The Winemaker’s Lunch

“Sometimes to have a little good luck is the most brilliant planning”. Woody Allen, Crimes & Misdemeanors. And sometimes good luck comes in the form of little yellow flowers. A few weeks ago we were “trespassing” (my husband’s specialty) in a vineyard, mesmerized by a yellow carpet of flowers on a little hill. We were caught in the act by the owner, Fabien Courrian, and … Continue reading The Winemaker’s Lunch

The windmill in Blaignan

Two nights ago we were driving through the vineyards and saw the most spectacular view in Blaignan-Médoc. Millions of golden yellow flowers drizzled all over the growing vineyards, and to add to the show, a beautiful old windmill in the middle of it all . It was a picture perfect moment, but as my husband had forgotten his camera, we decided to return the next … Continue reading The windmill in Blaignan