angeles.
    I’m in Italy with the family June 14-30th this summer. Can we come and do a 1 day workshop with you while we are there?
    Or do you have a schedule of your future workshops that I can come only with husband.
    I would be honored to meet you.

    Kathy Namvar

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