Cooking with Jean-Luc Rocha

This summer, we had several friends staying at Château Cordeillan-Bages , a beautiful ‘relais-château‘ located in the heart of Médoc. They loved every moment of their stay, but most importantly, they adored the hotel’s restaurant, headed by chef Jean-Luc Rocha. When I told them that I had the chance to meet him and cook by his side, they couldn’t wait to see the recipes and … Continue reading Cooking with Jean-Luc Rocha

Home-made ‘Oreo’ cookies

This is a relatively easy recipe for ‘Oreo’ cookie lovers. These cookies are delicious and look amazing! This is a ‘must-try’ recipe. My kids love these home-made ‘Oreos’. A real treat! Last saturday I dedicated a whole afternoon trying out various ‘Oreo’ recipes and decided make two types of filling to taste. All the american recipes include ingredients that I can’t find here in Médoc, … Continue reading Home-made ‘Oreo’ cookies