Acacia Flower Fritters

It’s that golden time of the year again when I can finally make one of my favourite delicacies, acacia flower fritters. The English name is locust flowers, we call it fleurs d’acacia (Robinia Pseudoacaci). Real acacias are bright yellow (from the Mimosoideae family), quite different to what we call acacias here. The fragrant blossoms are only available a few weeks during this season, so it’s … Continue reading Acacia Flower Fritters

Eggs, Beans & my Birthday

The sails go round with a heavy swing As the wild wind plays on the hill; And the corn is crushed, and the flour is ground Right merrily at the mill. March 30th, Birthday Book for Children , Kate Greenaway I couldn’t resist sharing this extract from Kate Greenaway’s ‘Birthday book for children’.  It’s impossible not to flick through the wonderfully illustrated pages filled with … Continue reading Eggs, Beans & my Birthday

Hong shao pork, fava bean fritters & tea eggs

Some of my most delicious childhood food memories are linked with Shanghai. Growing up in Hong Kong, my family had a lot of Shanghainese friends with whom we would often feast on amazing meals from their region. I have such a soft spot for Shanghainese style cuisine.  The food is all about slow cooking, seasonal and fresh ingredients braised in rice wine, vinegar, soy sauces … Continue reading Hong shao pork, fava bean fritters & tea eggs

Dinner for friends

What to cook for homesick French friends? Well, les grands classiques, bien sûr! My friends Jean-Pierre and Alexia came over for a visit last week-end. They left Paris three long years ago and came back to France for a little holiday. They absolutely love their new life, but had turned into homesick Parisians, or, should I say homesick for good old French food. Nothing can … Continue reading Dinner for friends