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FRENCH COUNTRY COOKING, Meals and Moments from A Village in the Vineyards.
Published by Clarkson Potter / Random House October 25, 2016


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This is my second cookbook! I never thought I would say that, it feels like a dream. And it was a dream … that came true. In some ways it must mean that we did something right with the first one (or they wouldn’t have let us do the second one). It also means that I had a chance to improve myself, strive for an even better book. Maybe improvement isn’t even the right word. I was very happy with my first cookbook and I’m so very happy with this one.

In some ways this is more than a cookbook. It is also the story of a house, a place in France, a story of how life can take you places you never expected to go. I don’t think a good cookbook needs to be more than a cookbook though, good recipes that’s what it’s all about. When I judge my book, and I do judge it harshly, I go by the recipes. I know that Oddur’s photos will be beautiful and so will all the rest of it. But the recipes are the bone of the book and I want them to work and work well.

One day someone from the future will find my book. Maybe in a box full of his grandmother’s things or at a fleamarket where they are selling strange objects they used to call books. The pages will be faded, the style maybe questionable although I’m sure the dogs will still be cute. This happens to me all the time, finding old books that used to look chic in the seventies but now look a little silly. But I love them because the recipes are great. You can find good recipes in so many places these days but there is something so comforting and tangible about a good cookbook. It’s all there in that volume on the shelf, the pancake recipe that you love so much on the page right after that classic chocolate cake recipe that you often bake on Sundays and the whole family loves.

Here’s to all books and especially cookbooks!

I’m so excited about this book and of course I want as many of you as possible to have it … which means, at least in most cases, to buy it. I think that’s what any creator wants, for people to enjoy what he has made. So we came up with this little incentive, for those of you who are as impatient as I am. Anyone who preorders the book before October 25th will get a special, pocket-sized notebook for keeping notes and planning meals.

To receive the notebook all you have to do is sign up here and provide proof that you have preordered French Country Cooking. The many who have already preordered the book are of course also eligible for the notebook.



A KITCHEN IN FRANCE, A Year of Cooking in My Farmhouse
Published by Clarkson Potter / Random House October 28, 2014


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For media inquiries about A Kitchen in France, please contact Natasha Martin at [email protected]

I love books. And as the years go by the better I realize how much they mean to me, they are the one thing I will never stop buying, no matter my age. Well, books and shoes. I have books next to my bed to get me through the night, all sorts of books spread across the house, books that remind me of my childhood, my school days, books that inspire me, lift my spirit, quench my curiosity. Books are an experience and an object put in one, and to put it simply, a good book is a treasure.

Of all my books the ones I love best are poetry books and cookbooks. I love a well travelled book of poems, one that’s had previous owners and has the scars to prove it. Words that are ever appropriate or relevant or uplifting printed on the paper of yesteryear. Or a beloved cookbook, one that takes me somewhere, to someone else’s kitchen, and shares what they love to make. One that gets a little splattered from use and has lots of notes stuck into it on little slips of paper, sometimes even notes scribbled into it.

So when I got the opportunity to write my own cookbook, it felt a bit like destiny. It has been a dream to write and work on this book. I have put my heart into it and many of my favorite recipes (which are the same thing). It tells the story of the food I can’t live without, the country I love and the people I share my life with. It is my life in food.

Love Mimi x

A few kind words about A Kitchen in France

“This is real food: delicious, honest recipes that celebrate the beauty of picking what is ripe and in season, and capture the essence of life in rural France.”

—Alice Waters

“Mimi Thorisson’s gorgeous new book, A Kitchen in France, is a charming window into an idyllic life in Médoc. While we can’t all live in a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by lush woods, handsome children, and inquisitive terriers, at least we can now re-create at home our own slice of heaven with Mimi’s delectable cherry clafoutis.”

—April Bloomfield, author of A Girl and Her Pig

“Mimi’s book is an enchanting look at French-style country cooking, and it will make you run to the stove to re-create the delicious traditions it celebrates.”

—Clotilde Dusoulier, author of The French Market Cookbook

“Equally enthralling as her recipes is Thorisson’s seemingly effortless conjuring of a rustic dream life, often exquisitely illustrated by her husband’s photography…”


“Mimi Thorisson’s picture-perfect life would almost be too idyllic to bear if she weren’t so generous: This lovely home cook willingly shares culinary secrets in her popular blog of two and a half years, Manger, along with a host of classic French recipes in a brand-new cookbook, A Kitchen in France. She leads her life with enviable style, from mothering seven children and wrangling the family’s 14 dogs to elegantly serving up a cognac-infused coq au vin.”


“You’ll want to live in Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen In France. The beautifully shot book includes decadent dishes such as butternut squash gratin and crepes with salted-butter caramel.”


“In this warm and inviting collection, Thorisson…brings readers into her farmhouse in Médoc… [W]hile the appeal of this collection rests firmly on its recipes, the incredible photographs capture life in the French countryside. Sidebars on everything from dried grapevines and wine to garlic and visits to the butcher add little details that transport the reader to this bucolic, idyllic world where Thorisson is the perfect host.”

—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“No slave to received wisdom, Thorisson has tinkered with [Médoc’s] outstanding seasonal meats, vegetables, and fruits to generate a very personal sort of cuisine, which she now shares with her devotees.”