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Picture this – a little girl, straight off the plane from Hong Kong, dragged all the way to Montparnasse so her father can have a couscous royal. Yes, that was my earliest jet-lagged memory of coucous. One of France’s favourite dishes (and my father’s), the ‘couscous’ is certainly worth its fame. Having inherited the sunshine […]

Sophia Loren’s meatballs

I came across this recipe a long time ago in an article I read about Sophia Loren. It was about her sons favourite dish, Livia’s meatballs. Livia was Sophia Loren’s long-time cook full of gastronomic treats. I love this recipe and always think of the iconic Sophia Loren and her sons when I make it. […]

Frank Sinatra meatballs

450 g ground beef 300 g ground veal (or pork) 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 eggs 100 g freshly grated Romano cheese 6 g chopped Italian flat leaf parsley salt and ground black pepper to taste 90 g stale Italian bread, crumbled 100 ml lukewarm water olive oil (makes approx 18-20 meatballs depending on size) […]


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