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Milky chicken & butternut squash pancakes

“Don’t tell my husband”, Madame Petit said, with a hesitant smile, “Don’t tell him about your recipe”. I thought I knew what she meant, my recipe sounded so tempting that her husband would request it immediately and perhaps his wife had other plans for the evening. But that was not it. It was the opposite, […]

The Winemaker’s Lunch

“Sometimes to have a little good luck is the most brilliant planning”. Woody Allen, Crimes & Misdemeanors. And sometimes good luck comes in the form of little yellow flowers. A few weeks ago we were “trespassing” (my husband’s specialty) in a vineyard, mesmerized by a yellow carpet of flowers on a little hill. We were […]

Lunch with my husband

Friday was the last day before the Toussaint. It is a Christian holiday to honor and pray for the deceased (All Saints day – November 1st and All Souls day November 2nd), where relatives gather and visit family graves, decorating them with chrysanthemums, which is the official flower for Toussaint. The kids get to have […]

Pirate chicken

Last week-end, I was really in the mood for something tasty, juicy, something fun. My son Hudson made a request for ‘Pirate chicken’ (he named this dish because eating chicken with your hands is just like a pirate). This dish is very Caribbean influenced, with coriander, clove, cinnamon, lime, nutmeg and chilli. Drenched in squeezed […]

Roast chicken with rosemary, lemon and thyme

Ingredients: 1 whole farm chicken A few rosemary and thyme sprigs 1 lemon (cut in quarters) 1 bay leaf 4 garlic cloves (skin on) olive oil Sea salt and pepper For the gravy: All the juices from the roasting pan Half glass white wine 1 tbsp plain flour Salt & pepper I roast a chicken […]


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