Bouchée à la Reine

I have always loved ‘bouchée à la Reine’ – this classic starter is exactly what I love about French cuisine – elegant and old-fashioned. I like to have it simply as a main course with a salad on the side. It’s the kind of food you would buy at the ‘traiteur’ (delicatessen) or served at […]

Carrot cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting

I love baking these healthy and delicious cakes for my kids – it’s a great ‘gouter’ (tea-time snack) when they come home ‘hungry like wolves’ from school. In France, ‘l’heure du gouter’ is a sacred time for the kids – they sit at the table, talk about their day at school, and enjoy this afternoon […]

‘Crying tiger’ char-grilled beef

I was in the mood for a spicy Asian meal on this rainy Tuesday, so I prepared a Thai dish called ‘Crying tiger’ (it’s supposed to be so spicy that even a tiger would cry). It’s one of the best meals ever, you just have to prepare in advance the ‘marinating’ of the beef (2-3 […]


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